Tuesday Night Carnage 03-07-00

Jim Ross:Welcome everyone to TUESDAY NIGHT CARNAGE….We are here in the City of Brotherly Love and The Place where Extreme Wrestling is Known Philadelphia,PA in the First Union Center…Tonight we have alot of action tonight including a Rematch for the EWA World Title between Sid and Scott Steiner…Also the KKK will be defending the Tag Team Titles against Scottie too hottie and Rikishi Phatu…(california love plays over the Speaker as the KKK walks to the Ring…)

Damu:Look at the Video Screen…

(a video of the KKK destroying Rikishi and Scottie too hottie in the Parking lot)

Treach:Ha Ha Ha New Age Outlaws and Outsiders this is what we will do to you boys at The PPV…

(California Love plays as the KKK walks out with the Tag belts…)

Ross:Oh My god i guess we dont have a Tag Title Match after all…IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN…..

(Plays over the Loud Speaker as he makes his way to the ring)Its time for some Six Man Tag Team Action….(countdown for Y2J comes on the Screen and BREAK THE WALLS DOWN as Jericho walks to the Ring…HBK’s Music Hits as He Walks to the Ring)

Ross:We would like to reminder you that tonight’s event is Brought to you by the Offical Website of The EWA and by WWZ OnLiNeYou place to find all the News,Rumors and a whole lot more…
(Break it down the remixed Wolfpac and DX music plays as Degeneration members HHH w/Chyna,Scott Hall and Kevin Nash walk to the Ring)

Match 1:Degeneration X vs HBK,The Rock and Chris Jericho

Ross:Bell Sounds as the match begins with all six man battling in the ring… Each man is paired up with one another…HBK and Hall are battling towards the back,Rock and HHH are battling inside of the ring and Y2J and Nash go to the Back to help out there partners….The Rock Sets up HHH for the Peoples elbow when chyna hits the Rock with a Chair…Pedigree by HHH for the 1-2-3…
Winners:Degeneration X

Ross:What a match…Something going on in the Back Stage…The KKK has just attacked the Outsiders…Oh my god the Outsiders have been layed out by the KKK…Get some medical attention back there….

Ross:Its time to go to the Ring for the TV Title Match…
(X-pac’s Music Plays as he comes to the Ring with the Tv Title…Glass Shatters as Stone Cold Steve Austin Heads to the ring…Rob Van Dam Makes his Way out with the Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso but the ref is Sending Fonzie to the Back…)

MATCH 2:HELL IN A CELL TRIPLE THREAT TV TITLE MATCH Rob Van Dam vs X-Pac(c) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Ross:Cage is Being lowered as the bell sounds…All three men battle in the ring…Stone Cold and RVD are Double teaming X-Pac untill Stone Cold Clothesline RVD over the top rope…Stone Cold Grabs A chair from the Cage and hits X-Pac and RVD with it…X-Pac Recovers and Hits the X-Factor on RVD but Stone cold breaks up the Fall and then Gives X-Pac the Stunner for the 1-2-3…..
Winner:New TV Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin….

Ross:What a Show we have had so far…
(one Self this on plays as Triple H walks to the ring….RVD’s Music Plays as he comes out to be the another Lumber Jack….Scott Steiners Music plays as he enters the arena with Buff Bagwell….Finally Sid’s Music Plays as he enters the Arena…)

Match 3:World Title LumberJack Match
Sid(c) vs Scott Steiner w/Buff Bagwell

Ross:Bell sounds as the match gets under way…Sid and Steiner are hammering away at one enougher…Steiner takes control as Rob Van Dam and HHH keep an eye on Buff Bagwell…Steiner with a belly to belly on Sid and only gets a two count…Steiner is keeping Sid Grounded…This match has been made by Vince McMahon a No Holds Barred match…Sid is Fireing back but steiner hammers him down again and is focusing on the lower back of SId…Backbreak to Sid and Again as Sid is In so much Pain…Sid is trying to fight back but can not…OH MY GOD ITS SABU…SABU IS MAKING HIS WAY DOWN TO THE RING….HE GRABS A TABLE FROM UNDER THE RING OH MY…HE GRABS ANOTHER ONE….THEY ARE BOTH SETUP AT RINGSIDE…BUT WHY…Steiner is Distracted by sabu and sid Clotheslines him over the ropes…SABU IS HAMMERING AWAY ON STEINER AND RVD is HAMMERING IN ON BUFF…THEY LAY THEM OUT ON THE TABLES….SABU IS UP ON ONE CORNER AND RVD IS UP ON THE OTHER….OH MY GOD…SUICIDE LEG DROPS OF THE TOP BY RVD AND SABU…STEINER AND BUFF ARE OUT…WAIT IN THE RING HHH HITS SID WITH THE PEDIGREE…SID’s OUT…HHH ROLLS STEINER IN THE RING…HE ROLLS ON THE SID…1….2….3….ITS OVER SCOTT STEINER IS THE NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….
Winner:NEW World Champion SCOTT STEINER….


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