Thursday Night Chaos 04-18-13

Mark: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Thursday Night Chaos, we are in for oneheck of a show.

Rhino: That’s right Mark, tonight we not only get to see the return of Omega but also a preview for next weeks big pay preview event, Unholy Alliance.

Mark: A month and a half ago Lone Jobber took Big Daddy Ace’s World Championship, tonight he has to team with him before defending against him. The question that has been on everyone’s mind Rhino, can he trust him?

Rhino: Ace has said he can but it’s a two way street, a street that $tewie Franchize and Kronik are going to have to travel down for their own match. Before we get to our main event however, we’ve got the opening bell.

Troy “Rampage” Joseph vrs Calvin Lumas

Pa Announcer: Tonight’s opening contest is set for one fall… Introducing first…From Shangra-la… Weighing in at 252 Pounds…TROY “THE RAMPAGE” JOSEPH!

(“Hall of Illusion” plays as Troy Joseph enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And his opponent…From Raleigh, North Carolina… Weighing in at 215 Pounds… CALVIN LUMAS!

(“Ultranumb” plays as Calvin Lumas enters the arena…)

Mark: These two men were supposed to face off a month ago, that match was scrapped but here we are.

Rhino: Rampage coming out swinging..

Mark: Troy laying in the rights. This flurry out of the blocks has caught Lumas off guard, he’s backed him into the corner and going off. Rampage with an irish whip across the ring and runs after him…

Rhino: Lumas process it was a costly mistake running up the turnbuckle and jumping around into a big cross body.

Mark: Rampage starting to get back to his feet, low dropkick.

Rhino: Looks like Calvin is starting to get into the grove.

Mark: Lumas backing up near the ropes, waiting for Rampage to get back to his feet, runs off the ropes, going for another cross body, Rampage catches and turns it into a big power slam. Rampage pulling him back up to his feet, irish whip, no, pulled him back to a big time short arm closeline.

Rhino: Rampage nearly took the man’s head off.

Mark: Troy backing up a little, running knee drop. Joseph pulling Lumas back to his feet, irish whip to the ropes, back body drop.. no Lumas read it and hopped over him. Lumas rebounding, two handed jumping bulldog. Lumas watching him get up, kicks Rampage in the back of the leg sending him to a knee, flurry of kicks. Lumas runs off the ropes, snap hurricanrana.

Rhino: I’ll never grasp how someone like Lumas could move that fast.

Mark: Lumas hopping over for the cover …. 1….. 2…. no Rampage kicks out. Rampage getting back to his feet, slowly. Lumas rushing in again, Rampage with a big shoulder block and both men go down.

Rhino: It was go big or go home, Rampage knew that Calvin smelled the blood in the water and was getting close to wrapping this one up.

Mark: Calvin trying to get up, and gets sandwiched between the corner and a head full of steam Rampage. Rampage pulling him in, huge power slam and a cover.. 1…..2.. kick out.

Rhino: There is still come more fight left in Lumas.

Mark: Fight that Rampage plans to beat out of him by the looks of it. Joseph pulls him up, looking for a big suplex and drives him hard down to the mat. Rampage looks like he’s dragging Calvin into position for something and now he’s making his way to the turnbuckle.

Rhino: Going big…

Mark: Yes but he’s wasting too much time as Lumas is back up and full sprinting up to the top rope to meet him. Lefts and rights from both men, Lumas looks like he’s rocked him, big armdrag off the top rope. Lumas crawls over for the cover.. a 1… 2… yet again he kicks out.

Rhino: There is fight in that dog yet.

Mark: Perhaps but it looks like Lumas is ready to put that dog down. Rampage is up, Lumas swinging him around, looking for it, Painted… 1… no ref sees the foot on the ropes.

Rhino: Troy Joseph is a multitime champion, you don’t get to be one of those without a little ring awareness.

Mark: That may be so but Lumas is saying that that’s it, it’s going to be over. Hoisting Troy to his feet, and drops him back down with Twisted, hooking both legs this time… 1….. 2….. 3…..

Pa Announcer:Here is your winner Calvin Lumas!

Rhino: Big time victory for Lumas.

Mark: And we’ve just began. Our next match is a BIG one with pride on the line.

PyroManiAxe vs William McConnell

(“Giving In” hits over the PA System as William McConnell makes his way from the back)

PA Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring.. From Evansville, Indiana.. Weighing in at 235 pounds.. WILLIAM.. MCCONNELL!

(“Assassins” plays over the PA System as PyroManiAxe heads to the ring..)

PA Announcer: And his opponent! From the Lotus Pod.. Weighing in at 245 pounds.. PYROMANIAXE!

Mark: This is a match Pyromaniaxe has been looking towards for some time.. Ever since Lone Jobber cost him the triple threat back at Halloween Hellraiser.

Rhino: It was a baffling set of circumstances, to say the least..

Mark: William McConnell is just leaning against his corner while Pyro paces back and forth.. And there’s the bell!

Rhino: Here we go!

Mark: Pyro charges right at McConnell and.. What the hell?! McConnell just kicked Pyromaniaxe right between the legs!

Rhino: Wait.. The ref’s calling for the bell..!

PA Annoucer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by disqualification.. PYROMANIAXE!

Rhino: You gotta be kidding me!

Mark: I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so blatant. But you can’t blame the ref, here. It’s the right call.

Rhino: But it’s the EWA!

Mark: It’s not the first time we’ve had a DQ here, but it’s certainly the most.. Puzzling.

Rhino: If this was his goal, why did he even bother showing up?

Mark: Wait, look! Shawn Michaels just came out and he’s confronting McConnell on the stage.

Rhino: That looks like a heated exchange right there.

Mark: McConnell’s telling Michaels.. “I gave him a win”.

Rhino: What the hell does that mean? And it’s sure not the win he wanted!

Mark: Michaels is pointing to the ring and telling McConnell to go. McConnell just smirks.. And he’s headed back down the ramp!

Rhino: This is getting interesting..

Mark: Michaels has a mic..

HBK: Will, I don’t know what has gotten into you but this is stooping pretty low, even for you. And while I have half a mind to wipe what I just saw off the record and restart this match.. Pyromaniaxe, congratulations, you just got a win over William McConnell. Now let’s see you make it two! Ring the bell!

Rhino: That’s what I’m talking about!

Mark: I guess we got a rematch! McConnell’s back in the ring.. And Pyromaniaxe is ontop of him! Big right hands and McConnell is against the ropes!

Rhino: You know he’s pissed.

Mark: McConnell able to get his elbow into the face of Pyro.. Pyro backs up.. McConnell goes for a right.. Pyro catches him with both hands around the throat! McConnell gets launched across the ring!

Rhino: He’s not that much bigger than McConnell, but man you wouldn’t know it right now!

Mark: McConnell pulling himself up in the corner.. Big Clothesline by Pyro! He whips McConnell across the ring.. And McConnell hits the turnbuckle chest first!

Rhino: That had some power behind it.

Mark: McConnell getting to his feet slowly.. Pyro moves in.. And he’s got him around the neck! Looking for the Chokeslam! McConnell rakes Pyro across the eyes!

Rhino: That was cheap.

Mark: Pyro in a vulnerable position right now.. McConnell with a solid right hand, floors Pyro!

Rhino: He’s got the tide in his favor now.

Mark: Pyro getting right back to his feet, McConnell measures him.. Another right! Pyro staggering back.. McConnell stays ontop of him and drops him with one more!

Rhino: McConnell putting some focus into those shots.

Mark: Pyro on the mat now.. McConnell places his boot on Pyromaniaxe’s head.. What a stomp! Pyro is hurting! McConnell shoves him back down to the mat.. Off the ropes and drops the knee!

Rhino: McConnell really slowing the pace down here.

Mark: Pyro trying to get back to his feet. McConnell grabs him.. Snapmare take over.. McConnell off the ropes.. Running big boot! McConnell off the ropes again and drops the forearm across the face!

Rhino: His entire offense right now is aimed towards Pyromaniaxe’s head. It’s a good way to throw someone off balance.

Mark: McConnell reaching down and pulling Pyromaniaxe to his feet.. And slaps him right across the face!

Rhino: He’s got no respect for anyone..

Mark: Pyro with a clothesline! McConnell got drilled!

Rhino: That’s what he gets!

Mark: Pyro back on the offensive as he’s putting the boots to McConnell.. McConnell crawls over to the corner but gets trapped by Pyromaniaxe who’s stomping right through his chest! Pyro backs away.. Running dropkick!

Rhino: There we go!

Mark: William McConnell rolling to the apron to regroup. Pyro into the ropes, knocking McConnell into the guard rail!

Rhino: Pyro refusing to give him any time.

Mark: Pyro grabbing the ropes.. He’s waiting for McConnell.. McConnell to his feet.. And Pyromaniaxe, over the top with the crossbody!

Rhino: He might have some weigh to him, but that doesn’t stop Pyromaniaxe from flying!

Mark: Pyro pulls McConnell to his feet, rolling him into the ring. Pyro up on the apron, looking for the flying clothesline..! McConnell just kicked the top rope! Pyro slips and gets hung up!

Rhino: That was a hell of a way to counter that move. He took Pyro’s grip out mid move.

Mark: Pyro holding himself up on the apron with the top rope.. McConnell just slid to the outside.. He takes Pyro’s legs out from under him! Jesus! Pyro hit the apron hard!

Rhino: That was a sick thud.

Mark: McConnell reaching down and wrapping his arms around Pyro’s waist.. Gutwrench position.. Gutwrench suplex! Right into the ring apron!

Rhino: Jesus, the lower back wasn’t made for impact like that.

Mark: McConnell rolls Pyro into the ring.. Going for the cover.. 1……………….. 2……………. Pyro kicks out.

Rhino: He’s not going down that easily.

Mark: McConnell doesn’t look the least bit worried as he mounts Pyromaniaxe and begins drilling him with fists.

Rhino: Back to the head again.

Mark: McConnell going for the pin again.. 1………………………. 2…………. Pyro kicks out again.

Rhino: Come on, Pyro.

Mark: McConnell hooking Pyromaniaxe for a suplex.. Pyro blocks it! McConnell with a shot to the ribs.. Gets him up! Pyro floats over! McConnell shoved into the ropes.. Pyro with a back elbow! Stops McConnell in his tracks.. Pyro off the ropes.. Clothesl-No! McConnell side steps, Pyro back off the ropes. Wait, McConnell into the ropes after Pyro! Pyromaniaxe turns.. VICIOUS clothesline by Pyromaniaxe! William McConnell got turned inside out!

Rhino: McConnell tried to fake Pyro out but it backfired.. Christ, that was a stiff shot.

Mark: McConnell looking dazed after the force behind that clothesline.. Pyro grabs him from behind. Back suplex! Drops McConnell!

Rhino: About time McConnell got dropped on his head.

Mark: Pyro measuring McConnell.. Grabs him by the throat! Chokeslam! No, McConnell slips out! Roundhouse kick by Pyro! McConnell staggers.. CHOKESLAM!

Rhino: Got him that time!

Mark: Pyro goes for the cover.. 1………………………… 2….. McConnell kicks out!

Rhino: Damn.

Mark: Pyroamaniaxe grabbing McConnell.. Spinning neckbreaker! Plants McConnell! Pyro going to the turnbuckle..

Rhino: He’s looking to fly..

Mark: McConnell getting to his feet, though.. Pyro goes for a clothesline! McConnell ducks! Pyro rolls through! Pyro runs off the ropes.. SPEAR! McConnell gets taken down! Pyro with the cover! 1………………………. 2……………….. McConnell kicks out!

Rhino: Pyro saved it, but it still wasn’t enough!

Mark: Pyro going back up top.. Frogsplash! Connects! 1………………….. 2………………. McConnell gets the shoulder up!

Rhino: That was a move McConnell used to favor back in the day.

Mark: Pyro hitting him with everything he has right.. Wait, he’s setting McConnell up for a powerbomb!

Rhino: Looking for the Third Degree Burn!

Mark: Pyro trying to get him up.. McConnell fighting it.. Pyro with shots to the back.. He’s got him up! Power bomb! McConnell’s fighting it! McConnell with rights as Pyro tries to go for the next powerbomb!

Rhino: He’s got it scouted!

Mark: McConnell with a kick to the face! He grabs the arm! He pulls Pyro down into a crossface! McConnell going for the submission!

Rhino: Get to the rope, Pyro!

Mark: Pyro crawling.. Trying to get there.. Wait, McConnell is reaching over.. He’s hooking the other arm! BITTER END! McConnell’s got the Bitter End locked in!

Rhino: Damn it, he’s gonna have no choice!

Mark: Pyro fighting it as McConnell wrenches back.. Wait, Pyro rolls it over! ONE…………………….. TWO……………………… THR-McConnell kicks out!

Rhino: He almost got him there!

Mark: Both men getting back to their feet.. McConnell goes for a right, Pyro blocks! Pyro with a right of his own!

Rhino: Damn! That caught McConnell right in the mouth!

Mark: McConnell stumbling back, holding his mouth.. I think he’s busted open! Pyro turns him around! Kick to the gut! STU-NO! McConnell pushes him into the ropes! Catches him on the rebound! Going for the Dual Shock! Pyro blocks it with elbows! McConnell staggers back.. Pyro, kick to t-McConnell catches the leg! Spins him around.. Spinning backfist!

Rhino: What a shot! Pyro just got knocked to his knees!

Mark: McConnell quickly hooks him! DUAL SHOCK!

Rhino: No no no!

Mark: McConnell with the cover! 1……………………………… 2…………………………… 3! NO! Pyro kicked out! Pyromaniaxe kicked out!

Rhino: Yes!

Mark: McConnell looks frustrated as he’s telling the ref it was three! The ref says no!

Rhino: That’s McConnell’s best shot and Pyro kicked out of it.

Mark: McConnell spitting blood to the mat as he gets to his feet.. McConnell pulls Pyro by the hair, up to one knee.. McConnell off the ropes.. Big boot! No! Pyro catches the leg on his shoulder! Pyro just stood up with McConnell on his shoulders!

Rhino: Holy CRAP!


Rhino: One!

Mark: Pyro holds on.. Lifts him up! POWERBOMB!

Rhino: That’s two!

Mark: McConnell trying to fight it again! McConnell with rights! Pyro gets him up again! McConnell with another right! Pyro stumbles into the ref! MIST! McConnell just misted Pyro! With.. With..

Rhino: That was his own damn blood! He spit his blood into Pyromaniaxe’s eyes!

Mark: McConnell drops down.. LOW BLOW! McConnell kicks him right between the legs AGAIN!

Rhino: And the ref’s still getting himself up in the corner! DAMN IT!

Mark: Pyro drops to his knees.. McConnell into the ropes! Good GOD! He just threw his knee right into the side of Pyromaniaxe’s head!

Rhino: That was vicious!

Mark: McConnell with the cover! The ref is in positon! 1……………………………… 2……………………………… 3!

PA Announcer: The winner of the match.. WILLIAM.. MCCONNELL!

Mark: A hard fought battle by Pyromaniaxe.. But McConnell’s underhanded tactics are what won him this match.

Rhino: He’s a real bastard. He didn’t need the low blow. It’s like he’s just rubbing it in Pyro’s face.

Mark: McConnell making his way up the ramp and there’s Shawn Michaels once more..

Rhino: You think he’ll make another match.

Mark: The two men standing at the top of the ramp, exchanging words..

Rhino: Like McConnell even cares..

Mark: McConnell wipes his mouth.. And flicks the blood into Shawn Michaels face!

Rhino: That.. Wow..

Mark: McConnell heading to the back..

Rhino: Michaels should have put him down right there.

Mark: The night isn’t over yet, as we’ve now got to bet back to the ring for another big time grudge match.

Demon Child vs Omega

Pa Announcer: Introducing first… From Parts Unknown… Weighing in at 269 Pounds… DEMON CHILD!

(“Remember The Name” plays as Demon Child enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And his opponent.. From Washington, D.C…. weighting in at 444 pounds…. OMEGA!

introducing from Washington, D.C. and standing at 7 feet 5 inches….weighing 444 pounds….he is the EWA President and known as the Living Nightmare….OMEGA!

Rhino: What a sight to see, these two men have some real history from back in the day, but maybe the most startling part of it is that Demon isn’t backing down from Omega’s glare.

Mark: He wasn’t happy to hear that his big return was to take on the Demon, but when is he ever? Omega just laughing at him, and now he’s stuck his chin out.

Rhino: Free shot he’s telling Demon Child, wham, you could hear that down here and Demon keeps laying in the shots.

Mark: The big man underestimated Demon Child and is paying for it big time. Omega pushes him off and checks his chin. Omega coming in, lefts and rights, Demon blocking, his time spent abroad paying off thus far. Omega with a big haymaker, Demon moving, pulling the arm forward and down pulling Omega with it right into a big knee into the face.

Rhino: He’s not letting up though, Demon with control to the arm, looking almost like a crusifix. Omega isn’t down all the way and is starting to power out of it. Demon hops off and is just telling Omega to bring it on.

Mark: Both men very cocky in this match up. The big man going in, and that is the differnce maker right there. Demon ducked the big left paw of Omega but ended up opening himself up for a big right boot straight to the face.

Rhino: He’s been rocked hard.

Mark: Omega coming in fast with another huge foot to the face and Demon is sent tumbling to the outside. The referee has began the count as Demon gets to his feet. A little time to rest and rethink about how to combat the big man’s strength…

Rhino: But not about his agility… Demon forgot that the big nasty bastard can fly as well.

Mark: Omega is back up, just grabbing Demon by the scruff of his neck, he’s lifting him up over his head and just tossed him like an over sized dart back into the ring. Demon trying to shake the cob webs as Omega starts to get back on the apron, and kicks the ropes as he tries to get in.

Rhino: Not as blatant a low blow as what McConnell was pulling off earlier in the night, but effective none the less.

Mark: Demon up and laying in the body shots. Omega with a big left, ducked, Demon has him, armbreaker. And again. Omega pushes Demon off into the ring and fully steps back into the ring.

Rhino: As they circle each other again I’m shocked by how long Demon has effectively lasted against Omega.

Mark: Demon runs in low, trying to trip him up, gets kicked with one of those oaks that Omega calls a foot.

Rhino: The Demon Child trying to find any opening he possibly can, but you can tell by the look in the face of the big man that he’s had enough fun and games.

Mark: Omega going after Demon, irish whip into the ropes, Demon ducks the closeline, off the ropes, shoulder block.

Rhino: The big man’s knocked back as Demon runs toward one of the corners.

Mark: Demon’s going into the high risk district, double axe handle smash, no, Omega has that big paw of his planted firming over Demon’s face.

Rhino: He’s looking to finish him here and now with a power dunk.

Mark: He’s got him lifted, Demon with a thumb to the eyes. He saved himself there. Omega trying to get his visiion back as Demon catches his breath, he’s got a look in his eye, he’s planning something….

Rhino: Omega is still stunned after that thumb, Demon coming in, Heartstopper.

Mark: Big kick to Omega’s chest.. he’s wobbling… Omega down to just the one knee, Demon sees his chance.. Demon Drop.. no..

Rhino: Omega powers out and sends Demon crashing into the turnbuckle. Omega rushing in, big splash, no Demon got the knees up , Omega stumbling out, Demon grabbing Omega by the arm and drops fast.

Mark: Looks like he knew what he was doing and Omega’s head bounced off that top turnbuckle. Omega looks out on his feet. Demon rushes in, DEMON DROP!

Rhino: He got all of that. Demon with the cover… 1…….. 2……… no just barely kicks out.

Mark: Demon back on the attack mounting him laying in the elbows. Omega trying to get out of it, Demon trying to lock in the front face lock….

Rhino: Don’t tell me that he’s trying to submit Omega…

Mark: He just might. Omega fighting it, Demon moving around, he’s wrapped the legs and secured one of Omega’s arms, I don’t see him going anywhere. Omega trying to move around, pushed with his one free arm, but that only serves to flip them over.

Rhino: Leverage is helping Demon more than ever. O… Omega isn’t moving.

Mark: The referee checking in on Omega.. raises his arm.. it dropped… raising it again… falls.. one more and Demon wins.. raises up.. fa.. no Omega keeps it up!

Rhino: He might still be in the game, but he’s also still locked up.

Mark: Omega trying to fix that, Omega pulling himself up to his knees, Demon isn’t letting go. Omega slowly getting back to his feet.

Rhino: Demon realizes that they aren’t horizontal anymore and pulling with all his might.

Mark: Omega has his arms free, pounding on Demon’s back, Demon letting up, Omega has his head free, big headbutt.

Rhino: Demon might be seeing stars but he’s still got his legs locked around Omega’s waist.

Mark: That might not last much longer, Omega pulls Demon into a headlock himself, elbowing his legs off, and Demon’s gone vertical…

Rhino: Omega holding Demon high in the air with the stalling suplex…

Mark: No suplex, he just dropped him with a Screwdriver! Omega throws an arm over Demon … 1…….. 2…….. 3.,…….

PA Announcer: The winner of the match…. OMEGA!

Mark: I doubt he was expecting such a tough match but he got through it.

Rhino: And while he didn’t score the victory Demon showed that…

(“Giving In” hits over the PA System as William McConnell makes his way from the back)

Rhino: Damn it, why is he back?

Mark: Maybe he’s come out to publically give Demon an answer to his challenge in a very physical manor? The referee has helped Demon to his feet, McConnell getting close to his face, don’t do this Will…

Rhino: And he just shoved him to the side. McConnell eyeing Omega.

Mark: Demon wasn’t the only one who had a tough match just now.

(“Shut Your Mouth” hits over the PA System as Lone Jobber makes his way out to the stage.)

Rhino: Shawn didn’t put McConnell in his place earlier, but I doubt Jobber would be that reserved.

Mark: He’s got a mic, lets see what he ahs to say.

Lone Jobber: I’m sure you are down there to thank those two men for such a show, right Will? Bravo earlier by the way, you got the job done, not liking how, but you got it done. But you know, it’s funny how the three of you have gravitated toward each other. In a weeks time we are going to go to Unholy Alliances, what used to be HIS big event. Unholy Alliances, teams that just don’t… click. You get it now, right, it’s clicking in. I know that everyone here wants to be in the same ring together so while everyone already knows the main event for Unholy, with the three of you there, I feel it’s only my right to announce another match for that event. In that very ring it will be… William McConnell… and the Demon …. taking on Omega… and a partner soon to be revealed. I hope you all enjoy this one, I know I will.

Mark: What a shocker, look at the look that Will and Demon are giving each other.

Rhino: Will really needs to have eyes in the back of his head though, Omega turns him around, he’s got him, raised… dunked. Omega looking at all three men and you have to know he’s is wondering, just like us, who Jobber has hand selected for Unholy Alliances.

Mark: Speaking of Unholy Alliances, we now know that Omega and a partner will take on the unlikely team of Demon Child and William McConnell, but we also know the main event will be Lone Jobber defending his EWA World Heavyweight Championship against Big Daddy Ace. That match is in one week, but in just a few minutes they have to put that to the side as they have their own Unholy Alliances styled match.

Rhino: Stewie Franchize and Kronik, another unlikely team that this week has come together to take on the self proclaimed Golden Duo. Jobber and Franchize are no strangers, having had some instant classics surrounding the Total Impact Championship and Kronik clearly has aspirations. And you can’t forget, if Kronik or Franchize win the match they are given a golden ticket to a Total Impact Championship match.

Mark: It’s going to be one hell of a match, and that match… is next.

Non-titled Unholy Alliance Preview
Big Daddy Ace / Lone Jobber vrs $tewie Franchize / Kronik

Pa Announcer: Tonights main event is the Unholy Alliances preview with the chance to earn a number one contender’s spot for the Total Impact Championship. Introducing first… from Manhattan, New York… Weighing in at 242 Pounds… $TEWIE FRANCHIZE!

(“Power” plays over the PA System)

Pa Announcer: And his partner… From Springfield, Ma… Weighing in at 210 Pounds… KRONIK!

(“Pushin’ Limits” plays as Kronik enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: Their opponent…From Boston, Mass.. Weighing in at 273 Pounds…One half of the EWA Tag Team Champions…BIG DADDY ACE!

(“Made of Scars” plays as Big Daddy Ace enters the arena…)
Pa Announcer: And his partner…. From the EWA head office in Atlanta by the way of the Slaughterhouse… the EWA Total Impact and EWA World Heavyweight Champion… LONE JOBBER!

(“Shut Your Mouth” plays as Lone Jobber enters the arena…)

Mark: Looks like it’s going to be Kronik starting for his team… Jobber just told Ace to stand on the sidelines. Jobber and Kronik cirlcing each other, coming in for the tie up…

Rhino: Jobber just slapped him like a bitch and now tags Ace in. Sometimes I wonder about him.

Mark: Just trying to make a statement it seems. Ace in, he and Kronik tie up, Ace picks him up scoop slam. Kronik sliding back and away.

Rhino: A contest of power isn’t going to get him over against the likes of Ace.

Mark: Both men back into the center of the ring, tie up again, Kronik with a sharp kick to the legs, runs off the ropes, front dropkick.

Rhino: Got to keep the pace up.

Mark: Ace getting back to his feet, swinging neckbreaker by the man from Springfield. Kronik going in for a quick elbow, Ace rolled out of the way and now has gotten to his feet. The number one contender charges in, big closeline taking Kronik down. Ace picking him up, sending him into the champions’ corner. Ace charging in, sandwiching him in to the corner with that shoulder block. Ace with repeated shoulder thrusts, now taking the chance to taunt Franchize…

Rhino: Which is leaving everyone attention off of Jobber as he illegally lays in the punches to Kronik.

Mark:Thus far the two men have been working out well. Ace coming back to Kronik, whips him off into a neutral corner. Ace coming in, Kronik evades. Kronik jumps, tag made to Stewie Franchize.

Rhino: The two bigger members of their respective teams…

Mark: Franchize coming in and starts laying in the rights and lefts. He’s got Ace backed into a corner, grabs, overhead belly to belly suplex.

Rhino: Ace starting to get back to his feet, Franchize runs in, high knee taking the number one contender down.

Mark: $tewie helping Ace to his feet, tosses him toward the Worlds Champion. Jobber tagging himself in.

Rhino: These two tore down the house the last time we saw them together and it looks like we are going to get yet another page in their story.

Mark: The two men now trading punches, nothing being pulled in the center of the ring, Franchize tosses Jobber o the ropes, looks for a back body drop, Jobber puts on the breaks, kicks him in the head, the Lone Jobber running, hurricanrana.

Rhino: Franchize getting back to his feet, Jobber incoming, no, caught, spine buster. Goes for the pin… 1… easy kicked out.

Mark: Franchize picking Jobber up, scoops him upon his shoulder, oklahoma stampede. Franchize grabbing a leg, turns him over, single leg Boston crab. Jobber’s fighting it, and Ace makes the save from behind.

Rhino: Franchize and Ace now brawling in the middle of the ring, Franchize whips Ace into his corner, Kronik with a elbow straight to the face of the Boston Badass. Franchize tossing Ace to the floor and now sets his sights on the Worlds champion…

Mark: One moment too late, Jobber with a low dropkick to the knee of Franchize, getting up, snaps a ddt in. Jobber running, springboard moonsault off the ropes. Franchize got the knees up.

Rhino: Jobber trying to keep the pace up but Franchize was able to put a halt to that.

Mark: Franchize grabbing the legs of Jobber, full Boston crab.

Rhino: This isn’t good for the Jobber, Franchize has him in the middle of the ring and Ace still looks like he’s got his bell rung. Jobber trying to crawl to the ropes, Franchize pulling him back.

Mark: $tewie just might get this…

Rhino: What is that.. what is Jobber yelling?

Mark: He’s yelling at Kronik it looks like, something about losing his shot for the title.

Rhino: Kronik looks conflicted, he wants to win, but, yes it looks like his Total Impact championship aspirations are too much for him. Kronik pulling Franchize off of the Jobber and the two partners are nose to nose.

Mark: Franchize has done everything he could as of late to get the Total Impact Championship belt off of Jobber, Kronik talked about how that very time was the one that he wanted more than anything.

Rhino: Their arguing about who gets to defeat the Jobber and earn a title shot has allowed Jobber to roll out of the ring and regroup. Ace and Jobber talking shop outside.

Mark: Ace and Jobber, sliding into the ring, all four men exchanging fists, just a regular donnybrook.

Rhino: The referee trying to exert some control, commanding Ace and Kronik to their respective corners.

Mark: $tewie has Jobber, backbreaker. Pin, 1… 2… kick out. Franchize picking him up, irish whip, back body drop.

Rhino: Franchize didn’t see that Jobber hit a blind tag though, here goes the Boston Badass.

Mark: Ace with a big clubbing blow to the back of $tewie. Gets him up, short arm closeline, and again. Big Daddy Ace sending him to the ropes, Samoan drop.

Rhino: Ace is on fire.

Mark: He seems to be trying to mark his spot, goes for the spear, Franchize dives away towards his corner.

Rhino: Ace just barely caught him, but it was enough to get the tag into Kronik who climbs the turnbuckle, big missle drop kick. Kornik getting up, runs to his corner, high stakes…

Mark: And the Kronik Kush pays off. You can see the light in Kroniks eyes. Kronik with a running bulldog taking Big Daddy Ace down. Kronik pulls him to his feet, sends him into his corner, follows in for double knees to the chest.

Rhino: Kronik going back up, seems he plans to soar yet again.. shooting star press. He got all of that, goes for the pin, 1…. 2….kick out.

Mark: Ace is still in this thing. Ace starting to get back to his feet, shining wizard. Kronik looking for some sort of submission, Ace kicks him off into his corner. Kronik looking to put him down for good.

Rhino: I think $tewie tapped him with a blind tag right there.

Mark: You might be right, however Ace starting to get up, Ace with a big right, Kronik ducks, roundhouse, another.. Kronik Kick…

Rhino: No, one superkick stopping another. Jobber in the ring and slammed him hard with the Low Card.

Mark: Jobber tossing Kronik out of the ring, but he doesn’t see Franchize behind him, Franchize turns him around, Executive Action. Jobber is down.

Rhino: $tewie kicking him out under the ropes to the floor as he turns his attention to Big Daddy Ace. Franchize runs up, spinebuster. Franchize pulling him up…

Mark: Looking for the Hostile Takeover… Ace fighting out of it, back body drop. Franchize won’t be stopped, runs to the ropes, what’s happening…

Rhino: Jobber looks to be trying to hold onto Franchize’s leg from the outside. Franchize kicking him off…

Mark: SPEAR. Ace got it. The number one contender lifting Franchize to his shoulders, swings him, Ace Crusher! Pin… 1……. 2…… 3…….

PA Announcer: The winners of the match…. the team of BIG DADDY ACE and LONE JOBBER!

Mark: Jobber rolling back into the ring holding their collection of gold.

Rhino: That’s what it’s all about to some.

Mark: Jobber tosses Ace his tag belt, gesturing to the crowd, nice photo op.

Rhino: Looks like they could trust one another… hold the phone… Jobber just tossed his belts…

Mark: Ace doesn’t see him calling for it, he turns around, Low Car.. no he stopped short.

Rhino: Look at the smile on Jobber’s face, he might have gone through with the kick, but as he’s telling Ace, if he had, it would have been ‘just that easy’.

Mark: Unholy Alliances neither men will be pulling their punches, or in this case, fainting a kick as they compete for that belt right there, the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. We’re out of time, I’m Mark, he’s Rhino, we’ll see you later.

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