Category: 2004

New Years Evil 2004

Mark:Welcome Everyone to the end of the year spectular known as New Years Evil… And we are live in New York City at the Worlds Most Famous Arena…And I am joined by the eWa Undisputed Champion Al Snow… Al, tonight you have a big time match up… Al Snow:Yes I do… I will be fighting

Seasons Beatings 2004

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Sold Out Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colorado… Im Mark along for the ride is the jolly old Rhino… Rhino what a night of action instore for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Tonight is going to be one of the most interesting nights in the eWa… Mark:Our main event is going to be

Chaotic Walk:Disney World 2004

Mark:Welcome everyone to Disney World… Welcome to the Second Annual Chaotic Walk this time in Disney World… And what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:The main event is going to be something special… Mark:Yes it is… It will be Hell Games for Three of the top championships in the eWa…

November 2 Dismember 2004

Mark:Welcome everyone to Indianapolis, Indiana… And welcome to November 2 Dismember…And what a night we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:This is shaping up to be a wild night… Mark:Our Main Event is for the eWa Undisputed Championship… In which Raven defends against Subway… Rhino:This one has turned personal… Mark:Raven has been in Subway’s head

Any Given Sunday 2004

Mark:Welcome everyone to Any Given Sunday and its a night where the fans have a voice in what this company does… And tonight the fans decide the matches… And what type of matches they will be… Rhino:Mark, I cant wait for all of this to go down… Im so excited… Mark:Payne Killer will be putting

Halloween Hellraiser 2004

Mark:Tonight is going to be a night that the eWa will never forget… Welcome everyone to Halloween Hellraiser… The kids are done tricker treating… And it is now time for the Worlds to Collide… Speaking of Colliding I am joined tonight by Monthly Announcer and former Undisputed Champion Al Snow… Al, what are your thoughts

Wednesday Night Xtreme 10-20-04

Mark:Welcome everyone to Wednesday Night Xtreme… Live from Hartford, Ct… And what a night we got instore for everyone… As our main event is going to be a Battle of Champions…As Payne Killer, Shawn Michaels and Prodigy… Rhino:I am putting my money on Payne Killer in this one… He seems like he really wants it

Hardcore Evolution 2004

(Scenes of different types of hardcore/gimmick matches begin to play over the hardcore theater from EWA, WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA) McConnell: Hardcore.. For some, it’s just a word. A way to describe something beyond the imaginable. For others.. It’s a way of life. Every day, these athletes put their bodies on the line for

Tuesday Night Carnage 09-28-04

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Edward James Dome and Welcome to eWa Tuesday Night Carnage…I am Mark… He is Rhino and what a night of action we have in store for everyone here tonight… Our Main Event is for the eWa Undisputed Championship in a Ladder Match… As William McConnell defends against Big Daddy Ace… Rhino:That

Glory 2004

Mark:Welcome to the grand daddy of all events… Welcome to our big show… Welcome to Glory… As you can see we are dressed up for the occassion… Rhino:This is the only time you will ever see me in a tuxedo… Mark:Dont get any food on it… We have to return it tomorrow… Rhino:Too Late… Mark:Anyhow,

Summertime Blowout 2004

Mark:Well, it is Labor Day Weekend, which means it is the end of Summer…Which is why tonight the eWa is holding one more final bash here tonight in Tampa, Florida as we present Summertime Blowout… Rhino:I am in a party mood Mark… Mark:You are just here to eat food… Rhino:Well… Yeah… Pass the Purgdogs… Mark:Besides

Tuesday Night Carnage 08-24-04

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Cow Palace here in San Francisco, California… Welcome to Tuesday Night Carnage and what a main event we have for everyone here tonight…As Triple H puts the World Heavyweight Championship on the line against… Well we dont know yet… Rhino:Omega has decide to screw with Triple H and he wanted someone