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New Years Evil 2005

Mark:Happy New Year’s Eve everyone and welcome to EWA New Years Evil… I am Mark and I am along side as always with Rhino… But we are also joined by Al Snow… Al Snow weclome to the broadcast… Al Snow:Im glad to be here and look at this line up we have tonight… I just

Seasons Beatings 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to Seasons Beatings 2005 live from Boston… I am Mark… He is Rhino… Happy Holidays Everyone…And what a night of action do we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:The night is shaping up to be a good one… Mark:We will see William McConnell defend the EWA World Heavyweight Championship against Shane Munns… Rhino:Can

Monday Night Massacre 12-05-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Monday Night Massacre… And what a night of action we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:Its time to see if the EWA Newcomers can step up to the plate and make an impact… Mark:Our Main Event is an Extreme Death Match between Triple H and William McConnell for the EWA World Heavyweight

House of Pain 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to a very special EWA Event… Welcome to EWA HOUSE OF PAIN! I am as always Mark alongside with Rhino and Rhino we have a great show planned for everyone here tonight.. Rhino:You better believe we do… Three Titles Matches… Two Main Events and the Return of Triple H… You cant ask for

Halloween Hellraiser 2005

EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP PUMPKIN PATCH MATCH The L & LL Express Vs, Mystery Opponents Written by Edits made by AL SNOW: Hello everyone and welcome to the EWA tradition known as HALLOWEEN HELLRAISER! I’m Al Snow! Joining me is Rhino as we call the action here tonight inside Madison Square

Super Sunday Night Spectacular 2005

Mark: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to EWA Super Sunday Night Spectacular! I’m Mark and beside me as always, my partner Rhino. Rhino: I’ve got hot dogs, I’ve got coke and I’m ready for one hell of a night! Mark: And who isn’t? Tonight, EWA World Tag Team Champions, Lenny Lane and Lodi defend

Glory 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to South Bend… Welcome to GLORY… This is our biggest event of the year and we thank everyone for tuning it to what should be one hell of a night… Rhino:This bowtie is bothering me… Mark:Suck it up and just get ready for one hell of a night as we present Two Big

EWA Saturday Night 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to a special eWa Event… Welcome to EWA Saturday Night… I am as always Mark joined by Rhino… And what action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Tonights Main Event is going to be awesome… Mark:It sure is shaping up to be that way as the eWa World Heavyweight Championship is on

Tuesday Night Carnage 09-13-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Carnage live from Baltimore, Maryland… Brought you to by the eWa Zone, get the latest news and information about the eWa at the eWa Zone… Tonight Our Main Event is a Three Way Dance for the eWa World Heavyweight Championship when Shawn Michaels defends against Payne Killer and Christian… Rhino:Christian

Friday Night Frenzy 09-02-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to St. Louis, Missouri… Welcome to Friday Night Frenzy… What a line up we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:This is one stacked card from top to bottom… Mark:Our main event is for the eWa World Heavyweight Championship… As Shawn Michaels defends against John Heidenreich… Rhino:Can John Heidenreich end the title reign of

ReAlliance 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to eWa ReAlliance presented by the eWa Zone, Experience The Excitement… And here tonight we have Two Huge Main Event Matches… Rhino:We sure do… Marx and Michaels should be one hell of match… Mark:As you mentioned it will be Shawn Michaels vs Aaron Marx for the eWa World Heavyweight Championship… With eWa Superstars

Tournament of Champions 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to Tournament of Champions live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas… This has been a crazy week Rhino… Rhino:It sure has Mark… Especially with the three people in the main event… Mark:Yes they have been real physical with one another and tonight it all comes to ahead as Christian, Triple H and