Category: 2005

Tuesday Night TerrorDome 07-25-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to a very special Tuesday Night TerrorDome here in Tampa Florida… Rhino:The first show under the reign of Subway… It is going to be really interesting… Mark:Tonights Main Event is Christian, Lone Jobber and William McConnell all battling it out and it will have two championships on the line… Rhino:Will we have a

Thursday Night Chaos 07-14-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Chicago… Welcome to eWa Thursday Night Chaos… And what a show we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Tonight’s show is going to be real interesting with everyone trying to get a shot for the eWa World Heavyweight Championship… Mark:Our Main Event tonight is a Testicular Longevity Contest for the eWa Television

Independence Day 2005

Mark:Welcome Everyone to our Nations Capital… Welcome to Washington DC and Welcome to Independence Day… You excited Rhino? Rhino:Yes I am… Mark:Our Main Event tonight is a Death Match for the FTW Championship… Rhino:JBL has a chance to become the FTW Champion… The question is can Heidenreich stop JBL and his Cabinet… Mark:That is a

Total Control 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to eWa Total Control… I am as always your play by play announcer Mark and I am here along side as always with Rhino… Rhino:Mark, tonight we are finally having a show with out Degeneration X… Mark:DX has taken the week off from competition and one man has stepped up to the plate

Saturday Night Torture 06-11-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to eWa Saturday Night Torture…We are live here in San Diego, California… And its going to be an interesting night… Rhino:Its been a wild week here in the eWa… Mark:Yes it has as Omega has changed our main event and it is just Shawn Michaels and Frank Saint inside the Barbed Wire Steel

May-Hem 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to eWa May-Hem… Sponsored tonight by the eWa Zone… The eWa Zone is the official website of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, which features DPOV #50… So check that out today at… And right now we are live here in Toronto, Ontario… And tonight we are live with great action and there has

Friday Night Frenzy 05-20-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to eWa Friday Night Frenzy brought to you by the eWa Store… Get your favorite eWa Gear today, Including Hats, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and even clocks…So visit the eWa Store Today… And what a night we have for everyone here tonight… Including our main event… A Three Stages of Hell Match which will be

Tuesday Night Carnage 05-10-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Carnage and its a great night once again here in the eWa… Rhino:Yes it is..Im looking forward to Heidenreich and Animal… Mark:That should be one interesting match up for the eWa Television Championship… Our main event is a Number One Contendership Match for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:That match

Unholy Alliances 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to the yearly event entitled Unholy Alliances… Once again we team up eWa superstars with people they usually wont team up with… And Rhino… There are some interesting pairings tonight… Rhino:Yes there are when you think about Triple H teaming up with Sting… Those two have been battling for months… And now they

Wednesday Night Xtreme 04-20-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Columbus, Ohio… And welcome to Wednesday Night Xtreme… And what a night we have lined up for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We have some great matches…Including our main event… Mark:Our main event tonight is a Submission Match for the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship as Kurt Angle defends against Eric Stryker… Rhino:Will this

Friday Night Frenzy 04-08-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Friday Night Frenzy here in Detroit, Michigan… Rhino are you ready for what we are going to see tonight… Rhino:I am ready to see Kurt Angle and Heidenreich fight for the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… Mark:That is our main event… Also tonight Doug Kinsella gets another chance at championship gold as

Sabotage 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to Rio De Janeiro… Welcome to SABOTAGE… Im Mark… Hes Rhino and what an interesting night we have for you tonight… Rhino:Its a jammed pack show tonight… Mark:We have tonight in our main event… Heidenreich and Payne Killer one on one… Once again for the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:That should be