Category: 2005

Tuesday Night Carnage 03-15-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts… Welcome to Tuesday Night Carnage… Are you ready Rhino… Rhino:I am ready… Mark:Our main event tonight is a Last Man Standing Match for the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:The Game and Heidenreich… Two men that are going to beat the living hell out of one

Friday Night Frenzy 03-04-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Friday Night Frenzy live from Atlanta…Its going to be an interesting night tonight Rhino… Rhino:Yes it is… Mark:Heidenreich will be challenging Eric Stryker for the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… In a Straight Jacket Match… Rhino:Can Heidenreich end the Stryker Era? Mark:Triple H and Big Daddy Ace will meet in a Weapon

Extreme Bowl 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to Los Angeles… Welcome to Extreme Bowl 2005… Rhino its going to be a wild night tonight… Rhino:You got that right… You have six men in one Triple Tier Cage… Trying to become the Number One Contender for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship… That’s going to be crazy… Mark:Besides the Extreme Bowl we

Thursday Night Chaos 02-10-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Chaos here in Ric Flair Country… Rhino:WOOOOOOOOO! Mark:There ya go… Tonight our main event is a Unification Match between Triple H and Eric Stryker… Rhino:That should be a classic ladder match… Mark:Also here tonight we are going to see a Triangle Casket Match which is going to feature Shawn Michaels,

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to Houston, Texas and welcome to Nightmare on eWa Boulevard… And tonight we have one of the most anticipated main events of all time…As Triple H defends the eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Title against Sting… Rhino:I cant wait to see what happens… But what kind of surprise does Triple H have for Sting

Saturday Night Torture 01-22-05

Mark:Welcome everyone to a very special Saturday Night Torture… Live from New Orleans, Louisiana… I am Mark… He is Rhino… And what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:The Main Event is looking to be one hell of a match up… Mark:Lone Jobber and Triple H will battle inside the Steel

Once and For All 2005

Mark:Welcome to an event that happens when something needs to be settled Once and For All and thats why it is set for tonight…And tonight we are go crowning a New eWa Undisputed Champion… Inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber… Rhino:The Chamber is going to be awesome tonight… Mark:Yes it will… As Al Snow, Raven, Eric