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New Years Evil 2006

Mark:From the Worlds Most Famous Arena in New York City… This is EWA New Years Evil 2006 sponsored by… And tonight our Main Event is Historic… Rhino:Its the First Ever Countdown Chamber Match up… Mark:Nothing has been revealed about it… But it will take place tonight when the EWA World Heavyweight Championship is on

Tuesday Night Seasons Beatings 12-19-06

Mark:Welcome to the Baltimore, Maryland… Welcome to EWA Tuesday Night Seasons Beatings…And what a Main Event we have tonight… Rhino:Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunite as Tag Team Partners for the first time in over fifteen months… As they take on The EWA World Heavyweight Champion Lone Jobbber and the Number One Contender Big Daddy

Saturday Night Torture 12-09-06

Mark:Welcome to The Nutter Center… Welcome to EWA Saturday Night Torture Live from Dayton, Ohio presented by… Alongside Rhino I am Mark and what a Main Event we have got tonight… Rhino:The Fifteen Foot High Steel Cage will surround the ring tonight as the Number One Contender for Lone Jobber’s eWa World Heavyweight Championship

November 2 Dismember 2006

Mark:Welcome to November 2 Dismember live from the Amsterdam Arena here in Amsterdam, Netherlands sponsored by… And tonight Rhino it is the match up everyone is talking about for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:Its going to be Triple H defending against Lone Jobber and I can not wait to see that one… Mark:Neither

Monday Night Madness 11-20-06

Mark:Welcome to Portland, Oregon… Welcome to Presents Monday Night Madness… Rhino:Some people may be RAW… We are going to bring the MADNESS here tonight… Mark:That we are as tonight in our Main Event it will be Subway and Lone Jobber battling for who should be the Number One Contender for the EWA World Heavyweight

Thursday Night Chaos 11-09-06

Mark:Welcome to Seattle, Washington and Welcome to Thursday Night Chaos… Rhino, tonights Main Event is going to be dealing alot with Barbed Wire… Rhino:Its Barbed Wire Madness… For the EWA Television Championship Goldberg will defend against Brian “Half Dollar” Henderson… Mark:Can Goldberg stay Undefeated? We will see…We will also find out if Subway and Lone

Halloween Hellraiser 2006

Mark:Welcome to Queens Island in Belfast, Ireland… Welcome to EWA Halloween Hellraiser… I am Mark alongside Rhino and what a line up we have here tonight… Rhino:The EWA World Heavyweight Championship is going to be on the line in the first ever EWA Haunted House Match… Mark:Triple H has the tough challenge as he defends

Saturday Night Torture 10-21-06

Mark:The Wachovia Center is sold out here in Philadelphia as presents Saturday Night Torture… Alongside Rhino I am Mark… And what a Main Event we have tonight… Rhino:Six combustable elements in one match up… That will be really explosive… Mark:Six Person Tag Team Death Match… Megumi Kudo, Brian “Half Dollar” Henderson and Subway team

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-10-06

Mark:Welcome to Hartford as presents Tuesday Night Carnage… Alongside Rhino… I am Mark… And what a line up we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We have the five contenders and the EWA World Heavyweight Champion Triple H all in action tonight… Mark:Yes we do… Three Different Matches in very different environments…As Triple H battles

Glory 2006

Mark:Welcome to Earls Court Exhibition Center… Welcome to London, England… And Welcome to the Biggest Show of the year for the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Welcome to GLORY! (Fireworks Go Off in Arena) Mark:Dress in our Sunday Best for this Saturday Night here at ringside I am Mark alongside my tag team partner in crime Rhino…

Wednesday Night Xtreme 09-20-06

Mark:Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri… Welcome to EWA Wednesday Night XTREME… Im Mark, alongside my partner in crime… Rhino… And tonight we have a jammed packed line up for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Our Main Event is gonna be real interesting as Aaron Marx defends the EWA Television Championship against Christian… Mark:Its Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Super Sunday Night Spectacular 09-10-06

Mark:The Joe here in Detroit is a rockin… As we are live in the Motor City… For Super Sunday Night Spectacular… And tonight our Main Event is going to be taken to the EXTREME here in the EWA… As we bring back the Razor Wire Cage Match… Rhino:This match up goes beyond Barbed Wire… Its