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Summertime Blowout 2006

Mark:The Tokyo Dome is filled to Capacity… The EWA Has Arrived in Tokyo Japan for EWA Summertime Blowout… Alongside my broadcast partner Rhino… Im Mark and this is another Pay Per View Presentation from the EWA and what a line up we have tonight Rhino… Rhino:I cant wait for our Main Event… Triple H and

Monday Night Massacre 08-21-06

Mark:The Moscow Arena is jammed packed to the roofs here in Moscow… For EWA Monday Night Massacre… Alongside my broadcast partner Rhino… Im your lead Play by Play guy Mark… And we are here live for some EWA Action… Rhino:Its gonna be a wild night for everyone here in the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Mark:Our Main

Thursday Night Chaos 08-10-06

Mark:Welcome to Madrid, Spain… And welcome to Thursday Night Chaos sponsored by eWazone… And tonight we have a jammed pack show for everyone… As our top two matches of the night are the Number One Contenders Matches for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:The ring will be taken down and a bullring will be setup

Beach Brawl 2006

Mark:Welcome to Honolulu… Welcome to EWA’s Beach Brawl 2006… I am Mark… He is Rhino and what a night of action we have in store for the world here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Its going to be a wild night tonight Mark… Especially with our Main Event… Mark:The Main Event is a Three Stages of Hell Match

Tournament of Champions 2006

Mark:Welcome everyone to Lyon, France…And Welcome to 6th Annual Tournament of Champions sponsored by KJob The Site located at… And tonight we are going to declare a Brand New EWA World Heavyweight Champion… Rhino:There has been much debate… There has been alot of Controversy… But tonight we will declare a new champion… Mark:Its going

Wednesday Night Xtreme 07-19-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to the World Wide Phenomium known as the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Live from Denmark… Its EWA Wednesday Night Xtreme…Im Mark… Hes Rhino and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We have a huge Six Man Elimination Match Up… Between Degeneration X and the Blood Pride Union… Mark:Its going

Saturday Night Torture 07-08-06

Mark:We are live in San Juan, Puerto Rico for EWA Saturday Night Torture sponsored by the EWA Radio Network at and tonight we have a great line up for everyone right Rhino… Rhino:That we do Mark… We have the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H in action against long time rival Lone Jobber… Mark:Lumberjacks will

Friday Night Frenzy 06-16-06

Mark:We are down under… And we are here for Friday Night Frenzy… I am the man they call Mark and he is Rhino…And Rhino what a wild couple of weeks we have had here in the eWa… Rhino:Its been one of those period of times when you need to look in the mirror and decide

May-Hem 2006

Mark:Welcome everyone to EWA May-Hem 2006 live from London, England… I am Mark… He is Rhino and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:I cant wait for the Royal Rumble… Mark:The 30 Man over the top rope Royal Rumble with the winner recieving a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight

Thursday Night Chaos 05-18-06

Tony Schiavone:We are live here on TNT and this is WCW Monday Night Nitro coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia… I am Tony Schiavone alongside my broadcast partner Bobby The Brain Heenan… Brain tell the fans what they can expect tonight… Bobby Heenan:Why in the hell would I do that? Hey what year is

Unholy Alliances 2006

Mark:Welcome to McMahon Stadium… How weird is that? And welcome to EWA Unholy Alliances… Here in Calgary, Alberta Canada…I am Mark… He is Rhino and we are going to be presenting you Four Exciting Unholy Alliances Matches… Rhino:This is going to be a strange night and it is weird being here at McMahon Stadium… Mark:Our

Tuesday Night Carnage 04-25-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to Boston… Welcome to Tuesday Night Carnage… I am Mark… He is Rhino and what a show we got for the people tonight Rhino… Rhino:This is shaping up to be one hell of a show… Mark:Our Main Event is for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship as Big Daddy Ace defends against Megumi Kudo…