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Thursday Night Chaos 04-13-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to Baltimore, Maryland… Welcome to EWA Thursday Night Chaos… I am Mark alongside my tag team partner… Rhino:The R to the H to the I to the N to the O… Mark:Rhino tonight we are going to see one hell of a EWA World Heavyweight Championship Match… As Triple H defends against Big

GoldRush 2006

Mark:Welcome everyone to Gold Rush… We are live from the Worlds Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden here in New York City and Rhino…Its the return of the Extreme Elimination Chamber… Rhino:There was controversy at the last event… Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle corrected that problem bringing back the Extreme Elimination Chamber… Mark:Six people have

Wednesday Night Xtreme 03-22-06

Mark:We are live here in Grand Rapids, Michigan for EWA Wednesday Night Xtreme… Sponsored by the EWA Superstar of the Month, which you can find on the EWA Zone at… I am Mark and I am alongside with Rhino and Rhino are you excited about what we are going to see here tonight Rhino:

Friday Night Frenzy 03-10-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to Friday Night Frenzy… I am Mark joined by always as Rhino… Rhino tonight could be a very interesting night… Rhino:Yes it could be Mark… Can Lone Jobber regain the World Heavyweight Championship? Mark:He could… He has his chance here tonight… Rhino:Or will Doug Kinsella be able to continue he reign as World

Extreme Bowl 2006

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Extreme Bowl… Brought you by the EWA Zone… The Official Website of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Rhino, tonight is looking to be a huge night for the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Rhino:Three Title Matches… The Final Match in the Best of Five Series between Subway and Megumi Kudo… A special Hell in

Tuesday Night Carnage 02-14-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Carnage live from the Pepsi Center here in Denver… I am your Play by Play Man Mark along side my tag team partner… Rhino… Rhino:Mark, tonight is looking to be a great night… Mark:Our main event tonight is going to be a Lumberjack Match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship…

Friday Night Frenzy 02-03-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to San Diego… Welcome to Friday Night Frenzy… I am Mark alongside as always with Rhino and Rhino tonight is shaping up to be one hell of an event… Rhino:Tonight marks the return of Payne Killer… Its been almost six months since Payne Killer has been action… Will there be any ring rust?

Warpath 2006

Mark:Welcome everyone to Sin City… Welcome to Las Vegas and Welcome to WARPATH… Brought to you by the EWA Zone…The Only Site Dedicated to the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Located at Triple W Dot Ewazone Dot Co Dot Nr…And Rhino what action do we have for everyone tonight… Rhino:For the first time in a very long

Thursday Night Chaos 01-12-06

Mark:Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Chaos… Welcome to the first event of the year and Rhino it is a show that we probably wont forget… Rhino:There is intensity and fire between many of the members of the EWA and it could boil over here tonight… Mark:Our main event tonight is for the EWA World Heavyweight