Category: 2007

Summertime Blowout 2007

Mark:Welcome everyone to the end of the summer spectacular known as Summertime Blowout… Here in San Diego, California the EWA will be presenting to you some tremendous action… Which includes our Main Event here tonight… Rhino:Triple H will be putting his EWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the Number One Contender… William McConnell…

Tuesday Night Carnage 08-21-07

In Memory of Doug Kinsella 1980-2007 (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (“Metalingus” hits as Edge makes his way out to the ring, the crowd booing loudly..) Edge: CUT THE CRAP.. You’re giving that generic piece of a crap a ten bell salute when he probably took his life because of how bad he was? (crowd)

Friday Night Frenzy 08-10-07

Mark:The fans in Portland, Oregon are excited to see all of their Favorite EWA Superstars… As the Road to Glory begins tonight here at Friday Night Frenzy… Rhino:Yes it does Mark as Eight EWA Superstars compete in the Road to Glory Tournament to find out who will get the EWA World Title Shot at the

Beach Brawl 2007

Mark:The fans in the Amway Arena here in Orlando are ready to see the return of the Extreme Elimination Chamber… As tonight here at Beach Brawl… The EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber… Rhino:Six EWA Superstars… The Most Dangerous Structure in wrestling… The top prize in the

Saturday Night Torture 07-21-07

Mark:The EWA is live in Ric Flair Country… Rhino:Wooo! Mark:As tonight we present Saturday Night Torture…As we are here in Charlotte, North Carolina and what a stacked line up we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:The EWA Television Championship is on the line when Diamond Dallas Page takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin… Mark:DDP

Wednesday Night Xtreme 07-10-07

Mark:Welcome to Detroit, Michigan… Welcome to EWA Wednesday Night Xtreme… And what a loaded night of Xtreme Action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Ten EWA Superstars are set to compete to earn their shot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber… Mark:The Extreme Elimination Chamber returns at Beach Brawl 2007… But tonight we find out

High Stakes 2007

Mark:From The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey… This is the night where the Stakes are at their Highest as Presents High Stakes 2007… All Three EWA Championships will be on the line tonight… With the Main Event being for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:Megumi Kudo attempts to regain the EWA World

Thursday Night Chaos 06-21-07

Mark:The Fans in Hartford, Ct are on their feet as the EWA Presents Thursday Night Chaos… Rhino what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Diamond Dallas Page will put his EWA Television Title on the line against The Ice Man Vinny Luccheese… Mark:There will be a Special Enforcer and his name

Monday Night Madness 06-11-07

Mark:The EWA is live in Nashville, Tennessee as we present Monday Night Madness… Our Main Event tonight Rhino… Is going to be something special to see… Rhino:Diamond Dallas Page returns to in ring action as he challenges The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels for the EWA Television Championship… Mark:Anything that begins with the letter C will

May-Hem 2007

Mark:The EWA has jammed packed the MCI Center here in Washington DC as we present EWA May-Hem 2007 Sponsored by… And tonight what a line up we have for everyone… Including our Double Main Event… Rhino:Part One of the Main Event is that the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when

Monday Night Madness 05-21-07

Mark:The Steel City is rocking tonight as the EWA Presents Monday Night Madness… Tonight we have Two Championship Matches…As the EWA Television Championship and the EWA Tag Team Championships will be on the line… Rhino:Yes they will Mark… As tonight Shawn Michaels puts his EWA Television Championship on the line against the Number One Contender…

Thursday Night Chaos 05-10-07

Mark:Welcome everyone to Green Bay Wisconsin, the site of Thursday Night Chaos… And what a night we have in store for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Its a Double Main Event… One Title Match and One Match to determine who will compete for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at May-Hem 2007… Mark:The EWA Television Title Will