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Summertime Blowout 2008

Mark:We are live in Indianapolis, Indiana for Biggest Party of the… Rhino:Thats gimmick infrindgement… Mark:So… They steal from us… Rhino:Good point… Mark:Anyway we are live tonight for Summertime Blowout and we have one hell of a Main Event for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Three Stages of Hell for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship…You cant get any

Thursday Night Chaos 08-21-08

Mark:We are live in Louisville, Kentucky for Thursday Night Chaos brought to you by the KJob Games which are only on the EWA Media Network on… Tonight Rhino… We have one hell of a line up for everyone… Rhino:Three Championship matches including a first ever One on One Showdown between two of the EWA’s

Monday Night Madness 08-11-08

Mark:We are live in San Antonio, Texas for Monday Night Madness and Rhino… What a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We sure do… And in our Main Event the Hometown Hero Shawn Michaels puts the EWA Television Championship on the line against The Rated R Superstar Edge… Mark:Edge is looking to

Beach Brawl 2008

Mark:We are live on the beaches of Waikiki… Here in Honolulu, Hawaii… And Rhino… There is only one thing on everyones mind and thats the Extreme Elimination Chamber which is tonights Main Event… Rhino:Six Men will enter… One man will leave as the EWA World Heavyweight Champion… Mark:It is going to be Josh Stewart defending

Tuesday Night Carnage 07-22-08

Mark:We are live in Boise, Idaho for Tuesday Night Carnage… Rhino… What a Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:It is one tremendous Main Event when Shawn Michaels challenges James Wolf for the EWA Television Championship… Mark:It will be Best Two of Three Falls Last Man Standing Match… So we will see which

Friday Night Frenzy 07-11-08

Mark:We are live at Friday Night Frenzy live from Seattle, Washington… And what a huge night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Two big Main Events with Two Championships at stake… Mark:Our first is for the EWA Television Championship when James Wolf puts the gold on the line against Dangerous D… Rhino:Can the

High Stakes 2008

Mark:Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and what a night of High Stakes Action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Every match up tonight is going to be determined by the spinning of the High Stakes Gimmick Wheel… Mark:Our Main Event tonight will be for the EWA World Heavyweight

Friday Night Frenzy 06-20-08

Mark:Welcome everyone to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Friday Night Frenzy… What a night we have in store for everyone… Rhino:The theme is Handicap Matches and we have three of them… Mark:A Two on One Handicap Match when The Outsiders battle Steele… Rhino:Then you have a battle of champions… Mark:In Handicap Tag Team Action… It will

Tuesday Night Carnage 06-10-08

Mark:We are live in St. Louis, Missouri for Tuesday Night Carnage and we got one hell of a show tonight Rhino… Rhino:We sure do… Which includes Two Championship Matches… Mark:In our Main Event we will see if Lone Jobber can keep his winning ways going as he defends the EWA Television Championship against James Wolf…

May-Hem 2008

Mark:The EWA is live in New Orleans, Louisiana…For May-Hem 2008… And what a night of action it is shaping up to be here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Every EWA Championship is going to be on the line tonight from the EWA World Championship to the EWA Womens Championship… Mark:That’s right one of our two Main Events tonight

Tuesday Night Carnage 05-20-08

Mark:We are live in Jackson, Mississippi for Tuesday Night Carnage and we have a tremendous line up here tonight… Rhino:Yes we do and it includes two championship matches… Mark:The first championship match is when Lone Jobber defends the EWA Television Championship in a Musical Chairs Match up against Big Daddy Ace… Rhino:Big Daddy Ace is

Friday Night Frenzy 05-09-08

Mark:We are live in Key West, Florida for Friday Night Frenzy… Rhino we have a jammed packed show tonight which includes Two Championship Matches… Rhino:Lone Jobber defends his EWA Television Championship tonight in a Boot Camp Match against Cameron Mignano… Mark:We will see if Lone Jobber can keep the gold and extend his reign as