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Unholy Alliances 2009

Mark:We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Most Unholiest Night of the Year Unholy Alliances… And what a Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:The EWA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Triple H teams with Rob Van Dam to defend against Chris Jericho and Subway… Mark:RVD makes his return

Tuesday Night Carnage 4-21-09

Mark:The EWA is live in Green Bay, Wisconsin… For Tuesday Night Carnage and what a Main event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:After months trying to capture a championship… The Rock defends his EWA Television Championship against Drake Cooper… Mark:Drake Cooper earned his shot a couple of weeks back and now gets to cash

Friday Night Frenzy 04-10-09

Mark:We are live in Detroit, Michigan as the road to Unholy Alliances begins here at Friday Night Frenzy and what a Main Event we have scheduled for everyone here tonight… As Doug Kinsella and The Rock will meet one more time for the EWA Television Championship… Rhino:After last week’s controversial finish… The EWA Executive Committee

Chaotic Walk 2009

Mark:The EWA is live in Ybor City, Florida for Chaotic Walk… As you can see Rhino and I are here at the EWA Studios to call all the action tonight and we have a big Double Main Event tonight Rhino… Rhino:We sure do as it will be two matches at one time when first Shawn

Saturday Night Torture 3-21-09

Mark:We are live in Charlotte, North Carolina for Saturday Night Torture and what a main event we have… Wait a minute… Rhino:Now this is unexpected… Mark:The former EWA World Champion Subway is now dragging someone down to the ring right now… Rhino:That looks like Professor Claudis Payne… Mark:Megumi Kudo is walking to the ring with

Thursday Night Chaos 3-12-09

Mark:We are live in Charlotte, North Carolina and this is Thursday Night Chaos… Here at Ringside I am Mark alongside Rhino… And what a night of action we have in store for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Our Main Event will be for the EWA Total Impact Championship… Mark:Josh Stewart defends his championship against “Dead Eye”

Extreme Bowl 2009

Mark:We are live in Hollywood, Ca for the 9th Annual Extreme Bowl and Rhino… What an Extreme Bowl this is shaping up to be here tonight… Rhino:When the event was signed everyone was expecting it to be Six Men battling for the Number One Contendership… But because of what happened to Chris Jericho last week…

Thursday Night Chaos 2-19-09

Mark:We are live in Phoenix, Arizona for Thursday Night Chaos…And what a show we have in store for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:We got a huge Double Main Event that I cant wait to see… Mark:One half of the Main Event will be when The EWA World Heavyweight Champion Subway teams up with his Number

Tuesday Night Carnage 2-10-09

Mark:We are live in Salt Lake City, Utah for tonights Tuesday Night Carnage and what a double Main Event we have tonight Rhino… Which is two big championship matches… Rhino:Thats right Mark… Two Title Matches which includes the EWA Television Championship Match… Mark:Shawn Michaels defends the gold in a Bring Your Own Weapons Match and

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2009

Mark:We are live in Denver, Colorado for Nightmare on EWA Boulevard and what a line up we have tonight… Which includes a big EWA World Championship Match… Rhino:Chris Jericho is looking to capture the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when he challenges Subway for the title in a Barbed Wire Death Match… Mark:Its a match up

Thursday Night Chaos 1-22-09

Mark:We are live in Louisville, Kentucky for Thursday Night Chaos and Rhino what an interesting night of extreme action we have for everyone tonight… Rhino:You are telling me… Our Main Event is an Alligator Death Match… Mark:That’s right and it will be Subway putting the EWA Total Impact Championship on the line against Josh Stewart…

Monday Night Madness 1-12-09

Mark:We are live in Kansas City, Missouri for the first event of 2009 and we are live with Monday Night Madness… And Rhino what type of Madness will erupt tonight… Rhino:Things could really erupt tonight in the Main Event when Shawn Michaels defends the EWA Television Championship against Big Daddy Ace… Mark:To make things more