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New Years Evil 2010

Mark:We are live in New York City for the final event of the year… As we count down to the new year as this is New Years Evil from the Worlds Most Famous Arena… Rhino:This has been one hell of a year for us and lets close it out strong… Mark:Our Double Main Event includes

Seasons Beatings 2010

Mark:We are live in Raleigh, North Carolina for our annual Holiday Event… Seasons Beatings… Rhino:What better place than Raleigh North Carolina… Mark:Tonight we have huge matches to get to… Including our Main Event… Its a Glory Rematch… Shawn Michaels and Lone Jobber in the Holiday Bowl… Rhino:The Holiday Bowl is becoming an EWA Tradition especially

Friday Night Frenzy 12-10-10

Mark:We are live in Boston, Mass for Friday Night Frenzy… Rhino:Its the third to final event of the year 2010… Mark:How will things end this year for the EWA? That path starts tonight… Which includes our Main Event… Rhino:Oh our Main Event is a big one… Mark:The EWA Tag Team Titles will be on the

November 2 Dismember 2010

Mark:We are live North of the Border in Toronto, Canada for the Most Interactive Pay Per View of the Year… This is November 2 Dismember and what a night of action lined up tonight… Rhino:This should be really interesting… Mark:In our Main Event it will be for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when William McConnell

Monday Night Madness 11-22-10

Mark:We are live in Wheeling, West Virginia for Monday Night Madness and what a night of action we have for everyone… Which includes seeing two champions in action… Rhino:Thats right Mark… Two champions will be in action which should make for an interesting night… Mark:We will see The EWA Total Impact Champion Diamond Dallas Page

Thursday Night Chaos 11-11-10

Mark:On this Veteran’s Day the EWA is honoring the Men and Women who have fought for our country… Which is why tonight live from our Nations Capital, in Washington D.C… The EWA Presents… Thursday Night Chaos… And what a stacked line up we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:Big matches… And some rivarlies renewed… Mark:In

Halloween Hellraiser 2010

Mark:We are live in the city of Brotherly Love… Philadelphia, Pa… For Halloween Hellraiser…And what a night of spooky fun we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Including our Main Event… Rhino:We have a huge main event that will sure be a treat for everyone here tonight… Mark:Its the Trick or Treat Ladder Match… When Shawn

Friday Night Frenzy 10-22-10

Mark:We are live in Providence, Rhode Island for the final event before Halloween Hellraiser and there is alot at stake tonight… Rhino:There sure is… Mark:In our Main Event it will be Doomsday going one on one against the EWA Total Impact Champion Diamond Dallas Page… Rhino:Last week Doomsday laid out DDP so you know that

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-12-10

Mark:We are live in Long Island, New York… The first event after Glory… This is Tuesday Night Carnage and what we are looking at tonight Rhino… Is one hell of a showdown between two of the top champions in the EWA… Rhino:Oh you better believe it Mark… Its going to be a big time showdown

Glory 2010

Mark:We are live London, England for the biggest night in the EWA’s Year… This is Glory… The night where every single superstar puts their bodies on the line… For three letters… E…W… A… And in front of 75,000 people… The Fans of the EWA will be witness to TWO Huge Main Events… The first… Will

Tuesday Night Carnage 09-21-10

Mark:We are live in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the final stop on the Road to Glory… As this is Tuesday Night Carnage and what a line up we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We have a huge main event… Especially with the two men involved… Mark:It will be Lone Jobber taking on William McConnell….

Friday Night Frenzy 09-10-10

Mark:We are live in Denver, Colorado as we kick off the Road to Glory here at Friday Night Frenzy and Rhino… You know once we get to this time of year… Everyone starts to pick up their game… Rhino:Everyone knows that this month is the time where you make your impact… This is where you