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New Years Evil 2011

Mark:Its the Final Night of the Year… Which means only one thing… Its time for New Years Evil and we are live from the Worlds Most Famous Arena… In New York City… Rhino:I always love to be in New York City for New Years Eve… Mark:So do I… And tonight its all about Wargames… Rhino:Oh

Seasons Beatings 2011

Mark:Ladies and Gentlemen we are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and this is Seasons Beatings… I am Mark… He is Rhino.. Rhino:Ho…Ho…Ho! Mark:This is going to be a night of exciting action… Including our Main Event for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… But as mentioned on the website and twitter earlier this evening… W.T. Riker said

Saturday Night Torture 12-10-11

Mark:We are live in Kansas City, Missouri and this is Saturday Night Torture and what a line up we have for everyone… Rhino:Oh I am excited about this night… Mark:In our Main Event we will have a Number One Contenders Match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when Dante Daevain takes on Mr. Anderson… Rhino:They

November 2 Dismember 2011

Mark:We are live here in New Orleans, Louisiana and this is November 2 Dismember… The One night in the year where the Inmates dont get to run the Asylum… But instead… The fans do… Rhino:And the Inmates have been running wild as of late… Mark:The EWA Executive Committee has turned the power of the fans

Monday Night Madness 11-21-11

Mark:We are live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Monday Night Madness… And what a night of action we have for everyone… Rhino:Oh this should be one hell of a night… Mark:In our Main Event it will be the EWA World Champion Lone Jobber teams up with Troy Joseph to take on Horsemen members James Farrell

Friday Night Frenzy 11-11-11

Mark:We are live in Jackson, Mississippi… This is Friday Night Frenzy… And we are going right to the ring as EWA Executive Committee Representive W.T. Riker is about to address the audience… W.T.Riker:Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here tonight on behalf of the EWA Executive Committee… This past week the EWA Executive Committee have been

Halloween Hellraiser 2011

Mark:We are underway here in Cleveland, Ohio for Halloween Hellraiser and these two couldn’t wait until we got on the air… Rhino:Triple H seems to be the aggressor… Mark:Triple H and PyroManiAxe started out battling backstage and now they have made their way on to the stage… Rhino:Triple H is taking it right to PyroManiAxe…

Super Sunday Night Spectacular 10-23-11

Mark:We are live in Cincinnati, Ohio for Super Sunday Night Spectacular… Rhino:Oh man its wrestling on a Sunday Night… This is going to be Super… Its going to be a Spectacular… Mark:In our Main Event… We will see Lone Jobber team up with the person he will be defending the EWA World Heavyweight Championship against

Thursday Night Chaos 10-13-11

Mark:We are live in Louisville, Kentucky for Thursday Night Chaos… What a line up we have tonight Rhino… Rhino:Oh man…Everyone says the first event after Glory there is a hangover… I dont think so… Mark:We will be seeing Lone Jobber in action tonight… We will be see Troy Joseph in action… And The Heartbreak Kid

Glory 2011

Mark:Over 70,000 screaming fans have filed in to Gillette Stadium here in Foxborough, massachusetts… For the biggest night of the year… Glory… I am Mark… Alongside Rhino….And wow… We have some huge matches tonight… Rhino:You are telling me… Mark:In our Main Event… It will be the EWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line when Triple

Wednesday Night Xtreme 09-21-11

Mark:We are live in Providence, Rhode Island and this is Wednesday Night Xtreme… We are just a little over a week away from the EWA Biggest Night of the Year… Glory… Rhino:Oh man Mark… I am so ready for Glory to get here… Mark:I believe alot of the EWA Superstars are as well… Currently in

Monday Night Madness 09-12-11

Mark:We are live in Orlando, Florida for Monday Night Madness and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:We sure do Mark… We sure do… Mark:The Controversial EWA World Heavyweight Champion Lone Jobber is in action in our Main Event when he goes up against the EWA Total Impact Champion…