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Unholy Alliances 2011

Mark:We are live in San Diego, California for the night where Enemies Become your Allies… This is Unholy Alliances! Rhino:This is always an unusual night of action… Mark:In our Main Event the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Lone Jobber teams up with Benjamin J. Franklin to defend the gold against

Friday Night Frenzy 04-22-11

Mark:We are live in Portland, Oregon for Friday Night Frenzy! Rhino:We are on the road to Unholy Alliances… Mark:We have big time matches tonight… Including the continuation of the heated feud between Degeneration X and the British Revolution… Rhino:Last week we saw Douglas Williams take on Triple H… Mark:Which was a good match..This week we

Thursday Night Chaos 04-14-11

Mark:We are live in Seattle, Washington for Thursday Night Chaos and what a line up we have for everyone… Rhino:Oh tonight is going to be alot of fun… Mark:In action tonight we will see the EWA World Champion Lone Jobber in action… Rhino:The EWA Total Impact Champion Troy Joseph is going to be in action

Sabotage 2011

Mark:We are live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the final leg of the Canadian Invasion Tour… As this is Sabotage! Rhino:Ohhhh Canada! Baby! Mark:Tonights Main Event is a huge ladder match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship Rhino… Rhino:Oh yes it is and it should be alot of fun… Mark:It will be Lone Jobber

Wednesday Night Xtreme 03-23-11

Mark:We are live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for Wednesday Night Xtreme… And what a line up we have in store for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:I cant wait… Mark:Our Main Event is a Champions vs Champions show down… Rhino:Oh this is a big one… Mark:Alan Matthews the EWA World Heavyweight Champion will battle the EWA

Friday Night Frenzy 03-11-11

Mark:We are live from Calgary… Dramatic Pause… Alberta Canada… For Friday Night Frenzy! Rhino:Ohhhh cannnnnaaaddaaa… Mark:Oh dont you start singing… We dont need another KJob Karaoke Special… Rhino:But I… Mark:Welcome ladies and gentlemen for what is shaping up to be a big night tonight in Calgary… In our Main Event the New EWA World Heavyweight

Extreme Bowl 2011

Mark:We are Live in Title Town USA, Green Bay, Wisconsin for the 2011 Extreme Bowl… Rhino:I love this event… Mark:Everyone does as we have a Triple Tier Cage hanging in the air above the ring and six men will be stepping insde it tonight… With the winner earning a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight

Tuesday Night Carnage 02-15-11

Mark:We are on the air live right now in Detroit, Michigan and things have picked up already… Rhino:That they sure have… Mark:The British Revolution is in the ring and they are taking apart Biggie Mac right now… Rhino:Biggie Mac was scheduled to be in our opening match up against Lone Jobber and right now Magnus

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2011

Mark:We are live in St. Louis,Missouri for Nightmare on EWA Boulevard…We are told something is going on backstage right now… Rhino:What is going on now? Mark:Doomsday is standing over Triple H right now… Rhino:These two are suppose to meet later on tonight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Mark:Triple H doesn’t look to be in

Super Sunday Night Spectacular 01-23-11

Mark:We are live in Lincoln, Nebraska for Super Sunday Night Spectacular… And as we were coming on the air we have breaking news… As our cameras were rolling as we now go to the footage right now… As we see Triple H just finished up an interview with Kent Richardson and watch what happens… Mr.

Thursday Night Chaos 01-13-11

Mark:We are live in Denver, Colorado for Thursday Night Chaos…What a night of action we have in store for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:Oh this should be an interesting night of action… Mark:In our Main Event it will be Mr. Anderson battling Josh Stewart… Rhino:Josh Stewart is trying to make his mark back here in the