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New Years Evil 2012

Mark:Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Madison Squared Garden… Welcome to New Years Evil… Rhino:What a way to start off the New Year… Mark:Our Main Event is a Barbed Wire Cell for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Its William McConnell putting the gold on the line against Big Daddy Ace… Rhino:I so want to

Seasons Beatings 2012

Mark:Happy Holidays Everyone and welcome to Philadelphia for Seasons Beatings! Rhino:I always love this time of the year… Mark:You love all the presents and all the food… Rhino:Of course I do… Mark:But we also bring the violence… And we bring it with the Holiday Bowl! Rhino:The yearly tradition… Its always fun… Mark:It will be Demon

Saturday Night Torture 12-08-12

Mark:We are live in Pittsburgh, Pa for Saturday Night Torture… Rhino:William McConnell isnt the World Champion… Im So Happy! Mark:Yes this is the first time in many months that we have an EWA Event where we can say that William McConnell is no longer the EWA World Heavyweight Champion… Rhino:Its so glorious… Mark:We will find

November 2 Dismember 2012

Mark:We are live in Richmond, Virginia for the Most Interactive night in the EWA Calendar… This is November 2 Dismember… Rhino:We turned the keys over to the fans of the EWA for one night only… Mark:Tonight they get to decide whether Bully Ray or Demon Child gets a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight Championship…

Tuesday Night Carnage 11-13-12

Mark:We are live in North Charleston, South Carolina for Tuesday Night Carnage… Rhino:This should be a fun night of action… Mark:Tonight in our Main Event… Steve Austin will be facing off against the EWA World Heavyweight Champion William McConnell… Rhino:Can Steve Austin stop the unstoppable William McConnell? Mark:We are going to find out… Plus we

Halloween Hellraiser 2012

Mark:Happy Halloween Everyone! Welcome to Halloween Hellraiser live here in Atlanta, Georgia… And what a night of action we have for everyone… Rhino:I love candy… Mark:Who doesnt love Candy? Rhino:Thats a good point… Mark:But like I was saying what a night of action we have for everyone tonight… Rhino:Every match up tonight has some sort

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-23-12

Mark:We are live in New Orleans, Louisiana… This is Tuesday Night Carnage… Rhino:Its the final event before Halloween Hellraiser… Mark:Which means things could get pretty interesting… Rhino:They really could… I always love this time of year… Mark:Why is that? Rhino:Because I like to dress up on Halloween… Mark:No you just like the candy… Rhino:Well that

Saturday Night Torture 10-13-12

Mark:We are live in Houston, Texas… This is Saturday Night Torture and all the fall out from Glory has begun… Rhino:There is alot of fall out thats for sure… Mark:This is the first EWA event in years that Shane McMahon isnt in charge of in any capacity… Rhino:And he never will again… Mark:We will hear

Glory 2012

Mark:We are sold out here in Dallas, Texas at Cowboys Stadium… 101,276 Fans have filed in to Cowboys Stadium for the Biggest Night in the history of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… This Is Glory! Rhino:Tonight will change this company forever Mark… Mark:Yes it will Rhino… For the first time in three months the World Heavyweight

Friday Night Frenzy 09-21-12

Mark:We are LIVE in Nashville, Tennessee and things have started already Rhino… Rhino:Oh man it has… Mark:A few minutes before we were coming on the air tonight here in Nashville for Frenzy… The show started off with a Frenzy… As a few minutes as we were coming on the air… Shawn Michaels was making his

Wednesday Night Xtreme 09-12-12

Mark:We are live in Mobile, Alabama … As the Road to Glory 2012 has begun… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme… And what a night of action we have for everyone… Rhino:This should be a hell of a night… Mark:In our Main Event we will find out which team will head to Glory to fight for

Summertime Blowout 2012

Mark:We are live in Los Angeles, California… This is Summertime Blowout… The Final Event of the Summer… Rhino:I really hate when summer ends… Mark:Why is that? Rhino:No more BBQ’s… Mark:Right you like to eat… Rhino:It means I need to wait a whole year for another BBQ… Mark:Such a shame… But back to reality here tonight