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Sunday Night Spectacular 05-19-13

Mark: Ladies & Gentlemen we are live at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri and this is Sunday Night Spectacular!!!! Rhino: There are a lot of exciting matches taking place here tonight. So let’s not waste any time and get right to the action! Mark: And starting the night off we’ll be seeing the

Unholy Alliances 2013

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, the windy city welcome the Extreme Wrestling Alliance as we take part in our yearly Unholy Alliances. Rhino: The event were you not only know the man looking you in the eye is after you but also the man that is supposed to be watching you back is as well. Mark:

Thursday Night Chaos 04-18-13

Mark: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Thursday Night Chaos, we are in for oneheck of a show. Rhino: That’s right Mark, tonight we not only get to see the return of Omega but also a preview for next weeks big pay preview event, Unholy Alliance. Mark: A month and a half ago Lone Jobber took

Saturday Night Torture 03-16-13

Mark: Welcome to Saturday Night Torture. I’m Mark, he’s Rhino, and we’ve got an action packed evening set in store for you tonight. Rhino: That’s right Mark. Tonight we get to see Stewie Franchize try once again for the Total Impact championship against the champion Lone Jobber in our main event. Also on the card,

Extreme Bowl 2013

Mark:We are live in Chicago for the 2013 Edition of the Extreme Bowl and we have breaking news… Rhino:Breaking News? Mark:Yes Breaking News… Before tonights show Alan Matthews was involved in a car accident and will be unable to compete here tonight… Rhino:What does this mean for the Main Event? Mark:What it means is now

Wednesday Night Xtreme 02-13-13

Mark:We Are live in Grand Rapids, Michigan… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme… Rhino:We are on the Road to the Extreme Bowl… Mark:Yes we are and we will see the EWA World Heavyweight Champion in action tonight as Big Daddy Ace takes on Calvin Lumas… Rhino:The Road to the Extreme Bowl is on and that only

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2013

Mark:We are live in Cincinnati, Ohio for Nightmare on EWA Boulevard… Rhino:This should be a fun event… Mark:We have a big main event… As the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Big Daddy Ace defends the EWA World Heavyweight Championship against Alan Matthews… Rhino:Can Alan Matthews regain the EWA World Heavyweight

Monday Night Madness 01-14-13

Mark:We are live in Cleveland, Ohio… This is Monday Night Madness… (“Break It Down” plays in the arena…) Rhino:What is going on here? Mark:They arent suppose to be out here… Rhino:Then why are they coming out here? Mark:Im not sure… As I am looking here at the rundown and it says me and you should