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Seasons Beatings 2014

Mark:We have arrived in the City of Brotherly Love… We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… This is the most wonderful time of year Rhino… As it is time for Seasons Beatings… Rhino:Oh man I cant wait for tonight… So much is going to happen tonight and everyone seems to be in the highest of high spirits…

Thursday Night Chaos 11-18-14

Mark:We are here in Providence, Rhode Island… This is Thursday Night Chaos.. Tonight Rhino, the EWA Tag Team Titles will be on the line… Rhino:Yes they will and I can’t wait to see what the EWA Tag Team Champions Damien Sandow and Subway have in store for Colt Cabana and Lone Jobber… Mark:Can Lone Jobber

Halloween Hellraiser 2014

Mark:We are live in Little Rock, Arkansas… This is Halloween Hellraiser! (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H walks in to the arena…) Rhino:I guess we are getting this started early with Triple H… Mark:It looks like the boss has something to say… HHH:Every single week I feel like I need to come out here

Friday Night Frenzy 10-17-14

Mark:We are live in Detroit for the fall out from Glory… This is Friday Night Frenzy! (“Hits From The Bong” plays as Subway enters the arena…) Mark:It appears we are going to be joined at the start of the show by the EWA World Heavyweight Champion… Rhino:I wonder what is on his mind… Mark:Looks like

Glory 2014

Mark:Soldier Field is SOLD OUT with 70,372 fans here for what is going to be one of the biggest shows in the history of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Ladies and Gentlemen… This is Glory… In case you didnt know my name is Mark… Just like Cher… Just Mark… That man to my right is Rhino…And

Saturday Night Torture 09-13-14

Mark:We have arrived in Nashville for the final show before Glory… This is Saturday Night Torture… Before we get in to what is going to happen here tonight at Saturday Night Torture… We are going to take you to some pre-recorded comments from William McConnell and Big Daddy Ace as they head in to their

Summertime Blowout 2014

Mark:We are in Sin City… We have arrived in Las Vegas… This is the final Pay Per View event before we make it to the biggest show of the year… This is Summertime Blowout and tonight Rhino… We will know what the Main Event for Glory is going to be… Rhino:Thats for damn sure… Mark:As

Saturday Night Torture 08-16-14

Mark:We are live in Portland, Oregon… This is Saturday Night Torture and the Road to Glory Officially kicks off tonight Rhino… Rhino:Yes it does as we have three tournament matches scheduled tonight… Mark:The winner of the tournament moves on to the Main Event of Glory… Rhino:Its the spot everyone in this company wants… Mark:Everyone wants

Beach Brawl 2014

Mark:We are Sold Out in San Diego, California… This is our Summertime Spectacular known as Beach Brawl… Along side Rhino.. I am Mark… Rhino:I am excited for this show tonight Mark… Mark:So am I Rhino… As tonight in our Main Event the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Shawn Michaels defends

Saturday Night Torture 07-19-14

Mark:We Are Live in Salt Lake City, Utah… This is Saturday Night Torture… (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H walks out in front of the crowd and in to the ring…) HHH:Welcome Everyone to Saturday Night Torture! (Crowd Cheers) HHH:Tonight we are embarking on something revolutionary… Tonight we are embarking on something that will

High Stakes 2014

Mark:We are live in Baltimore, Maryland… We are live for one of the most unpredictable nights of the year… This is High Stakes! I am Mark, he is Rhino and what a night of exciting action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Spin…Spin… Spin… The Wheel Gets Spun! Mark:Thats right everything that happens tonight

Friday Night Frenzy 06-20-14

Mark:We have arrived here in Knoxville, Tennessee for Friday Night Frenzy Rhino and I am being told right off the top that we have breaking news… Rhino:Do you have any idea what this breaking news is? Mark:No I do not… However… What I was told that following the opening contest of the evening that the