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Final Salute-Tion 2006 (Quick Version)

AL SNOW: Hello and welcome to history in the making! After months in operation, the EWA monthly has decided to indeed close its doors! Instead of being a required thing to do, monthly will move to something done every now and then. I’m Al Snow along with one of the original month wrestlers, Purgatory, and

March Madness 2006

Al Snow: It’s been nothing but living up to the name of March Madness as we head into the main event but before that, a quick review. Al Snow along with Rhino calling it from Duke U. Rhino, colleges are rowdy so how do you rate this crowd? Rhino: Well this Crowd is top notch

No Chance 2006

Mark:The Power is back on… The Microphones are working… Check Check One Two… And we are coming to you from the EWA Studios here in Chicago… Recapping the latest Monthly Offering… No Chance 2006… I am joined this evening with my normal tag team partner on Weekly, Rhino… And for some reason… They let Jay

Two Thousand & Sticks

Purgatory: Hello EWA TV land people! I am your aired resident psycho and we are live as we present EWA Monthly Lo’Down Recap. Hey camera guy, pan over there and see who’s sitting over there. Al Snow: Hi…See Head’s here too and what a show we have going down tonight. Also we got company this

New Years Evil 2005

Mark:Happy New Year’s Eve everyone and welcome to EWA New Years Evil… I am Mark and I am along side as always with Rhino… But we are also joined by Al Snow… Al Snow weclome to the broadcast… Al Snow:Im glad to be here and look at this line up we have tonight… I just

November Reign 2005

AL SNOW: Hello and welcome to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’m Al Snow and I’m joined by Purgatory as we are ready to call the action tonight. PURGATORY: The next time you feed a group of EWA wrestlers Thanksgiving stuff, prepare yourselves. The carnage and chaos in that ring comes nowhere close

Halloween Hellraiser 2005

EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP PUMPKIN PATCH MATCH The L & LL Express Vs, Mystery Opponents Written by Edits made by AL SNOW: Hello everyone and welcome to the EWA tradition known as HALLOWEEN HELLRAISER! I’m Al Snow! Joining me is Rhino as we call the action here tonight inside Madison Square

Showdown 2005

AL SNOW: Buenos dias! Welcome to the latin south known as the land of Mexico! I’m Al Snow and beside me is my partner in commentating crime, Purgatory! Tonight, we come to you from Monterey as we bring you SHOWDOWN! PURGATORY: Partner in commentating crime? AL SNOW: All matches take place inside a bullfighter’s ring

Summer Olympics 2005

AL SNOW: Welcome everyone to the beautiful land of Bejing, China! Home to the future 2008 Olympics! I’m Al Snow and once again joining me is “I’m still gonna wait and see what he does” Purgatory ready to call this with me. Got something on your mind? PURGATORY: You mean besides the fact I wonder

Salute-tion 2005

AL SNOW= Hello and welcome to SALUTE-TION! Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are all here as we celebrate and salute the troops here in the heart of what was the enemy stronghold right here in Baghdad, Iraq and Al Shaab Stadium! Al Snow here with former EWA Champion, Purgatory. You ready to

Strange Days 2005

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN: Welcome everyone to STRANGE DAYS! The role that I am playing? Frosty The Snowman! Al Snow along with….who are you supposed to be? LEGEND DEMON: That big, red motherfuckin’ demon from the “Legend” movie. What is light without dark? Stupid motherfucker in that movie. I’ll be the smart version. FROSTY THE SNOWMAN:

March Madness 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to March Madness, I am here filling in for the eWa President Omega, who is off handling some other eWa Business at the moment, sitting beside me tonight is former eWa Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Al Snow… Al what a line up we have for everyone tonight… Al Snow:You’re telling me… History will