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No Chance 2005

Referee: Teri Byrne Berserk vs. Crazed Maniac “When I’m Gone” by Three Doors Down hit in the arena as he made his way out. “Berserk!” by Suicidal Tendencies hits and Berserk comes running to the ring ALA Warrior. Berserk and Maniac lock up and Berserk got Maniac in the corner and gave a clean break


AL SNOW: Hello and welcome to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Home of Eagles who are apparently not here. Jacksonville? I heard they were going there. I’m Al Snow and joining me is the ever-controversial Omega! Boss, what’s going to happen with Shane McMahon? OMEGA: What do you care? I ain’t gonna tell you. I’m doin’ things. That’s

New Years Evil 2004

Mark:Welcome Everyone to the end of the year spectular known as New Years Evil… And we are live in New York City at the Worlds Most Famous Arena…And I am joined by the eWa Undisputed Champion Al Snow… Al, tonight you have a big time match up… Al Snow:Yes I do… I will be fighting

November Reign 2004

AL SNOW: Hello and welcome to Turkey after Turkey! Al Snow here along with Omega as we get set for what should be a solid outing for the monthly card. OMEGA: Don’t fuckin’ kid yourself. Even with a while fucking month, most these guys can’t get it done. Same story since January, you either do

Halloween Hellraiser 2004

Mark:Tonight is going to be a night that the eWa will never forget… Welcome everyone to Halloween Hellraiser… The kids are done tricker treating… And it is now time for the Worlds to Collide… Speaking of Colliding I am joined tonight by Monthly Announcer and former Undisputed Champion Al Snow… Al, what are your thoughts

Showdown 2004

AL SNOW: I never thought we would make it! Welcome everybody! Welcome to the land of the rising sun! I’m Al Snow! It seems like an eternity, but I am here alongside Omega and we are set to call the action from here in Osaka as we get set for Showdown! OMEGA: Man, I don’t

England Bloody England

OMEGA: Fuckers everywhere bow down to your lord and master. You know who the hell I am. This piece of shit next to me is resident jobber Al Snow. AL SNOW: But I don’t job anymore! Not as often as I did before! OMEGA: I’ll fix that if ya push me. We’re here in London,

Christmas in July

OMEGA: What’s up fuckers? Yeah, stop sweatin’ me. I’ve decided to pay you and everyone else a visit as Christmas comes six months early because I let dumb ass Purgatory book. Welcome to Christmas In July. You wasn’t in my house before, but now that you are, take yo fuckin’ shoes off. ‘Tis the season

1st Annual Summertime BBQ

OMEGA: What up, fuckers? Live and direct from mothafuckin’ Tampa, it’s EWA’s first annual Summertime Barbecue. I’m the baddest mothafuckah on the planet and if you see this, you see the best thing goin’ in the EWA today up on the screen live on Hardcore Theater. Yo Sid, yo family have a cook out? SID:

Memorial Day Salute-tion

OMEGA: What up? We’re not fuckin’ around this time. Ain’t no carefully scripted violence here. This shit here? It’s the fuckin’ war zone. Welcome to my neighborhood, mothafuckahs. Violence everywhere and you never know when you’ll catch a bullet. Would be just like home if it weren’t so fuckin’ dry and shit. What up? Memorial

Strange Days 2004

(LAST MONTH: MARCH MADNESS) Vertigo captured the EWA Championship last month at March Madness in Aloha Stadium by successfully pulling the belt down from where it was hung as he landed on Steve Austin which forced Austin to once again hang up the boots. Jay Mack made a successful return defeating the debuting Batista. Dragon

March Madness 2004

AL SNOW: Hello! Welcome to….another football place? Well, welcome to the site of the 2003 Pro Bowl! Welcome to Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii! I’m Al Snow and alongside me? The EWA President. Omega, how’s things? OMEGA: Lookin’ at all those women shakin’ in their grass skirts. What the hell? Get the fat bitches outta