Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2016

Mark:Traditionally this is the first big pay per view event for the EWA but it is our second big show of the year and its building off tremendous few weeks and it going to lead to a showdown tonight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:Will The Rock be Triple H’s Nightmare on EWA Boulevard?

Tuesday Night Carnage 01-19-16

Mark:The road to Nightmare on EWA Boulevard takes a stop here in Louisville, Kentucky for Tuesday Night Carnage… Alongside Rhino… I am Mark… And we have a huge main event for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Yes we do… Mark:Our Main Event tonight will feature two men battling for a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight

New Years Evil 2016

Mark:It is the kickoff to 2016 and the finale of 2015 all in one… We are live in the Worlds Most Famous Arena and this is New Years Evil! Rhino:I don’t know if I should celebrate the ball drop or make resolutions? Im so confused… Mark:There is no need for confusion tonight as we are

Seasons Beatings 2015

Mark:Seasons Greetings and Seasons Beatings Everyone! We are live in our Nations Capital as we gear up for our Holiday Celebration! Rhino:It should be a fun and exciting now of Extreme Christmas Action! Mark:It’s now Holiday Action! Rhino:What happened to Christmas? Mark:We need to be mindful of all the holidays… So its more than just

November 2 Dismember 2015

Mark:This is November 2 Dismember…We are live here in Chicago the home of straight edge superstars… Rhino:Da Bears! Mark:The Chicago Cubs… Rhino:Da Bears! Mark:Champion hockey teams… Rhino:DA BEARS! Mark:And of course… Rhino:DA BEARS! Mark:That is right we are in the hometown of the chicago bears and tonight in our Main Event… Rhino:Da Bears? Mark:No Da

Halloween Hellraiser 2015

Mark:We are live here in Houston Texas! This is Halloween Hellraiser… Dressed as your scary announcers are myself and Rhino… Rhino:What, you dont like my Donald Trump? Mark:You were trying to be Donald Trump? Rhino:Yes, you don’t see it? Mark:Not really… Donald’s suits don’t usually have food stains on them… Rhino:Okay how about this… You’re

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-20-15

Mark:We are live here in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is Tuesday Night Carnage… And we are kicking this show off with some breaking news… Rhino:Wait you didnt tell me we were have breaking news… Mark:I was told as we were going on the air that I was given this piece of paper right

Glory 2015

Mark:It is the biggest night in the year for the Extreme Wrestling Alliance and we are LIVE here at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California… This is Glory 2015! Rhino:No one told me we would be sitting outside… Mark:What did you expect? Rhino:We are usually inside arenas… I didnt do my research… Mark:Are you sweating?

Thursday Night Chaos 09-10-15

Mark:Its the final stop until we see you at the Rose Bowl for Glory… This is Thursday Night Chaos and we are live here in San Diego… Rhino:CHARGE! Mark:They are the chargers… Rhino:CHARGER!!! Mark:I dont think that works… Rhino:PADRES!!! Mark:Still doesnt work… Rhino:Do they have another sports team? Mark:No. Rhino:WRESTLING! Mark:There ya go and thats

Summertime Blowout 2015

Mark:We are LIVE in South Beach… Here in Miami, Florida… This is Summertime Blowout! Rhino:We are on the Road to Glory and this is the final stop for at least two people when the EWA World Heavyweight Championship is concerned… Mark:That is correct as tonight the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line

Wednesday Night Xtreme 08-05-15

Mark:We are live in Seattle… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme! (Wyatt Screech) Bray Wyatt:Seattle… WE’RE HERE! (Lights Go Out) (‘Live In Fear” plays as Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family enter the arena…) Mark:It appears we are kicking off the night with the Handicap Match as the Wyatt Family are making their way to the

Beach Brawl 2015

Mark:Aloha! Welcome to Beach Brawl 2015 live from the world famous Aloha Stadium here in Honolulu, Hawaii… Rhino:How do you like my tan? Mark:You seem a little red… Rhino:It does hurt a little bit… I feel asleep on the beach earlier… Mark:There will be no falling a sleep tonight as we have one hell of