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Friday Night Frenzy 08-04-17

Mark:The Final stop before Beach Brawl 2017 is tonight here at Friday Night Frenzy at the Epicenter of Extreme… Joining me as always is my partner in crime… Rhino… Rhino:I am really excited for tonight Mark… Mark:Why is that? Rhino:We get to see two more match ups in the Greatest of the Greats Tournament… Mark:That

Friday Night Frenzy 07-21-17

Mark:We are dead in the middle of summer and the Frenzy continues here in the Epicenter of Extreme… As tonight we present to you Friday Night Frenzy with one of the biggest main events in the history of this company… Rhino:We have had some big main events… But this one is right up there in

High Stakes 2017

Mark:We are live here at the Epicenter of Extreme for High Stakes! I am Mark… That is Rhino and we have a great night of action for everyone here tonight… Rhino:That we do Mark… Mark:Our Main Event is a Third Round Match in the Greatest of the Greats Tournament… Featuring two of the biggest names

Friday Night Frenzy 06-23-17

Mark:We are live here from the Epicenter of Extreme in Atlanta, Georgia… We are starting off with something that just took place moments before we live here with Friday Night Frenzy…It was an altercation that took place backstage… Lets get to that footage right now… (Footage Begins to Roll) Mark:As we can see Josh Stewart

Friday Night Frenzy 06-09-17

(B-Roll Footage of a variety of superstars arriving backstage begins airing) Mark:The superstars of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance arrived to the Epicenter of Extreme in anticipation for Friday night Frenzy. Rhino:One by one, they arrived Mark. Mark:We see the likes of Chris Losech aka Ace… Arriving and shaking hands with his long team tag team

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2017

Kent:Welcome inside the EWA Television Studios here in Atlanta, Georgia for this special presentation of Nightmare on EWA Boulevard… Joining me this evening is the color commentator of all EWA Events the man known simply as Rhino… Rhino:Thanks for that introduction Kent… Kent:We are here to talk about all of the events that went down

Friday Night Frenzy 01-13-17

Kent:Good Evening and Welcome back inside the EWA Television Studios here in Atlanta, Georgia here at EWA HQ… Joining myself, Kent Richardson, is the voice of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, Mark. Mark, welcome to EWA HQ. Mark:Glad to be here Kent… Kent:You were at ringside for Friday Night Frenzy back on January 13th and you