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New Years Evil 2008

Mark:We are live in New York City for the Final Event of 2008… It is New Years Evil and Rhino… What a Main Event we have tonight… Rhino:The Alliance was formed last week at Seasons Beatings and tonight the Leader of the Alliance tries to capture the EWA World Heavyweight Championship as he battles the

Seasons Beatings 2008

(“No More Sorrow hits over the P.A. as the fans get on their feet for acting Vice President Big Daddy Ace. He appears from behind the curtain in a very nice looking suit, microphone in hand. He stops on the ramp and the music dies) Big Daddy Ace: First and foremost, allow me to welcome

Wednesday Night Xtreme 12-10-08

Mark:We are live in Charlotte, North Carolina for Wednesday Night Xtreme… And what a huge night of action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:We have a big Main Event for the EWA Total Impact Championship… Mark:Subway defends the gold against Troy “The Rampage” Joseph… Rhino:Can Troy “The Rampage” Joseph take out the X-Core

November 2 Dismember 2008

Mark:We are live in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada for November 2 Dismember… Its the one night of the year where the fans get control of the matches… As tonight the fans get to decide the stipulations… Including the Main Event… Rhino:The EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when William

Friday Night Frenzy 11-21-08

Mark:We are live in Detroit, Michigan for tonights edition of Friday Night Frenzy brought to you buy… Where you can download your official eWa Toolbar Today… And what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Big Main Event of Three Men who want your vote for November 2 Dismember… Mark:Richard

Tuesday Night Carnage 11-11-08

Mark:We are live in Cincinnati, Ohio for Tuesday Night Carnage… As the EWA Dismember Tour begins… And what a show we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Two Title Matches… Including one that is for both the EWA Total Impact Championship and the Number One Contendership for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Mark:Subway will be

Halloween Hellraiser 2008

Mark:We are live in the City of Champions… We are live in Philadelphia, Pa for Halloween Hellraiser… Decked out in our most scariest costumes… Tonight we have a huge night of action for everyone… Dont we Rhino… Rhino:Yes we do… All of the titles in the EWA will be on the line… Including the EWA

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-21-08

Mark:We are live in Bridgeport, Ct for Tuesday Night Carnage… And what a big Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Eight of the biggest name in the EWA will meet in one ring here tonight… Mark:It will be the EWA World Champion William McConnell teaming up with Chris Jericho and the EWA Tag

Friday Night Frenzy 10-10-08

Mark:We are live in Albany, New York for Friday Night Frenzy and we have one hell of a Double Main Event scheduled tonight… As our first Main Event is for the EWA Television Championship… Rhino:Shawn Michaels will defend the EWA Television Championship against Troy “The Rampage” Joseph… Mark:Its a Weapon of Choice Match and we

Glory 2008

Mark:We are live in Chi-Town for Glory 2008… The Sold Out Allstate Arena is alive and kicking for Glory… Rhino:Big action tonight including one historic Main Event… Mark:The Main Event is for the EWA World Heavyweight and EWA Television Championships… As William McConnell battles Shawn Michaels and Lone Jobber here tonight… Rhino:Three Men… Two Titles…

Saturday Night Torture 09-20-08

Mark:The final event before the Biggest Night of The Year… We are live in Denver, Colorado for Saturday Night Torture…Rhino… Tonight is shaping up on to be one hell of a night… Rhino:We have a huge main event which includes the last time we will see The Godfamily team up… Mark:Its Big Daddy Ace and

Thursday Night Chaos 09-11-08

Mark:We are live in Kansas City, Missouri for Thursday Night Chaos and on this night Rhino… We have one hell of a line up… Rhino:The Road to Glory continues tonight in the Championship Showdown… Mark:EWA World Champion William McConnell takes on EWA Total Impact Champion J-Twisted… Rhino:That should be one hell of a match up…