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New Years Evil 2013

Mark:We are live in New York City for the final event of 2013… This is New Years Evil! (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H enters the arena…) Rhino:Looks like we are going to be joined by the EWA Commissioner Triple H… Mark:Wonder what he has to say… HHH:Welcome everyone to New Years Evil! (Crowd

Seasons Beatings 2013

Mark:We are live in Detroit, Michigan for the annual Holiday Tradition… This is SEASONS BEATINGS! Happy Holidays Rhino… Rhino:This is the most wonderful time of the year… Mark:Its about the food isnt it? Rhino:You better believe it… You get food… Presents… Egg Nog… Candy Canes… Mark:You are in heaven… Rhino:I certainly am… Mark:We have a

November 2 Dismember 2013

Mark:We are live here at the O2 Arena here in London, England… This is November 2 Dismember… The most interactive Pay Per View of the Year… The question is Rhino… Have you voted? Rhino:I didnt know I was allowed to vote… Mark:Everyone is allowed to vote… Rhino:Well Crap! Mark:Thats okay… The EWA Nation has your

Halloween Hellraiser 2013

Mark:We have found our way overseas to the Telenor Arena here in Norway… Rhino, we have made our way to Norway! Rhino:Why exactly are we here? Mark:We are here in Norway for what turns out to be their favorite Holiday… Well okay I dont know if it really is or isnt… But we are here

Friday Night Frenzy 10-18-13

Mark:We are live in Louisville, Kentucky… This is Friday Night Frenzy… And what a main… (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H walks out in to the arena…) Rhino:I guess you wont be able to get through that opening you prepared.. Mark:I guess not as here comes Triple H along with his hired henchmen who

Glory 2013

Mark:We are live here in the City of Brotherly Love… We are here at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa… For our biggest night of the year… Glory! Rhino:This is the night every single person in the locker room waits for… The chance to put on a performance that no one will forget in front

Monday Night Madness 09-16-13

Mark:We are live in Buffalo, New York and this is the final stop before our biggest show of the year… This is Monday Night Madness… Rhino:I am so excited as we are getting closer and closer to Glory and you know everyone attempts to step up their game as we head in to our biggest

Summertime Blowout 2013

Mark:We are sold out here in Miami, Florida… As the Road to Glory 2013 begins tonight here at Summertime Blowout… I am here at ringside with my partner in crime known around the world as Rhino… Rhino:Oh man… Can you feel that excitement… Can you feel that intensity… Its Summertime Blowout and there is a

Wednesday Night Xtreme 08-14-13

Mark:We are live in Phoenix, Arizona… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme and Rhino we have a jammed packed show for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Yes we do in fact have a jammed packed show for everyone tonight… Mark:We do have a big show lined up for everyone and the biggest question mark coming in to this

Beach Brawl 2013

Mark:We are live in Los Angeles, California… We are live for Beach Brawl 2013! (“Hits From The Bong” plays as Subway walks out in to the arena…) Mark:Subway isnt scheduled to be out here just yet… Rhino:He is supposed to be in action later on tonight… Mark:I guess Subway isnt wasting anytime and he is

Wednesday Night Xtreme 07-17-13

(Footage Begins to roll of Lone Jobber & Triple H Talking Backstage) Mark:What you are looking at right there is a confrontation between Triple H and Lone Jobber from earlier this evening… Rhino:Lone Jobber was trying to beef up security after everything that happened at the last event… Mark:It seemed like Triple H was arguing

May-Hem 2013

Mark:We are sold out here in the Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colorado and tonight Rhino is shaping up to be one hell of a night… Rhino:One hell of a night that is an understatement… Mark:We have two HUGE Matches… Thats right two… As the old saying goes Quality over Quantity… Rhino:It is sort of