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New Years Evil 2007

Mark:Welcome the Worlds Most Famous Arena… Welcome to New York City… Welcome to New Years Evil! (Fireworks Go Off) Along side Rhino… I am Mark and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Including Our Main Event… Rhino:Its one of the most talked about matches in recent history… Mark:It sure is…

Thursday Night Seasons Beatings 12-20-07

Mark:We are live here in New Orleans, Louisiana for Thursday Night Seasons Beatings… With everyone in the Holiday Spirit we are going to bring everyone one hell of a show here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Yes we are… Which includes our Main Event… Mark:Which will be Triple H defending the EWA World Heavyweight Championship in the Christmas

Monday Night Madness 12-10-07

Mark:We are live from Nashville, Tennessee as Presents Monday Night Madness and Rhino what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Our Main Event tonight is going to be a Steel Cage Match when John Cena defends the Gold against Kurt Angle… Mark:We will see if Kurt Angle can rip the

November 2 Dismember 2007

Mark:Welcome everyone to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Welcome to November 2 Dismember… We got a great line up here tonight Rhino…As tonights Show is being Broadcast live by the EWA’s Own Subway The Camera Guy… Rhino:Now that explains the smell… I thought it was just being up here in Canada that there was a Strange

Tuesday Night Carnage 11-20-07

Mark:The EWA is Live in Vancouver, British Columbia for Tuesday Night Carnage… Alongside as always with the best darn Turkey Eater Rhino… Im Mashed Potato Mark… And we have a huge program for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Its our Biggest Line Up To Date Mark… Mark:The EWA continues to grow and tonight in our Main Event

Friday Night Frenzy 11-09-07

Mark:The Bell Center here in Montreal is jammed packed to see the EWA Live tonight for Friday Night Frenzy… Alongside my tag team partner in crime… Rhino… I am as always Mark… As we are bringing you Friday Night Frenzy sponsored by… Tonight’s Main Event is going to be a big man Rhino.. Rhino:Dangerous

Halloween Hellraiser 2007

Mark:We are live from Orlando, Florida… The site of the Halloween Horror Nights…. We are setup in the middle of the Universal Studios Theme Park and what a night of EWA Action we have for you tonight as we present Halloween Hellraiser 2007… Rhino:We have taken over the park tonight Mark and its going to

Saturday Night Torture 10-20-07

Mark:Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia… Welcome to Saturday Night Torture… And Rhino we got one hell of a line up here tonight… Rhino:Yes we do Mark… Which includes the EWA Television Championship on the line when Arkum defends the title against The Uncrowned Champ John Cena… Mark:And it will be a Steel Chair Shindig… Rhino:Oh Boy…

Thursday Night Carnage 10-11-07

Mark:We are live here in St. Louis, Missouri for Thursday Night Chaos… Along side Rhino… I am Mark and Rhino we have a stacked line up for everyone here tonight… Rhino:The EWA is getting over its Glory Hangover and moving on til Halloween Hellraiser and tonight we find out who will be fighting for the

Glory 2007

Pa Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen… Here to Perform America The Beautiful… Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & EWA Media Network Favorite… GWEN STEFANI! Gwen Stefani: O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From

Wednesday Night Xtreme 09-19-07

Mark:Its the Final Stop before the Biggest Night of the Year… We are live here in Buffalo, New York and this is Wednesday Night Xtreme… Rhino… Its going to be a wild night… Rhino:All of the EWA Superstars are here tonight to put on one hell of a show as we get set for Glory…

Monday Night Madness 09-10-07

Mark:The EWA is live in Cleveland, Ohio as we hit our first stop here in September as we head in to the Road to Glory… As tonight many spots will be earned for some of the big time matches that will be taking place at Glory… Rhino:Its going to be an interesting night as we