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Seasons Beatings 2015

Mark:Seasons Greetings and Seasons Beatings Everyone! We are live in our Nations Capital as we gear up for our Holiday Celebration! Rhino:It should be a fun and exciting now of Extreme Christmas Action! Mark:It’s now Holiday Action! Rhino:What happened to Christmas? Mark:We need to be mindful of all the holidays… So its more than just

November 2 Dismember 2015

Mark:This is November 2 Dismember…We are live here in Chicago the home of straight edge superstars… Rhino:Da Bears! Mark:The Chicago Cubs… Rhino:Da Bears! Mark:Champion hockey teams… Rhino:DA BEARS! Mark:And of course… Rhino:DA BEARS! Mark:That is right we are in the hometown of the chicago bears and tonight in our Main Event… Rhino:Da Bears? Mark:No Da

Halloween Hellraiser 2015

Mark:We are live here in Houston Texas! This is Halloween Hellraiser… Dressed as your scary announcers are myself and Rhino… Rhino:What, you dont like my Donald Trump? Mark:You were trying to be Donald Trump? Rhino:Yes, you don’t see it? Mark:Not really… Donald’s suits don’t usually have food stains on them… Rhino:Okay how about this… You’re

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-20-15

Mark:We are live here in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is Tuesday Night Carnage… And we are kicking this show off with some breaking news… Rhino:Wait you didnt tell me we were have breaking news… Mark:I was told as we were going on the air that I was given this piece of paper right

Glory 2015

Mark:It is the biggest night in the year for the Extreme Wrestling Alliance and we are LIVE here at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California… This is Glory 2015! Rhino:No one told me we would be sitting outside… Mark:What did you expect? Rhino:We are usually inside arenas… I didnt do my research… Mark:Are you sweating?

Thursday Night Chaos 09-10-15

Mark:Its the final stop until we see you at the Rose Bowl for Glory… This is Thursday Night Chaos and we are live here in San Diego… Rhino:CHARGE! Mark:They are the chargers… Rhino:CHARGER!!! Mark:I dont think that works… Rhino:PADRES!!! Mark:Still doesnt work… Rhino:Do they have another sports team? Mark:No. Rhino:WRESTLING! Mark:There ya go and thats

Summertime Blowout 2015

Mark:We are LIVE in South Beach… Here in Miami, Florida… This is Summertime Blowout! Rhino:We are on the Road to Glory and this is the final stop for at least two people when the EWA World Heavyweight Championship is concerned… Mark:That is correct as tonight the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line

Wednesday Night Xtreme 08-05-15

Mark:We are live in Seattle… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme! (Wyatt Screech) Bray Wyatt:Seattle… WE’RE HERE! (Lights Go Out) (‘Live In Fear” plays as Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family enter the arena…) Mark:It appears we are kicking off the night with the Handicap Match as the Wyatt Family are making their way to the

Beach Brawl 2015

Mark:Aloha! Welcome to Beach Brawl 2015 live from the world famous Aloha Stadium here in Honolulu, Hawaii… Rhino:How do you like my tan? Mark:You seem a little red… Rhino:It does hurt a little bit… I feel asleep on the beach earlier… Mark:There will be no falling a sleep tonight as we have one hell of

High Stakes 2015

Mark:We are in the Thomas and Mack Center here in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are LIVE for some High Stakes… Rhino:What a night of unpredictability is in store tonight… Mark:We have four huge matches this evening and all four matches will have a stipulation attached to them as they always do at High Stakes

Wednesday Night Xtreme 06-10-15

Mark:The fallout from May-Hem has begun here in Seattle, Washington with Wednesday Night Xtreme… Rhino:We may be falling out from May-Hem but the Road to High Stakes starts tonight… Mark:That it does… As tonight we will be crowning a new Number One Contender for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when Subway battles Finn Balor… Rhino:You

May-Hem 2015

Mark:The stars are out tonight as the May-Hem is about to begin… We are live in St. Louis, Missouri for May-Hem 2015! Rhino:Have you seen all of the people who are backstage tonight… Mark:We have a locker room full of hungry superstars from the past and present who are looking for one thing and that