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New Years Evil 2009

Mark:We are live in the Worlds Most Famous Arena on the last night of the Decade and the last night of the year… This is New Years Evil live from New York City… And Rhino… What a Main Event we have tonight… Rhino:We are going to end the year off right and we will do

Seasons Beatings 2009

Mark:We are live in Green Bay, Wisconsin for EWA Seasons Beatings…Happy Hanukkah Rhino… Rhino:Im not jewish… Mark:Lone Jobber is though and we will see him in our Main Event in the Holiday Bowl… Rhino:Its going to be Champion vs Champion in this years Holiday Bowl… Which should make things really interesting… Mark:Lone Jobber will be

Thursday Night Chaos 12-10-09

Mark:We are live in Detroit, Michigan as we are getting set for the final month of EWA Action here in 2009… As we are set for Thursday Night Chaos and one of our big matches tonight Rhino features Four Men who want a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:That is right Mark and

November 2 Dismember 2009

Mark:The EWA’s Most Interactive Pay Per View is on the air… As November 2 Dismember has hit your TV Sets live from Cincinnati, Ohio…And what interactive matches we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:We sure do Mark… Mark:Our Main Event will feature the EWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line when J-Twisted defends title against

Friday Night Frenzy 11-20-09

Mark:We are live in Buffalo, New York for the final stop before November 2 Dismember… As this Friday Night Frenzy and we are going be seeing people who are going to be heavily involved in the title matches at November 2 Dismember in action… Rhino:That is right… Mark:Which includes the two men who will hope

Wednesday Night Xtreme 11-11-09

Mark:Happy Veterans Day EWA as we are live in Hartford, Ct for Wednesday Night Xtreme and Rhino… We are on the road to November 2 Dismember but tonight we have two big main events… Which includes the EWA Total Impact Championship being defended… Rhino:Thats right Mark, in the Main Event it will be Troy “The

Halloween Hellraiser 2009

Mark:We are live in Portland, Maine for the Annual Halloween Hellraiser… And Rhino, we have a great line up of matches for everyone here tonight on what could be one hell of a Halloween for the EWA… And it starts with the Main Event… Rhino:Josh Stewart is looking to become the new EWA World Heavyweight

Tuesday Night Carnage 10-20-09

Mark:We are live in the city of Brotherly Love… We are live in Philadelphia… For Tuesday Night Carnage and Rhino, what a double Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:We are going to be seeing the EWA Total Impact Championship on the line when Al Snow challenges Troy “The Rampage” Joseph for the

Saturday Night Torture 10-10-09

Mark:This is the first event since Glory and we are live in Cameron, North Carolina for Saturday Night Torture and we have alot of going on this evening Rhino, including our Main Event… Rhino:You have two former World Heavyweight Championship looking to get back up in the title picture as Josh Stewart battles Subway for

Glory 2009

Glory. It’s what every man strives for in their career. What they break their backs for. What they bleed for. What they give their lives for. In the EWA, Glory means one thing. The grandest stage ever set. The stage where men are immortalized. Careers live and die by the performances put on at Glory

Saturday Night Torture 09-19-09

Mark:We are at the final stop before the biggest night of the year Glory, as we are live here in Indianapolis, Indiana for Saturday Night Torture and Rhino, gotta say, there is a certain energy in this place as we get set for Glory in under two weeks… Rhino:Mark, this is what everyone lives for,

Thursday Night Chaos 09-10-09

Mark:We are live here at the First Mariner Arena here in Baltimore, Maryland… And what a night of action we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:This is going to be a big sh… (“The Answer” plays as William McConnell enters the arena…) Mark:It looks like we are going to be hearing from the comissioner to