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No Chance 2004

AL SNOW: Hello, everyone! Welcome to Foxboro, Massachusetts! Welcome to Gillette Stadium! Welcome to NO CHANCE! I’m Al Snow and of course, Omega’s back to oversee things. OMEGA: NO CHANCE has already started. AL SNOW: What do you mean? OMEGA: Exactly what I fuckin’ said, jackass. Can’t you fuckin’ hear or did that whole Extreme

Killing Field

AL SNOW: Welcome to Washington, DC everyone! Welcome to The Killing Field! I’m Al Snow along with Omega…. OMEGA: Your EWA World Heavyweight Champion. AL SNOW: Huh? OMEGA: You heard me, bitch. AL SNOW: Okay. I’m with Omega to bring you the first-ever call for the EWA’s branch off monthly card! Think Joe Gibbs coming