Super Sunday Night Spectacular 2005

Mark: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to EWA Super Sunday Night Spectacular! I’m Mark and beside me as always, my partner Rhino.

Rhino: I’ve got hot dogs, I’ve got coke and I’m ready for one hell of a night!

Mark: And who isn’t? Tonight, EWA World Tag Team Champions, Lenny Lane and Lodi defend against Carlito and Chris Masters. Also, we will see a unification death match between FTW Champion Megumi Kudo and EWA Television Champion Aaron Marx.

Rhino: Two champions walk in, only one walks out. Can Aaron Marx topple Megumi Kudo?

Mark: And finally.. Our main event..

Rhino: Set your VCRs for this, ladies and gentlemen!

Mark: The Main Event Vs The Star Attraction.. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels looks to repeat his Undisputed Title run as he defends against a man who looks to end his losing streak against HBK, The Psycho Boy William McConnell!

Rhino: These men are DX, but have a common goal. And this won’t be just any match.

Mark: You better believe it. Tonight, the champ defends in a Three Stages Of Hell match.

Rhino: Submission, Cage, and if needed.. Barbed Wire Madness.

Mark: Before we get to the first match.. Looks like we have someone arriving in the back.

Rhino: Nice limo.

Mark: It’s Shawn Michaels! The EWA World Heavyweight champion is here!

Rhino: William McConnell is already here.

Mark: Lets get to our first bout.

The Rock vs Subway
Written by res78y84/Subway

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this opening contest is scheduled for ONE FALL.. Introducing first.. From Miami, Florida.. weighing in at 275 pounds… THE ROCK!

(“If Ya Smell” hits over the PA System as Rock makes his way to the ring)

Announcer: And the opponent The eWa Vice President and X Core Soldier….SUBWAY!

Mark: He doesn’t look happy after embarrassing himself last night.

Rhino: Nope he goes straight the ring as the Rock is ready, I don’t think where going to have to wait.

Mark: Subway and Rock face to face….Subway starts off trading punches back and forth.

Rhino: Rock with a block and sends Subway back with a chop and another and into the ropes and another!

Mark: Rock sends Subway off Subway with a drop down pancake, back up leapfrog THOU THEZ PRESS!

Rhino: NOPE ROCK WITH A SPINEBUSTER! He goes for the cover 1……………….2….kick out bye Subway!

Mark: Rock’s telling the referee to count faster he has someplace to be.

Rhino: O boo hoo Rock you got the VP to deal with first. Rock taunting kicking at Subways head and really shouldn’t do that.

Mark: LOW BLOW by Subway, Rhino said it don’t toy with him and certainly don’t take him lightly as the X Core Soldier pulling himself together.

Rhino: Kick to gut of the Rock Subway pissed now and sets him up for a death Valley Driver, Rock kicking and Subway swings him around DOWN goes the referee and he goes crashing down to the concrete outside.

Mark: We got no Ref right now, Rock holds the top rope Subway lets go and sees the ref is down.

Rhino: Rock is uncovering that turnbuckle, Sub turns to Rock but gets a kick to the the gut and Rock slams Subways head into that exposed turnbuckle!

Mark: He’s doing again and again as Subway busted open bad now. Mick Foley MICK FOLEY IS HERE!

Rhino: He is in his ref shirt, Rock just dumped Subway to the outside and Rock hits the ropes and suicide dive throught eh top and second rope Subway ducks and Rock just crashed into the guardrail!

Mark: Mick in the ring …but wait a sec “DOMINATION” Hits the Pa System as CHAOS comes out from the Back chair in hand and Terry Funk behind him with the thumbs up to Mick!

Rhino: Did this just become a three way dance? I think so. Subway back in the ring and Chaos sizing him up CHAIRSHOT by the Chaotic One! Sub is down, Chaos goes to the ring apron looking at Rock and Catus jack style he chair under arm Drops down on The Rock!

Mark: Terry down at the pile on the ground as Mick checks on Subway. “Devil Without A cause” Hits the Pa System as Dmon is coming out and he looks pissed he’s yelling no fucking way Chaos!

Rhino: He has a Ironing Board, he goes around the long way and pearl harbors Chaos from behind, Chaos to one knee and Demon with Shot to the head and the ironing board bent around his head!

Mark: Terry Funk tosses Rock back in the ring and follows Demon and Chaos as they are headed backstage. Subway up first and German suplex, holds it for a second and a third goes for a cover on Rock….1………………2………no kick out rock still has gas left.

Rhino: Chaos and demon are up on the stage air battling it out back and forth. Fitghing close to that edge as Chaos with a forearmand Demon blocks grabs him by the throat CHOKESLAM OFF THE STAGE ONTO THE LIGHTING EQUIPMENT AND SPARKS FLY EVERYWHERE!

Mark: Demon climbs down as Rock has gained controled again and has Subway on the ropes off closeline! Rock not taking a chance DDT! Covers 1……………………..2…………………..No kick out the Ruck pissed now. Off the ropes again with Subway ROCK BOTTOM!

Rhino: Demon with a big powerbomb and Chaos not moving! Demon picks up Chaos, Rock sets up Subway and hits the ropes! Demon with a HEART STOPPER! ROCK WITH A PEOPLES ELBOW!

Mark: Terry with a count, Mick with a count …1………………….2……………….3 IT’S OVER! We just had a Four Way Tornado Double Fall matchup!

Rhino: This was Chaotic Carnage at its best, enjoyed this opening match. Rock celabrating as Demon stands over Chaos!


Mark: A hell of a match and an interesting turn of events.

Rhino: Indeed it was. Lets hit the ring for our Triple Threat match.

Three Way Dance
Doug Kinsella vs Heidenreich vs Big Daddy Ace
Written by therocktbb316/PYB

PA Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match! Introducing first, from Dayton, Ohio.. Weighing in at 241 lbs.. DOUG KINSELLA..

(“Firefly” hits as Doug Kinsella makes his way down to the ring..)

PA Announcer: Next, from Boston, Mass.. Weighing in at 273 Pounds.. BIG DADDY ACE..

(“10000 Fists” plays as Big Daddy Ace enters the arena…)

PA Annnouncer: Finally, from New Orleans, Louisiana.. Weighing in at 300 lbs.. HEIDENREICH..

(“Dangerous Politics” hits but no sign of Heidenreich..)

Mark: Well, Heidenreich is no where to be found. Kinsella and Ace in the ring..

Rhino: I wonder where Heidenreich could be..

Mark: Kinsella not waiting! Firing rights into the face of Ace.. Ace fires back.. Irish Whip by Doug Kinsella.. Ace off the ropes.. Clothesline by Kinsella.. Ace back to his feet, a second clothesline. Ace back up.. Ducks the clothesline.. German suplex by Ace!

Rhino: Fast paced action here.

Mark: Kinsella getting to his feet.. Ace with the firemans carry! ACE CR-Kinsella lands on his feet!

Rhino: He wanted to end this quick.

Mark: Ace turns around, goes for a clothesline.. T-BONE by Kinsella!

Rhino: That hurt.

Mark: Kinsella getting Ace back up.. Hard rights to Ace.

Rhino: Look whos coming down the ramp..

Mark: It’s Heidenreich! ..and hes in his PJs..

Rhino: How.. comfortable.

Mark: Heidenreich has just laid down in front of our table..

Rhino: Is he sleeping?

Mark: Back in the ring, Ace gets whipped into the corner. Kinsella charges, but Ace moves and Kinsella eats turnbuckle.

Rhino: Ace on the move.

Mark: Ace off the ropes.. BIG clothesline by Big Daddy Ace. Kinsella back up, but gets hooked.. Veritcal suplex by Ace and he follows up with hard boots.

Rhino: Ace staying on Kinsella.

Mark: Ace with another suplex.. Cover! 1…………..2…………Kinsella kicks out. Ace mounts Kinsella quickly, though.. Mounted punches by Ace.

Rhino: Heidenreich still sleeping.

Mark: Ace getting Kinsella back up.. Kick to the gut by Ace.. Ace attempting to ram Kinsella head first into the turnbuckle.. Kinsella blocks. Ace gets his head smashed into the turnbuckle!

Rhino: That hurt like hell.

Mark: Kinsella ain’t done.. 2, 3, 4, 5..

Rhino: 6, 7, 8, 9.. TEN.. BIG SMASH..

Mark: Ace slumps down into the corner.. Kinsella off the ropes.. Running boot, scrapes across Ace’s face!

Rhino: Boot burn!

Mark: Ace whipped into the opposite corner.. Kinsella with a running back elbow.. Kinsella whips Ace again.. Ace hits the turnbuckle HARD.. Ace stumbling out of the corner.. And Kinsella with a back body drop!

Rhino: Kinsella not backing down.

Mark: Kinsella looking pumped.

Rhino: Heidenreich looking tired.

Mark: Cover by Kinsella.. 1…………………….2…………Kick out by Ace.

Rhino: Ace still in this match.

Mark: Ace staggering back to his feet.. Kinsella whips him into the ropes.. Kinsella catches him.. Holds.. And drops Ace across the ropes!

Rhino: Kinsella on a roll..

Mark: Ace stumbling from being dropped on the ropes.. Kinsella with the firemans carry.. Widowmaker!

Rhino: Kinsella with that inverted Death Valley Driver..

Mark: Kinsella is calling for the Final Touch! Ace is pulling himself to his feet by the corner.. Kinsella charges! Ace moves! Kinsella head first into the middle turnbuckle!

Rhino: That backfired..

Mark: Kinsella turns around.. DDT! Ace nails a big DDT! Cover! 1………….2……………Kinsella gets a shoulder up.

Rhino: Hes gonna need more than that.

Mark: Ace whips Kinsella into the ropes.. Spinebuster, dropping Kinsella HARD on his back. Ace is fired up!

Rhino: Heidenreich is waking up..

Mark: Ace to the corner.. Kinsella to his feet… SPEAR..


Mark: Wrong guy, Rhino.

Rhino: Couldn’t help myself.

Mark: Ace is setting Kinsella up for the Ace Crusher! Firemans carry! Kinsella grabs the ropes!

Rhino: He doesn’t want to go down.

Mark: Ace tosses Kinsella! Kinsella lands on the ring apron! Ace goes for a right.. Kinsella blocks.. HARD Right by Kinsella..

Rhino: Nice counter, there.

Mark: Kinsella moves for the turnbuckle.. climbs up.. AND GETS CROTCHED..

Rhino: Ace hit the ropes and Kinsella lands hard.

Mark: Ace climbing the ropes.. He’s setting Kinsella up for a top rope superplex!

Rhino: Rise and shine, sleepy head.. Heidenreichs in the ring!

Mark: Heidenreich under Ace! Ace has Kinsella! SUPERPLEX TO KINSELLA!


Mark: Heidenreich capitalised!

Rhino: About time.

Mark: Heidenreich rests in the corner..

Rhino: Lazy bastard..

Mark: Ace and Kinsella getting back to their feet.. Ace whips Kinsella into the ropes.. Kinsella ducks the clothesline… FINAL TOUCH!

Rhino: Ouch, Ace got knocked out of the ring from that one. Wait, look.. Heidenreich is to his feet..

Mark: Kinsella sees him! Charges! Final T-..NO! POWER DUNK BY HEIDENREICH!

Rhino: Cover!

Mark: 1…………………………2……………3!

PA Announcer: The winner of the match.. HEIDENREICH..

Mark: Well.. Heidenreich stayed out most the match, Kinsella did all the work, and Heidenreich capitalised.

Rhino: Well, lets get ready for our next match.

Frank Saint vs Lone Jobber
Written by Lone Jobber

Pa Announcer: This next contest is set for one fall… Introducing first… From Selma, Ca… Weighing in at 245 Pounds… Representing the Church of Pain… FRANK SAINT…

(“I Came To Bring The Pain” plays as Frank Saint enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: His opponent… From the Slaughterhouse… Weighing in at 235 Pounds… LONE JOBBER…

(“Survival of the Sickest” plays as Lone Jobber enters the arena…)

Mark: After what these two men have showed us as of late, I’m sure this is going to be one hell of a match…

Rhino: That is true, but one must wonder, what is up with Jobber?

Mark: And the match is underway… Frank throwing some fists but Lone Jobber is dancing all around them… Jobber stops dancing and tells Frank he wants him to get him…

Rhino: I don’t know about you Mark, but this match seems very un-Jobber like…

Mark: Frank throws a few more punches and launches a closeline but jobber ducks underneath… Lone Jobber really showing off his quickness in this one Rhino…

Rhino: That’s true…

Mark: And Frank going for another closeline, ducked, and Frank nails him from behind…

Rhino: He couldn’t duck that one Mark…

Mark: And Lone Jobber rolling around holding the back of his head.. Saint laying in the kicks on Jobber…

Rhino: Jobber really seems to be taking the brunt of the action early on…

Mark: Frank picks Jobber up and whips him into the corner.. Frank charge.. Jobber pushes from the bottom rope… desperation take down…

Rhino: Both men hurt on that Exchange Mark, I wonder who’ll be the first to get back up…

Mark: Lone Jobber up.. smacking the cob webs loose.. Jobber getting Frank to his feet… Jobber with forearm shots.. Frank resting against the ropes.. taking a few steps backward.. jobber with a mighty cross body block…

Rhino: And both men tumble outside the ring. There was no way to make that one look pretty…

Mark: Frank getting up first and whips Jobber into the steel steps… Jobber jumps and bounces off them into another cross body…

Rhino: Jobber showing some of that old time flair…

Mark: Jobber picks Frank up and slams him against the barricade.. Jobber hopping onto the ring apron.. moonsault…

Rhino: And he misses… Too far for the Jobber…

Mark: And Frank now in control and he slams Jobber’s forehead into the ring barrier… Frank tosses Jobber back into the ring.. Jobber trying to get an office but Frank shuts him down…

Rhino: This match has slowed down a little… and that is going to hurt Lone Jobber more than anything…

Mark: Frank whips Jobber into the turnbuckle an comes in flying. He slams Jobber hard.. Frank pushing Jobber up onto the top turnbuckle..

Rhino: Jobber now trying to kick Frank away.. this high impact move could end the match and Jobber knows it…

Mark: Frank getting to the top rope as well and hooks Jobber’s head.. Frank going for a ddt off the top rope.. but no.. Jobber tries to jump and slam him into the ground…

Rhino: He knew he was going to be hut.. Jobber just wanted to lay in some impact himself…

Mark: Frank Saint getting to his feet first and attempts an elbow drop.. Jobber rolls… another elbow drop and Jobber rolls again… Jobber rolling all the way out of the ring.

Rhino: Jobber is hurt.. as a veteran of the ring he knows when to be in the ring and when not…

Mark: Jobber running around the ring.. and he drops under the ring apron..

Rhino: Frank doesn’t know where he when… and he’s found him..

Mark: Jobber: coming from under the ring.. and he’s pulling a ladder with him…

Rhino: He does know that this match can end under dq right?

Mark: Hopefully… Frank looking at the ladder..

Rhino: It doesn’t really look like he wants to bother with it..

Mark: Jobber sliding the ladder into the ring and he’s calling Frank out to the outside…

Rhino: You ask, he’ll bring an answer…

Mark: Jobber and Frank trading blows.. Frank ducks a right and sends his own.. jobber blocks and kicks him in the gut.. Jobber with a stungun on the ring apron..

Rhino: Frank fell hard on the exchange…

Mark: Jobber slides into the ring.. and he’s setting up the ladder.. Jobber watching Frank.. runs and rebounds off the ropes.. baseball slide..

Rhino: Jobber keeping the pace up just where he needs it to be…

Mark: Jobber picking Frank up and drills him into the concrete ground with a Minchinoku Driver…

Rhino: He took that hard…

Mark: And Jobber smells blood.. Jobber hops onto the ring apron, climbs the ropes and finish climbing up the ladder… Jobber calling on all his fans for support.. 450!

Rhino: Damn… Frank got his knee’s up and look at Jobber bounce.. He’s just holding his chest.. that had to hurt..

Mark: Both men down.. Jobber holding his chest, Frank, his legs hurt.. Frank getting up and testing his legs. Picking Jobber up.. thumb to the eyes… Jobber getting back to his feet… Kicks fro Jobber at Frank’s calf.. and he whips Frank into the ring..

Rhino: Jobber seeing the match ending soon..

Mark: Jobber slides in.. Frank laying the boots in on him… Frank picking him up and slams him back down with a vicious elbow.. Frank picking Jobber up again/… Jobber with jabs to Frank’s gut… and he sends him into a corner.

Rhino: Frank narrowly misses that ladder..

Mark: The ladder that Jobber now has.. Jobber now propping it up flat on the top ropes near Frank.. Jobber hosing Frank up and follows.. Jobber goes him hooked up and tries for a suplex..

Rhino: Frank blocks… He doesn’t want to go through that ladder…

Mark: Jobber trying to the suplex again.. Frank blocks again… Frank picking Jobber up and nails a front face suplex…

Rhino: Jobber’s chest smacks dead center into that ladder.. and it sure didn’t give much…

Mark: Jobber once again holding his chest… frank realizing what he just did.. and Jobber. He’s begging.. it looks like he’s begging Referee Mike Kehner not to dq Frank…

Rhino: I don’t remember something like this ever happening…

Mark: Kehner walking up to Frank… it seems they have come to some kind of decision… we’re getting work that this contest has now become a no dq…

Rhino: And look… look at Jobber.. he’s grinning like a Cheshire cat…

Mark: This can’t be good.. Frank going for a splash.. Jobber with a superkick.. Jobber picking Frank up.. snake eyes onto that ladder…

Rhino: Is it just me or did Jobber set Frank up.. so he could do as he wished?

Mark: It certainly looks that way.. Frank bleeding for his forehead.. Jobber picking him up again and slams him on the ladder…

Rhino: Is it still bad luck when you go under a ladder set up like that?

Mark: Jobber climbing the turnbuckle.. Splash… that ladder finally is broken in two… Jobber now rolling out the ring.. looking under it.. he’s got a chair…

Rhino: One wrapped in barbed wire… odd how he just happened to know where something like that was..

Mark: Jobber sliding into the ring.. Goes to hit Frank.. Frank tosses one piece of that ladder in the way of the chair.. that was enough to allow frank to get back up.. and he’s got the top piece of that ladder…

Rhino: And Jobber is looking at those sharp edges…

Mark: Jobber rushes in and swings that chair.. Frank leaps back.. an drives the ladder into Jobber’s skull.. and he’s down…

Rhino: Frank now going for the pin.. 1……….2……..3….

Mark: No, Jobber kicked out.. a bloodied Jobber kicked out…

Rhino: And Frank isn’t happy about that one…

Mark: Frank helping Jobber to his feet… Frank kicks Jobber in the gut.. THE GREAT SIN… Jobber reverses.. Jobber.. the GIMMICK.. reverses… Frank tries again… The Great Sin… but Jobber reverses.. Gimmick.. Frank’s too late..

Rhino: And Frank is down… what a showing by those two men..

Mark: And Jobber drapes his arm across Frank’s chest… ………1………2………3 Lone Jobber wins it…

Pa Announcer: Here is your winner… Lone Jobber!

Rhino: Both men put on one hell of a show but in the end Jobber was able to wedge himself into victory…

Mark: That he did. Well.. We’ve got cameras in back.. Lets see whats up.

(The cameras find William McConnell in his locker room, stretching.. The door is heard opening and none other than Chris Benoit walks in, surprising McConnell..)

McConnell: Why, its none other than Chris Benoit.. (McConnell shakes his hand) What brings you here?

Benoit: Well ya see, William.. You may recall a trip to Canada you made recently.

McConnell: That I do.

Benoit: While you were there, you came to none other than the best technical wrestler alive today and asked me to help train you for this upcoming match. Now, Will.. Me and you have been through alot, starting way back at SYN 2003.

McConnell: I remember.

Benoit: And because of what we went through, I have nothing more than the utmost respect for you. So after you came to me for a little training, wolverine style, I figured there’s no place I’d rather be tonight than here in Anaheim when YOU.. The Star Attraction William McConnell.. BEATS.. Shawn Michaels for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship.

McConnell: (smirks) Thanks Chris, that means alot.

Benoit: I’ll see you out there.

Mark: Looks like McConnell has a fan in Chris Benoit.

Rhino: Its gonna be a hell of a main event tonight.

Mark: Its time for the EWA World Tag Team Championship Match..

eWa World Tag Team Championship Match
Lenny & Lodi(c) vs Carltio & Chris Masters
Written by Lone Jobber

Pa Announcer: This next contest is set for one fall for the eWa World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship… Introducing first… The Challengers, Carlito and Christ Masters…

(“Masterpiece” plays as Carlito and Masters enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: Their opponent… The reigning eWa World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions… Lodi and Lenny Lane…

(“My Heart Goes Boom” plays as Lone Jobber enters the arena…)

Mark: And this championship match is underway.. Lenny and Carlito trading punches…

Rhino: Carlito whips Lenny into the corner and rushes in.. but where is Lodi going?

Mark: Lodi walking around the ring, and now he’s taunting Masters.. As Carlito keeps the attack on Lenny Masters goes after Lodi.. Lodi reaching into his fanny pack for something…

Rhino: Master’s just got a face full of whatever was in there…

Mark: Looks like glitter.. Masters stumbing around outside… Lodi grabbing something else in his pack and decks Masters..

Rhino: Lodi just knocked Masters down.. dropping something from his fist, he kicks whatever it was under the ring..

Mark: In the ring it’s been all Carlito…. Carlito whips Lenny Lane again into the ropes but Lane reveres and sends Carlito… Lodi grabs Carlito’s foot…

Rhino: Carlito’s mad, and he just got his first sight of his partner…

Mark: And Lenny taking advantage of the situation… Lane jumping on Carlito’s pack and has a sleeper laid in…

Rhino: Lodi up on the ring apron sends Carlito backpedaling after a huge closed fist to the face…

Mark: Carlito drops to the ground but Lane keeps the sleeper tight… Lodi now entering the ring and laying kicks into Carlito’s stomach..

Rhino: That’ll get the air out…

Mark: The referee telling Lodi to leave the ring.. Lodi watches on near his corner.. the referee checks Carlito.. lifts the hand.. one… lifts the hand.. two… one more time lifting the hand.. it’s over..

Pa Announcer: By Referee stoppage… Here are your winners… Still eWa World Heavyweight Champions… Lenny Lane and Lodi!

Rhino: Not the fairest match but the two men keep their titles…

FTW Championship Unification Death Match
FTW Champion vs eWa Television Champion
Megumi Kudo(c) vs Aaron Marx(c)
Written by dougoutcrew9/Doug Kinsella

Mark: We are now set for the eWa Television, and FTW Championship Unification Death Match…

Rhino: wait a minute, something is going on in the back…

Mark: Megumi Kudo is attacking Aaron Marx, wasting no time…

Rhino: She throws him into the concrete wall, and again…

Mark: Kudo is now looking around, and finds a lead pipe… WHAT A SHOT TO THE FOREHEAD!!!

Rhino: That one hurt, right into the forehead of Marx…

Mark: Aaron is now busted open a little, but another lead pipe shot will no make it split wider…

Rhino: Megumi is aggressive, and taking control of this Unification Match…

Mark: Finally, they are out into the arena now and the crowd is loving the action, as they make their way through the crowd…

Rhino: OH MY GOD! Kudo just got thrown off the balcony, as Marx recovered…

Mark: Atleast she only fell fifteen feet, it could have been a farther fall…

Rhino: Marx is now going down the steps, and sets up a table…

Mark: What the hell does he have in mind?!

Rhino: Aaron puts Kudo on the table, and hits her with an elbow to the face…

Mark: Now he is going back up those steps, right where Kudo fell…

Rhino: Oh my god no! Marx is set on the rail… HE LEAPS… X-MARX! NO! KUDO MOVED! MARX SLAMS THROUGH THE TABLE!

Mark: Both competitors are down, and Kudo is trying to regain her composure…

Rhino: Megumi is up, as she heads towards the ring, where the pinfall must take place…

Mark: She is now getting a floor seat chair, and folding it up…

Rhino: Aaron better not get up, but he is…

Mark: STEEL CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD! Marx is now bleeding profusely…

Rhino: Aaron Marx is losing an immense amount of blood here…

Mark: Megumi lifts Marx, as he is fighting back…

Rhino: Aaron sends Kudo bowling through about twenty fans chairs…

Mark: He picks her up by the hair, and throws her over the guard rail, and stomp a mudhole in her right in front of the chairless fans…

Rhino: Aaron gets the ringbell and that hammer, and heads over towards Kudo…

Mark: He hits her right over the head with the ringbell, and takes the hammer, hitting her over the head, while she is down…

Rhino: This match has gotten brutal, as we have to find out who will be the next Unified Champion…

Mark: Marx is in control, and now looking under the ring…

Rhino: He pulls out a trash can full of weapons, and a table…

Mark: He wants more, and this time he gets a huge ladder…

Rhino: That thing has got to be atleast twenty feet tall…

Mark: Aaron is setting up the ladder in the corner, and waits for Kudo to get back into the ring…

Rhino: Kudo is getting to her feet, and rolls into the ring, but Marx hits her with a Kendo Stick that was in the trash can…

Mark: Continuous shots to the back and now Kudo is hurting…

Rhino: Aaron grabs her up, and hits a nice Vertical Suplex, into a cover…….1………………..2………………….Kudo just kicks out…

Mark: Close call there, as Marx is getting that Table set up right in the middle of the ring…

Rhino: He has Kudo set for a Powerbomb, NO! Kudo reverses into a Hurricanrana, sending Marx on top of the table…

Mark: Kudo sets the ladder up, and hits Aaron with a trash can lid, knocking him out…

Rhino: She is climbing up top of the ladder, but Marx is gaining his composure…

Mark: Aaron is halfway up as Kudo is all the way up top, as Marx eventually gets to her level…

Rhino: A slugfest on top of the ladder, and Marx is winning it now…


Rhino: Oh my god, they are both dead…

Mark: These two have killed each other in the Death Match!

Rhino: Well, it is the first one to kill their opponent, correct?


Mark: My thoughts exactly, these two are out cold…

Rhino: Marx is trying to get to his feet, and does after about a minute of laying lifeless…

Mark: Aaron picks up Kudo, then gets a cookie sheet…

Rhino: Marx heads over towards Kudo WAIT A MINUTE, THE KUDO KICK HIT!!!!


Rhino: The referee is in position and counts………..1…………2……….3…….YES! YES! YES!

PA Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner, and the NEW Unified Television and FTW Champion…MEGUMI KUDO!!!!!!

Mark: Megumi Kudo collapsed, and fell on Marx for the cover, crowning her the new eWa Television and FTW Champion!

Rhino: Megumi Kudo is tearing one hell of a path and I don’t think anyone can stop her.

Mark: Looks like we’ve got something going on in the back..

(Backstage as Subway is heading to the dressing room. Has towel over head and you see a girl in a suit at his side, he is pissed telling people to move as he walks by. She says what do you wanna do and Subway replys….)

Subway: I WANT CHAOS BANNED FROM THE BUILDING, HE IS NOT CONTRACTED TO BE HERE! I want Terry and Mick FIRED! This fuckers in EWA are going to payHellworld is just the start of a huge rude awakening! After Hellraiser I am going remind everyone that the Fuck The World Title is 24/7 and any anytime can fight for it! TLC Division is going to be back and i am slapping it on the eWa World HW Tag Titles. FUCK I TOLD THEM ME AND CHAOS CAN’T BE IN SAME PLACE HE’S A BAD INFLUANCE ON ME! Can’t beleive it’s all happening again….

Mark: Subway is not happy with tonights results.

Rhino: Now the Vice President is on a warpath.

Mark: Well, there’s the champ Shawn Michaels, heading this way. He looks ready for this match.

Rhino: And it looks like William McConnell is already in the gorilla position and he’s looking pumped.

Mark: Its time for the main event!

eWa World Heavyweight Championship Three Stages of Hell
First Fall-Submission Only
Second Fall-Steel Cage Match
Third Fall-Barbed Wire Madness
Shawn Michaels(c) vs William McConnell
Written By therocktbb316/PYB

PA Announcer: The following contest is the main event THREE STAGES OF HELL MATCH.. The First Fall Will Be A Submission Match, The Second Fall A Cage Match, and IF NEEDED.. The Third Fall Is A BARBED WIRE MADNESS MATCH..

(“The Answer” hits over the PA System as William McConnell makes his way from the back..)

PA Announcer: INTRODUCING FIRST.. The Challenger! From Evansville, Indiana, Weighing in at 230 pounds.. He is The Glorious One.. THE PSYKO BOY.. WILLIAM MCCONNELL..

Mark: The crowd behind William McConnell tonight..

Rhino: Indeed they are. Alot of people are saying tonight could be the night McConnell breaks the streak.. Alot are saying it’ll be another loss.

Mark: McConnell sporting new entrance attire tonight. Obviously HBK influenced.

Rhino: Speaking of which..

(“Boy Toy” hits over the PA System as Shawn Michaels makes his way from the back..)


Mark: McConnell standing back, letting HBK do his thing before the match.

Rhino: A sign of respect from long time fan to his idol.

Mark: The crowd is also behind Shawn Michaels tonights. They’re gonna get a hell of a show.

Rhino: What more could they ask for?

Mark: (bell rings) Alright, here we go.. Hand shake between the two and we’re off. The two men circling each other.. Collar and elbow tie-up.. McConnell quickly turns it into a side headlock. Michaels now against the ropes.. Pushes McConnell, but PYB holds on.

Rhino: Veteran move by William McConnell..

Mark: PYB holding the headlock still.. Michaels tries to shove him off again.. McConnell still holds on.. Both men back against the ropes. Michaels with elbows to the gut of McConnell.. Michaels pushes McConnell off.. McConnell off the ropes.. SLEEPER.. Michaels locks in a sleeper!

Rhino: Michaels is trying to take McConnell down quick.

Mark: McConnell trying to fight out of it and does so. Back suplex breaks the sleeper. Both men up quick and the crowd applauding as they take a moment to gather themslves.

Rhino: McConnell has quickly adapted a more paced style to take on Michaels at this point.

Mark: Another collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring.. Michaels with a side headlock this time. McConnell back on the ropes now. PYB tries shoving HBK but now Michaels holds on to the head.

Rhino: Everythings been flipped.

Mark: McConnell tries to push Michaels again.. No budge. McConnell now with elbows to Michaels gut.. McConnell shoves Michaels.. Michaels off the ropes.. and McConnell locks in a sleeper!

Rhino: Can McConnell hold it?

Mark: Nope, as Shawn just nailed a back suplex on McConnell. Both men back up and another ovation as they stop to gather themselves..

Rhino: These men measuring each other up..

Mark: Both men move in for another collar and elbow tie up.. No, McConnell quickly counters into a hammerlock.. Michaels reaches back.. Snapmare by Michaels.. Michaels drops an elbow, McConnell rolls out of the the way, McConnell goes for a leg drop, Michaels moves, both men up.. And a HARD chop from Shawn Michaels..

Rhino: WOO!

Mark: Michaels chops away at McConnell’s chest.. Shawn whips McConnell into the ropes.. Michaels ducks, but Will leaps over with a sunset flip.. No! McConnell turns it into a single leg crab! But Michaels quickly makes his way to the ropes, forcing the break.

Rhino: Notice how McConnell went right for Shawn Michaels’ bad knee.

Mark: William McConnell now lights Micahels chest up with hard chops.. Michaels whipped into the turnbuckle, McConnell charges.. Shawn Michaels ducks.. But McConnell leaps to the top.. MOONSAULT!

Rhino: Impressive move by William McConnell, taking down HBK.

Mark: McConnell hooks Michaels for a suplex.. Michaels slides out behind McConnell and wraps his arms around the waist.. McConnell trying to break it.. Both men into the ropes and fall backwards.. Michaels rolls over McConnell.. Michaels grabs McConnells leg.. and smashes it into the canvas!

Rhino: Nice offense by Michaels there.

Mark: Michaels with another high lifting knee smash.. McConnell trying to pull his leg away from Shawn Michaels.. McConnell rolls over and pushes Michaels away.. William McConnell getting to his feet..

Rhino: But Michaels stays on him, grabbing him in a waist lock..

Mark: Shawn Michaels with a shin breaker to William McConnell, but holds on to the leg and drops an elbow..

Rhino: Shawn staying on that knee..

Mark: Michaels lifts McConnell back to his feet.. Going for another shin breaker.. McConnells holds on to Michaels head, though and reverses into a headlock takedown!

Rhino: Excellent move by McConnell! He now as Michaels on his back and in a headlock..

Mark: McConnell holding on to the headlock tight.. Michaels trying to fight out of it.. Michaels gets his legs around Michaels head, McConnell quickly kicks out.. Both men back up but Michaels gets McConnell with a headlock takedown!

Rhino: Michaels turns the table..

Mark: McConnell quickly gets his legs around Michaels head.. Micheals kicks out and both men are up again.. And McConnell just nailed Michaels with a hard right hand!

Rhino: I think he just spit out a tooth..

Mark: McConnell firing rights into Michaels, irish whip by McConnell, Michaels comes back.. and a HARD back chop from McConnell.

Rhino: McConnell quickly resorting to his usual style.

Mark: Michaels is back to his feet.. McConnell nails a couple more rights, forearm shots.. chops.. and finishes it off with a hard european uppercut..

Rhino: This has turned into a fist fight.

Mark: McConnell whips Michaels again.. Michaels ducks a clothesline and dropkicks McConnell in the knee!

Rhino: Michaels going low to stop McConnells momentum.

Mark: Michaels lifts McConnell up and nails a few rights.. A few chops.. Michaels with a suplex. McConnell trying to pull himself to his feet but Michaels drops an elbow to The Answer.

Rhino: Michaels wants to keep thing in his favor.

Mark: Michaels gets McConnell back up.. Abdominal stretch applied by Michaels! McConnell in trouble!

Rhino: Michaels now has a chance to work on the back and ribs of William McConnell.

Mark: The ref is in position.. McConnell trying to hold on but Shawn Michaels seems to have him locked in tightly.

Rhino: McConnell shaking his head no, telling the ref he isn’t gonna give.

Mark: McConnell reverses! McConnell now has Michaels in the stretch!

Rhino: McConnll now getting a chance to work on Michaels back.

Mark: Michaels trying to reverse.. Hip toss! Michaels with a hip toss! McConnell gets back to his feet quickly but Michaels nails him with an inverted atomic drop.. Michaels with a few rights now, McConnell against the ropes.. Irish whip, but McConnell holds on to the ropes.

Rhino: Smart move by McConnell, there..

Mark: Michaels charges, but McConnell gets his foot up.. Michaels tries again.. But McConnell catches him around the neck.. Stretch back breaker by McConnell!

Rhino: That sent a shock into Shawn’s system.

Mark: It also gave McConnell the advantage. McConnell now holding Michaels down.. and drops knees into HBK’s back.

Rhino: McConnell exposing Shawn’s biggest weakness.

Mark: McConnell getting Shawn to his feet.. McConnell with a VICIOUS back breaker.. But he holds Shawn on his knee and is now pushing down, bending Michaels over his knee at his lower back.

Rhino: That’s a hell of a lot of pressure he can add, here..

Mark: Michaels clearly in pain as McConnell pushes down, torquing the back. The ref checking on Shawn.. Shawn not giving.

Rhino: He’s trying to tough this out.

Mark: McConnell applying more pressure.. Michaels with a kick! Michaels kicks McConnell in the head and causes him to break the hold!

Rhino: Michaels is hurting though.

Mark: Michaels getting to his feet slowly.. Clothesline, but its ducked by McConnell.. McConnell with a back suplex.. NO.. McConnell just dumped Michaels over the top rope!

Rhino: Thats a way to get rid of someone.

Mark: Michaels is staggering to his feet.. MCCONNELL OVER THE ROPES WITH A FLIP, taking Michaels OUT..

Rhino: McConnell going high risk and it payed off.

Mark: McConnell getting Michaels to his feet.. and runs his back into the ring.

Rhino: McConnell staying on that one spot.

Mark: McConnell repeats this a few more times.. Whip towards the steps.. NO, Michaels counter and McConnell slams HARD!

Rhino: Michaels needed that.

Mark: Michaels getting McConnell to his feet.. and drops the shin on the steel steps! McConnell is hurting!

Rhino: Michaels looking to take out that leg.

Mark: Michaels repeats. Michaels goes for a third, but McConnell blocks.. Michaels face first into the steps!

Rhino: That had to hurt.

Mark: McConnell lifting Michaels for a front powerslam.. But spins Michaels’ back right into the turnbuckle! Good god!

Rhino: That was vicious and Michaels is HURTING..

Mark: McConnell has just done a hell of a lot of damage to HBK’s back. Michaels thrown back into the ring.. McConnell follows.. McConnell now sizing up Michaels..

Rhino: He’s looking to put Shawn away with a superkick..

Mark: Michaels up.. turns.. SUPERK-NO! Michaels ducks! McConnell turns around.. SUPER-NO..

Rhino: Michaels went for the superkick!

Mark: But McConnell ducks.. FULL NELSON! William McConnell with a full nelson on Shawn Michaels!

Rhino: Michaels trying to get out of it!

Mark: McConnell has it locked tight, though! Michaels beginning to fade.. Sit Out Slam! McConnell hits Michaels with a sit out slam!

Rhino: Thats also called the Bubba Bomb.. But McConnell didn’t let go!

Mark: McConnell is trying to wrap his legs over Michaels head.. Good god, could you imagine the torque on Michaels neck?

Rhino: I think Shawn can, because he’s blocking it with everything he has!

Mark: Michaels doesn’t want those feet over his head.. Michaels trying to fight it.. He’s getting to his feet! McConnell is trying to keep him down!

Rhino: Michaels is to his feet!

Mark: McConnell in trouble.. Michaels charging towards the turnbuckle.. And McConnell goes face first!

Rhino: That broke it!

Mark: Michaels is placing McConnell on the top rope.. Michaels climbing up.. McConnell with rights! He’s not going down without a fight!

Rhino: Both men are throwing rights!

Mark: McConnell gets the upper hand! Michaels falls back! McConnell is holding his legs.. Wait, McConnell’s locking in something.. McConnell leaps off the ropes and Michaels is in the Texas Cloverleaf!

Rhino: But I think he knee buckled on impact!

Mark: McConnell having trouble holding the cloverleaf.. Michaels gets to the rope!

Rhino: McConnell has to break it..

Mark: McConnell pulling Shawn Michaels away from the ropes.. McConnell locking the legs.. NO! Michaels with a small package.. Michaels rolls through, he grabs McConnells legs.. SHARPSHOOTER! Shawn Michaels has William McConnell locked in a Sharpshooter!

Rhino: McConnell is in trouble! He’s fighting like hell to break it as soon as possible!

Mark: McConnell trying to grab for whatever he can! Hes dragging himself towards the ropes.. NO.. Michaels pulls him away!

Rhino: Michaels has McConnell hooked good..

Mark: McConnell’s grabbed the ref.. He’s trying to get those ropes any way possible!

Rhino: He’s getting there..

Mark: McConnell is almost there! He’s just a fingertip away! …NO! MICHAELS PULLS HIM AWAY AGAIN..

Rhino: He’s been lasting long.. He DOES NOT want to lose any falls to Shawn Michaels!

Mark: Michaels leaning back, putting pressure on the back.. McConnell is trying with everything.. But it’s not good! MCCONNELL TAPS! MCCONNELL TAPS!

PA Announcer: The winner of the first fall.. SHAWN.. MICHAELS..

Rhino: McConnell tried to outlast the Sharpshooter with everything he had.. But it wasn’t enough. It may have been a mistake, however, as they still have two falls left and that Sharpshooter has taken its toll.

Mark: The cage is lowering now. McConnell staggering to his feet slowly, using the turnbuckles to help him get up.

Rhino: These two men had a hell of a match and it isn’t over.

Mark: Shawn Michaels and William McConnell having a staredown now. Both men moving towards the center of the ring.. Collar and elbow ti-No! McConnell turns Michaels around and pushes him away.. Michaels turns back around.. SUPERKICK! MCCONNELL HITS THE FIVE STAR SUPERKICK!


Mark: McConnell going for a cover! 1……………………………………..2………………………………..3-NO! MICHAELS KICKS OUT..

Rhino: McConnell can’t believe it.

Mark: I don’t think anyone can. McConnell dragging Michaels back to his feet. Irish whip.. McConnell with a clothesline, but Michaels ducks.. Michaels off the ropes and nails a flying forearm!

Rhino: That stops McConnells momentum.

Mark: Michaels back to his feet.. Gets McConnell up.. Michaels with rights.. McConnell against the ropes.. Shawn grabs McConnell by the head and tries to ram his head into the cage, but McConnell blocks.

Rhino: That would’ve hurt.

Mark: Michaels tries again.. McConnell blocks.. McConnell with back elbows, causing Michaels to stumble back. McConnell leaps off the ropes! Moonsault! Michaels ducks! McConnell lands on his feet!

Rhino: Nice display of agility by McConnell.

Mark: Michaels charged McConnell.. McConnell goes low and grabs the legs. McConnell slingshots Michaels into the cage!

Rhino: Simple move but VERY effective.

Mark: McConnell from behind.. Full Nelson! McConnell has a full nelson on HBK!

Rhino: Shawn’s in trouble.

Mark: Michaels trying to fight out of it.. McConnell holds tight.. Michaels just got ran face first into the cage!

Rhino: McConnell using that cage effectively, holding Michaels tight in the full nelson.

Mark: Michaels is ran face first into the cage once more. McConnell holding tight.. And he is now grating Michaels face against the steel!

Rhino: Michaels is bleeding!

Mark: McConnell finally stops grating Michaels face.. Full Nelson Face Buster!

Rhino: And Michaels is out!

Mark: McConnell with a cover.. 1…………..2……………Michaels kicks out! McConnell can’t believe it!

Rhino: He’s looking frustrated.

Mark: McConnell whips Michaels into the turnbuckle. McConnell going for a big splash.. But Michaels moves! McConnell just slammed his face into the turnpost!

Rhino: That had to hurt like hell.

Mark: McConnell stumbling out of the corner.. Michaels grabs McConnell.. And runs him right into the cage!

Rhino: Not just the cage, but that center bar of the cage!

Mark: McConnell falls to the ground.. It seems McConnells bleeding now, too. Michaels gets McConnell back to his feet.. Michaels send McConnell towards the cage, but McConnell reverses and sends Michaels! Michaels springboards off the ropes! Crossbody by Michaels!

Rhino: Awesome display by Shawn Michaels!

Mark: Cover! 1……………2………………McConnell kicks out!

Rhino: Close call.

Mark: Michaels sends McConnell into the corner.. HARD.. Michaels now lighting up McConnells chest with chops.

Rhino: WOO!

Mark: Michaels turns McConnell upside down.. Tree of woe!

Rhino: Thats putting alot of pressure on that bad leg of McConnell.

Mark: Michaels kicks McConnell in the gut and heads for a cage wall Michaels climbing now!

Rhino: Michaels could win it!

Mark: McConnell pulls himself up!

Rhino: But that put alot of pressure on his knee..

Mark: McConnell perches on the turnbuckle.. Dropkick! McConnell takes down Michaels with a dropkick and both men land hard!

Rhino: Can you say ouch?

Mark: I think they can. Both men slowly getting to their feet.. McConnell with a right.. Michaels fires back.. McConnell nails another..

Rhino: We’ve got a fist fight!

Mark: Both men firing rights back and forth! McConnell gets the upper hand! McConnell of the ropes.. But gets caught with an Inverted Atomic Drop from Shawn Michaels! Michaels with rights..

Rhino: Back to a fist fight.

Mark: Michaels whips McConnell.. Michaels with a clothesline.. McConnell ducks.. McConnell comes back and goes for a clothesline! Michaels ducks.. TEARDROP SUPLEX!

Rhino: Michaels resorting to a few of his old tricks.

Mark: McConnell is down.. Michaels climbing the cage.

Rhino: This could be it.

Mark: Michaels to the top of the cage, McConnell still down. …ELBOW DROP! MY GOD.. MICHAELS NAILS AN ELBOW FROM THE CAGE..

Rhino: What a move by the Heartbreak Kid!

Mark: Both men down, though.. Nip up! Michaels with a nip up!

Rhino: Vintage Michaels, there.

Mark: Michaels head for a corner.. And he’s tuning up the band!

Rhino: He’s looking to end this.

Mark: McConnell slowly staggering to his feet.. Turns around.. SWEET CH-NO! MCCONNELL DUCKS! McConnell grabs Michaels by head.. Michaels into the cage.. No! Michaels clings to the cage and starts climbing!

Rhino: I think that surprised the hell out of McConnell..

Mark: McConnell clumbs up after him.. McConnell with a waist lock.. He’s trying to German Suplex Michaels!

Rhino: Michaels is holding on with everything he has!

Mark: Mciahels with back elbows.. McConnell hits the canvas! Michaels down to the top rope.. McConnell to his feet.. MOONSAULT.. Shawn Michaels hits a moonsault!

Rhino: And covers!

Mark: 1………….2………..3-NO! McConnell kicks out!

Rhino: That was a last possible moment kick out.

Mark: Michaels heading to the top rope again.. Looking for another elbow drop.. McConnell nips up!

Rhino: Vintage Shawn Michaels there.. Though it was McConnell..

Mark: McConnell climbs the turnbuckle! He’s trying for a suplex! Michaels blocking! Michaels shoves McConnell, but he stays on the top rope..

Rhino: It’s becoming a rope walk match, now.

Mark: Michaels following McConnell onto the center of the top rope. Both men nailing rights to each other. Michaels blocks! Michaels slams McConnells head into the cage..

Rhino: That had to hurt.

Mark: McConnell now slams Michaels head.. Both men reeling.. Michaels with a jab.. McConnell stumbles back.. Michaels advances.. SUPERKICK.. GOOD GOD, MCCONNELL HIT A SUPERKICK..

Rhino: That extra distance between the two allowed McConnell to hit a superkick!

Mark: Michaels his landed on the canvas and rolls.. McConnell starts climbing..

Rhino: He could have it!

Mark: McConnell to the top! ..Wait, he’s got a grin on his face.. OH MY GOD.. MCCONNELL WITH A 10 POINT FROGSPLASH..

Rhino: The crowd is going wild!

Mark: McConnell makes the cover! 1…………..2…………………3! McConnell takes the second fall!

PA Announcer: The winner of the second fall.. WILLIAM.. MCCONNELL..

Rhino: Its tied up and we WILL be going to our third fall.

Mark: The cage is rising and it is now time for Barbed Wire Madness..

Rhino: You gotta wonder how much these men have left.

Mark: The cage is up, but both of these men are still down.

Rhino: Looks like they don’t have much left..

Mark: Shawn Michaels and William McConnell.. both men to their knees.. McConnell with a right! Michaels with a right of his own! McConnell with another.. Michaels fights back!

Rhino: These two men aren’t even to their feet and they’re going at it.

Mark: Both men finally staggering to their feet.. HARD chop by Michaels.. Now McConnell with a chop! Michaels with a hard right and McConnell stumbles back against the ropes.. McConnell stumbles back and nails a hard right to Michaels.. Michaels stumbles back against the ropes..

Rhino: This match has taken everything they have.

Mark: Michaels comes back for a right.. McConnell ducks.. TEARDROP SUPLEX By McConnell!

Rhino: McConnell taking a move out of Michaels book..

Mark: McConnell to the outside apron.. Slingshot Elbow Drop By William McConnell! Cover! 1………………2………………..Michaels kicks out!

Rhino: That didn’t settle well with McConnell.

Mark: McConnell slides to the outside and under the ring. He’s got a barbed wire chair.. McConnell back into the ring, dropping the chair on the canvas.

Rhino: This isn’t looking good for Michaels.

Mark: McConnell has Michaels hooked.. DDT-NO.. Michaels blocks! Goes for a northern lights suplex! McConnell blocks and goes for a tornado DDT! Michaels keeps McConnell on his feet.. Northern Lights Onto The Chair!

Rhino: Michaels with a beautiful counter!

Mark: Cover! 1………………….2………………..THR-NO! McConnell gets a shoulder up!

Rhino: It wasn’t enough!

Mark: Both men slowly getting to their feet.. Michaels with a body slam! He’s heading to the top rope..

Rhino: Michaels looking to finish it.

Mark: McConnell back to his feet! McConnell with rights to a perched Michaels.. McConnell now looking for a superplex! Michaels blocks!

Rhino: We’ve got a fight on the top rope.

Mark: They lost they’re footing! Both men get crotched on the top rope!

Rhino: Not the outcome they wanted.

Mark: Michaels is crawling to one corner.. McConnell crawling to the opposite..

Rhino: They’re trying to regroup..

Mark: Both men up in the corner.. They move towards each other… SWEET CHIN MUSIC!


Mark: A double superkick! Both men went for their kicks and both got hit!

Rhino: Both men are down!

Mark: This has been one hell of a match. McConnell slowly getting to his feet.. Michaels has grabbed that barbed wire chair.. Both men up.. McConnell goes for a clothesline! Michaels ducks! McConnell turns around.. WICKED CHAIR SHOT BY MICHAELS..

Rhino: DAMN!

Mark: McConnell is down and out of the ring! Michaels drops the chair and heads to the ropes.. McConnell is slowly getting to his fight.. Michaels over the ropes and takes down McConnell!

Rhino: This match has spilled to the outside, once more..

Mark: Michaels gets McConnell up.. Shawn Michaels with hard chops to the chest of McConnell. Michaels whips McConnell to the steel steps.. But McConnell reverses and Michaels is sent into the ring barrier!

Rhino: McConnell going back under the ring.

Mark: He’s got a barbed wire table! McConnell sets it up on the outside.. Turns towards Michaels.. SWEET CHIN MUSIC.. MICHAELS OUT OF NOWHERE!

Rhino: McConnell is down!

Mark: Michaels rolls McConnell into the ring! Cover! 1……………………2……………..3!

Rhino: NO! McConnell got his shoulder up at the last second! Not three!

Mark: Michaels can’t believe it!

Rhino: Neither can I!

Mark: Michaels gets McConnell up.. Suplex! Michaels heads to the outside and starts looking under the ring… Uh oh!

Rhino: The crowd knows what Michaels has!


Rhino: But he hurt himself in the process!

Mark: McConnell looking under the ring once more.. He just pulled out a roll of barbed wire and tossed it into the ring. McConnell now placing Michaels against the ring barrier.. Now that ladder is propped up against Michaels chest and inside the ring..

Rhino: What the hell is he planning?

Mark: McConnell into the ring.. Off the ropes.. BASEBALL SLIDE INTO THE LADDER! OW..

Rhino: That ladder just got rammed into Michaels chest!

Mark: McConnell grins and begins to.. wrap his foot in barbed wire?

Rhino: So thats what hes planning.

Mark: McConnell finishes wrapping his foot.. Back into the ropes.. BAS-NO! MICHAELS COUNTERS AND MCCONNELL IS OUT ON HIS FEET!

Rhino: Michaels pushed that ladder off him and upwards, slamming it into McConnells chin!

Mark: McConnell staggers back onto the ropes.. Michaels crawling back into the ring.

Rhino: Not only are both these men bleeding profusely.. But now Michaels chest is cut open..

Mark: Michaels to his feet and moving towards McConnell.. McConnell charges off the ropes! RUNNING ENZUIGIRI..

Rhino: McConnell just kicked that barbed wire foot right into the side of Michaels head!

Mark: Michaels looks to be knocked out! McConnell drags Michaels over to the ropes..

Rhino: Wait, thats where the table is..

Mark: McConnell has Michaels hooked.. He’s going for a powerbomb! Wait! Michaels blocks! Back body drop over the ropes.. AND MCCONNELL GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!

Rhino: OW..

Mark: Michaels slides to the outside.. McConnell tossed back into the ring, Michaels follows.. Michaels with a body slam onto that barbed wire chair..

Rhino: He’s looking to finish it once and for all.

Mark: Michaels to the top rope.. BIG ELBOW DROP..

Rhino: McConnell got driven into the chair!

Mark: Michaels moves over to the corner.. And he’s tuning up the band!

Rhino: The crowds behind him!


Rhino: STEP-OVER WHEEL KICK! That barbed wire is once again smashed into Michaels head!

Mark: McConnell is crawling to the corner.. He’s up.. He’s calling for the Superkick!

Rhino: Now the crowd is behind him..

Mark: Michaels staggering to his feet.. 5 STAR SUP-MICHAELS DUCKS! McConnell turns around.. SUPERKICK! NO! MCCONNELL DUCKS! Kick to the gut! McConnell off the ropes! Michaels with a right! A kick to the gut of his own! Michaels off the ropes!





Mark: McConnell just got handed the title and I don’t think he can believe it!

Rhino: William McConnell just achieved his dream! He just beat HBK!

Mark: McConnell is a bloody mess, but he came out with the belt! My god, what a match!

Rhino: McConnell is posing in the ring.. And we’ve got confetti! What a night this must be for William McConnell!

Mark: Shawn Michaels is back to his feet and now he and McConnell are exchanging looks..

Rhino: Michaels just extended his hand..

Mark: Look at the respect! A handshake and hug from a great champion to a long time fan and friend.

Rhino: These two men gave everything they had and theres no shame in that. I hope we’ll see something more from these two great superstars in the future.

Mark: Well, thats all the time we have for the Super Sunday Night Spectacular! This is Rhino, I’m Mark and we’ll see you at Halloween Hellraiser! MONTHLY AND WEEKLY IN THE SAME BUILDING.. GOOD NIGHT!

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