House of Pain 2005

Mark:Welcome everyone to a very special EWA Event… Welcome to EWA HOUSE OF PAIN! I am as always Mark alongside with Rhino and Rhino we have a great show planned for everyone here tonight..

Rhino:You better believe we do… Three Titles Matches… Two Main Events and the Return of Triple H… You cant ask for more than that…

Mark:No you can not… Our Main Event is for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship as William McConnell defends the championship against Megumi Kudo…

Rhino:Can Megumi become the first female EWA World Champion?

Mark:We will find out tonight… Lets not waste anymore time and lets get to our first match up…

Diamond Dallas Page vs Big Daddy Ace

Pa Announcer:Tonights Opening Contest is set for one fall… Introducing first… From Boston, Mass… Weighing in at 273 Pounds… BIG DADDY ACE…

(“10000 Fists” plays as Big Daddy Ace enters the arena)

Pa Announcer:His opponent… From The Jersey Shore… DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE…

(“Its Me” plays as DDP enters the arena…)

Mark:DDP is making his way down to the ring…

Rhino:Big Daddy Ace locks eyes with him as Ace is in the ring and DDP is on the outside of the ring…

Mark:DDP is being attacked from behind…

Rhino:ITS TEAM 3D!

Mark:Team 3D is attacking DDP at ringside…

Rhino:Big Daddy Ace is just smiling as he is seeing what is going on…

Mark:Brother Devon picks up DDP… 3D!

Rhino:DDP was just 3D’ed on the outside of the ring…

Mark:Brother Ray and Brother Devon roll DDP back in to the ring…

Rhino:The referee calls for the bell…

Mark:Big Daddy Ace picks up DDP… ACE CRUSHER!

Rhino:DDP is out cold…

Mark:Big Daddy Ace hooks the leg… 1……………………..2………………3……. ITS OVER!

Pa Announcer:Here is your winner BIG DADDY ACE!

Rhino:After the attack from Team 3D Big Daddy Ace walks out with the victory…

Mark:Lets get back to more EWA Action…

Stipulation to be Announced
Shane Munns Vs Lone Jobber
Announced as the “Escaping Elimination”
Written by Elite1eWa/LoneJobber

Pa Announcer: Tonight, will be the first eWa match of the Escaping Elimination? Introducing first… From The Slaughter House… Weighing in at 235 Pounds, 5’11… Mr. eWa, Lone Jobber!

(“Survival of the Sickest” plays as Lone Jobber enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: His opponent… and the creator of the Escaping Elimination! From Concord, NC … Weighing in at 253 pounds 6’0″… Shane Munns…

(“Kryptonite” plays as Shane Munns enters the arena…)

Mark: The bell sounds and this match up is under way…

Rhino: This is Shane Munns first match up here in the eWa…

Mark: well as I see how it is right now, Lone Jobber has brought in a trash can lid, trash can, a kendo stick and a roll of toiled paper?

Rhino: What the hell? A roll of toilet paper?

Mark: I don’t know?

Rhino: Well Shane Munns, Brought a branding iron, a steel chair, a cart to push it on and a table, and what’s that? A football?

Mark: wow, these people are stupid?

Rhino: Well Lone Jobber and Shane Munns locks up, Shane Munns look like hehe’s overpowering Lone Jobber?

Mark: Shane Munns throws Lone Jobber back into the turnbuckle, Lone Jobber didn’t like that

Rhino: Maybe he thought this kid was going to be easy?

Mark: I think he is wrong?

Rhino: Shane Munns run and splashes Lone Jobber into the turnbuckle?

Mark: Lone Jobber is on one knee? Shane Munns with a huge right foot to the face of jobber?

Rhino: Shane Munns walks over to look at the weapons that Lone Jobber brought in?

Mark: You should never leave Lone Jobber unlooked?

Rhino: Munns likes the Keno stick and picks it up? Shane turns around?

Mark: super kick from Lone Jobber to Shane Munns? Out of no where?

Rhino: That just laid Munns out? Holy Crap? only minutes into this and both men took hard blows to the head?

Mark: Lone Jobber grabs the Steel chair? He picks Shane Munns up and swings?

Rhino: Shane Munns was playing? he wasn’t laid out? He ducked the swing and took the kendo stick from the ground and just hit Lone Jobber straight on top of his head?

Mark: Shane Munns is starting to hit Lone Jobber on his legs?

Rhino: Wondering why hehe’s attacking his legs?

Mark: I don’t know, but Lone Jobber is in pain?

Rhino: Shane Munns looks at the ladder between the ring ropes and the cage fencing? ? He?s bringing it inside the ring? Lone Jobber is now up but he has support by the top ropes?

Mark: Spingboard roundhouse kick from Lone Jobber to Munns? the ladder lands hard on Munns?

Rhino: That took a lot out of both men?

Mark: who will get up first? Shane Munns is pushing the ladder off of him and starting to use the ropes to get up? but Lone jobber is doing the same?

Rhino: Shane Munns with a Spear? They go through the middle rope on out on the iron platform?

Mark: The Chair is sticking out under the lower rope? Both men get up in pain grabbing themselves? Shane Munns grabs the chair and swings

Rhino: Lone Jobber ducks and Shane Munns breaks a chamber glass!

Mark: what a waste of glass?

Rhino: Hold on? I think a piece of glass cut Lone Jobber?s back?

Mark: yes, it did?

Rhino: Suplex onto the steel flooring by Shane Munns?

Mark: NO, ONTO the Glass!!!

Rhino: Holy crap? this rookie is beating Mr. eWa!

Mark: Lone Jobber?s back must be all cut up?

Rhino: Shane Munns gets into the ring and he?s taunting Lone Jobber?

Mark: This kid is sick?

Rhino: well Lone Jobber has been through a hell of a lot more than this and still survived?

Mark: Why doesn?t he get the ladder and get to the top of the chamber?

Rhino: He?s trying to prove a point using this beating as an explication mark?

Mark: Lone Jobber, slowing getting up?

Rhino: Yes, Yes,,, Jobber?s back is all blooded?

Mark: Jobber grabs the chair? Shane Munn?s back to him? Holy Crap, Lone Jobber just shattered his lights? Munns looks like he?s lost in the darkness?

Rhino: Lone Jobber is standing above Shane Munns yelling at him?

Mark: Well, Lone Jobber is pushing the cart into the ring?

Rhino: He is ramming the bottom of the cart into Munns? forehead?

Mark: Lone Jobber is laughing?

Rhino: Shane Munns is bleeding now?

Mark: Lone Jobber pulling the cart to a corner of the ring.. Jobber with a head full of steam.. he jumps into the cart.. Hi-ho-sliver?Crashing into Munns? face, the cart flips and Jobber flips out.. He?s laughing still? Jobber getting up and making his way to the corner? Jobber now getting on the top turnbuckle and now he hops onto the top of the chamber?

Rhino: 450? I hope so?

Mark: Frog Splash by Lone Jobber with some height from the top turnbuckle onto the bleeding Shane Munns?

Rhino: That hurt Lone Jobber also, his back has got to be killing him?

Mark: Every second, every move that Lone Jobber makes the glass gets deeper and deeper?

Rhino: Should we call the match?

Mark: ha ha ha ha, this isn?t that bad?

Rhino: oh true, we?re in the eWa not the XHW!

Mark: Look at that Shane Munns is moving? He?s getting up? He realizes that he has been busted open? What is he doing? He just grabbed the roll of toilet paper?

Rhino: He just took most of the paper and un-rolled it?

Mark: He?s putting it on Lone Jobber?s back? Jobber is in pain, but there is no where he can go because Munns put his knee on his head? He?s got the paper in a wad is pressing it hard onto Jobber?s back? With all that blood being soaked up, that has got to tell you how hard the tears have got to be and Shane couldn?t have improved matters?

Rhino: That doesn?t feel like a good cruise either?

Mark: Shane Munns picks his knee up in the air and slams it down?

Rhino: He just missed Jobber?s head totally? He just kneed the canvas full blast?

Mark: ouch? that hurts? Lone Jobber is sucking up the pain and gets up and slams a trash can lid that was laying next to him, over Shane Munns head?. Shane Munns is just laying there with his eyes open?

Rhino: Lone Jobber gets the ladder and sets it up? He starts to climb, Shane Munns rocking the ladder, Jobber jumps off the ladder ?

Mark: Jobber?s legs just gave out underneath him? He is grabbing his legs?

Rhino: Both men are down?

Mark: Both men have taken a beating? ant they aren?t through yet.. they?re ready to try and take some more ? Shane Munns picks Lone Jobber up after laying there for three minutes each? Munns Throws Lone Jobber over the ropes onto the hard steel? Munns slowly gets out of the ring? Lone Jobber is on all fours?

Rhino: Shane Munns just pushed Lone Jobber into one of the cells.. and slams the steel reinforced door right into Jobber?s face!

Mark: Holy Crap, he just whipped out a pad lock and locked Lone Jobber in?

Rhino: Smart move from Shane Munns? thinking out side of the box?

Mark: Shane Munns now climbing the ladder?

Rhino: What the hell? Ned and Jay just ran out from the back?

Mark: They are climbing the chain-link chamber?s side?

Rhino: Shane Munns is on top of the ladder? and the former tag champions are almost on the top of the chamber?

Mark: Lone Jobber is stuck inside a cell, but his lackeys have come down to stop Munns from winning?

Rhino: Shane Munns pulling himself up and now is on top of the chamber! He is on the chamber? all he has to do is get off the top!

Mark Ned and Jay have come equipped with steel pipes? Munns just found out he isn?t alone on the top.. They start hitting Shane Munns?

Rhino: What the hell was that? A crashing sound?

Mark: Lone Jobber has just broken out of the chamber by breaking the glass!

Rhino: shit? they only have two more cells!

Mark: Camera Chaos just chokeslammed Shane Munns down through the cage?s hole? but Lone Jobber was climbing the ladder and Munns knocks Lone Jobber off of the ladder while falling!

Rhino: Ned and Jay now are playing with the steel pipes? this isn?t god damn Revenge of the Sith and you two morons aren?t Jedi?

Mark: Well it looks like they?ve had their time in front of the camera as both Ned and Jay now start their climb down the side of the cage and began heading to the back..

Rhino: It?s anybody?s ball game now?

Mark: it?s a wrestling match not a ball game?

Rhino: You know what I mean?. Well Shane Munns? face is covered in blood?

Mark: Lone Jobber?s back is cut to pieces and his legs have taken quite their damage as well?

Rhino: Lone jobber is trying to pin Shane Munns?

Mark: There is no referee inside or outside of the chamber?

Rhino: Jobber now remembering what the match really is, gets up and wheels the cart over to Munns.. He slamms Munns onto the cart and starts wrapping Shane Munns with the Toilet paper to the cart?

Mark: Shane Munns is trying to get out of the paper wrap?

Rhino: this is funny to see Shane Munns wiggle like that?

Mark: Lone Jobber is setting the Ladder back up now and trying to climb it for the third time today?

Rhino: Shane Munns see Lone Jobber trying to climb on the hardcore theater?

Mark: Munns is pushing the cart with his legs backwards towards the ladder?

Rhino: oh shit? The cart knocks the ladder over and sends Lone Jobber out onto the platform where he misplaced the trash can? His elbow slams the trash can from 10 feet in the air?

Mark: Munns now wheeling himself over to one of the many broken chambers ? He?s cutting the paper with the glass?

Rhino: Shane Munns is free about the same time as Lone Jobber starts to get up?

Mark: Shane Munns with the football that he brought in? Lone Jobber is standing up on the platform?

Rhino: Shane Munns just throw a perfect spiral straight into Lone Jobber?s balls?

Mark: Lone Jobber is now on the ground crying?

Rhino: Shane Munns now grabbing for the branding iron as well as the ladder?

Mark: Shane Munns setting up the ladder and now is beginning to climb the ladder

Rhino: Shane Munns is now on top of the chamber again, but Lone Jobber sucking up the pain yet again and begins climbing right after Shane Munns?

Mark: Both men are on top of the chamber!

Rhino: Shane Munns is trying to hit Lone Jobber with the branding iron?

Mark: The Branding iron isn?t even hot!

Rhino: Lone Jobber just took the Branding iron away? and now just bent the rod over Shane Munn?s head? Shane Munns is walking backwards? but doesn?t fall?

Mark: Lone Jobber is picking one of the many weapons that was on the top of the chamber?

Rhino: He just picked up a Sledge hammer?

Mark: He?s not Hunter! Ha ha ha

Rhino: no kidding? well Jobber he running at Munns and slams the sledge hammer right into Munns? skull?

Mark: Man, Munn?s head is in pain!

Rhino: I think Shane Munns is knocked out?

Mark: I think he?s dead!

Rhino: Lone Jobber is just sitting down on the top of the chamber

Mark: wait, Lone Jobber is getting up? is he going to end this right now?

Rhino: Hell no, Lone Jobber is picking Shane Munns up? Lone Jobber just throw Shane Munns twenty feet down onto the ring mat! Is he going to do what I think he is?

Mark: Yep, Lone Jobber just jumped through the hole!

Rhino: Not only that, but he just landed a 810!

Mark: Not special, he hit a 990 at World Rush 2003!

Rhino: True, but was he beat up as bad?

Mark: I don?t think so myself Rhino?

Rhino: Well currently both men are down, but Shane Munns has to have some broken ribs from that 810 off the twenty feet high steel chain chamber!

Mark: But think about Jobber with those glass shards digging into his back and the pain that has to be on his chest after that fall!

Rhino: No matter what they say, both men, beat the shit out of each other

Mark: Yeah, for the fans?

Rhino: Lone Jobber is starting to move a little? Yes, Lone Jobber is moving towards the fallin? Ladder?

Mark: Jobber pushing the ladder to the middle of the ring? where Shane Munns lays?

Rhino: Jobber is getting help up from the ropes again? He picks up the ladder?

Mark: He sets the ladder up over Shane Munn?s body?

Rhino: Lone Jobber onto the first step, the second, the fifth, the seventh, the tenth, Crap, Shane Munns is starting to wake up?

Mark: he doesn?t know where he is?

Rhino: Lone Jobber to the top of the ladder!

Mark: Lone Jobber has both hands on the top of the hole?

Rhino: Shane Munns pushes the ladder over? but Lone Jobber is hangin on?

Mark: Lone Jobber is yelling from all the pain?

Rhino: Lone Jobber is pulling himself up?

Mark: Shane Munns is up? He is trying to jump and get him? but it?s way to high and he?s way too tired!

Rhino: Lone Jobber is finding some kind of extra power?

Mark: Lone Jobber has his right foot over!

Rhino: Lone Jobber is on top of the chamber? He is just sitting on top of the ladder looking at Shane Munns?

Mark: Lone Jobber waves to Shane Munns and crawls over to the side of the chamber and starts to climb down?

Rhino: Shane Munns runs to the side of the cage? reaching out he grabs Lone Jobber?s leg and pulls it inside the main cage?

Mark: Lone Jobber fell and his leg is caught in cage?s links?

Rhino: This must be hurting, after all those kendo shots and all?

Mark: Shane Munns is grabbing his ribs but he?s setting up the ladder?

Rhino: Lone Jobber is trying to get his foot out, but he used too much strength when he pulled himself up?

Mark: Shane Munns is on top of the Chamber?

Rhino: Shane Munns might steal it?

Mark: Shane Munns is climbing down the chamber!

Rhino: Look at this, the crowd is cheering, Camera Chaos have returned to aid Lone Jobber ?

Mark: They just un-hooked Lone Jobber?s leg and Lone Jobber fell to the floor?

Rhino: I can?t believe it!

PA Announcer: And you?re winner of the first ever Escaping Elimination?. Mr. eWa, LONE JOBBER!

Mark: After getting cut by glass, after getting his leg smashed by a kendo stick, after escaping one of the four cells inside the chamber? He is the king of escaping! LONE JOBBER!

Rhino: He also got help by his lackeys?

Mark:Its now time for the Open Brawl Challenge featuring the return of Triple H…

Subway’s Open Brawl Challenge
Subway vs Triple H

Pa Announcer:This next contest is Subway’s Open Brawl Challenge…Introducing first… From Greenwich, Ct… Weighing in at 260 Pounds… Accompined to the ring by Stephanie McMahon… The Game… TRIPLE H…

(“My Time” plays as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon enter the arena…)

Pa Announcer:His opponent… From Wildwood, Nj… Weighing in at 220 Pounds… The X Core Solider and EWA Vice President… SUBWAY…

(“Hits from the bong” plays as Subway enters the arena…)

Mark:This is Triple H’s first big time match back since EWA ReAlliance…

Rhino:We saw him knock off some of the rust last night but this is a big time match against the EWA Vice President…

Mark:Triple H and Subway are jaw jacking in the center of the ring… Triple H goes for a right hand… Subway blocks and hammers The Game with right hands sending him back in to the ropes… Subway with a hard kick to the midsection before sending Triple H in to the ropes… Triple H comes off and Subway connects with a back body drop…

Rhino:The Game is back up on his feet…

Mark:The Game turns around and Subway nails him with a big right hand knocking Triple H down and he rolls to the outside of the ring…

Rhino:Stephanie has gone over to Triple H to make sure that he is okay and Triple H doesnt seem to be too happy at the moment…

Mark:Triple H is now walking up the ramp…

Rhino:Subway is coming after him…

Mark:Subway turns Triple H around… Triple H nails him with a right hand…

Rhino:Triple H suckered Subway in…

Mark:Triple H now grabs Subway by the hair and brings him back down to the ring… Triple H scoops up and drops Subway hard on to the steel guardrail…

Rhino:The Game sends Subway back in the ring…

Mark:Triple H is bringing a steel chair in to the ring… Subway is up on his feet… Triple H swings the steel chair and lays out the EWA Vice President with that steel chair shot…

Rhino:Stephanie is smiling with approval after seeing that…

Mark:Triple H covers Subway 1…………………………….2…………………….. Subway gets his shoulder up…Triple H now picks up the steel chair and drives the chair in to the throat of Subway…

Rhino:Subway is trying to get the chair off of his throat any way that he can…

Mark:Triple H lets go and is now taking Subway to the corner and is hammering with shots to the midsection…

Rhino:He is stomping a mudhole in him and is walking it dry… As Triple H is in complete control…

Mark:Stephanie gives her husband a kiss for all the work he is doing…

Rhino:I think that was a mistake as he is giving Subway time to recover…

Mark:Triple H now whips Subway in to the ropes… Triple H ducks his head… Subway sees and nails Triple H with a swinging neck breaker…

Rhino:Told you he wasted time…

Mark:Subway now picks up the steel chair that Triple H was using earlier… The Game gets up and gets leveled with the steel chair…

Rhino:That was a vicious shot by Subway…

Mark:Triple H is now backing up in to the corner… Subway swings and connects again with the steel chair…

Rhino:Thats two hard chair shots in a row…

Mark:You can hear Stephanie McMahon screaming…

Rhino:Subway is now going to the outside and is walking over to Stephanie…

Mark:Stephanie is now screaming at Subway… Subway moves in to kiss Stephanie… Stephanie slaps Subway right across the face…

Rhino:I think Subway liked the slap…

Mark:Subway pulls out a baseball bat out from underneath the ring before heading back in to the ring…

Rhino:The Game is staggering back up to his feet…

Mark:Subway swings the baseball bat… Triple H ducks and grabs the bat from Subway… Subway turns around and gets nailed right in the head with the baseball bat…

Rhino:Subway is now bleeding…

Mark:Triple H gets on top of Subway and is just hammering him with right hands busting that cut wide open…

Rhino:This is the vicious side of Triple H as he is wiping Subway’s blood on his chest…

Mark:Triple H picks up the steel chair and lays out Subway again…

Rhino:I think Subway is out cold…

Mark:Triple H goes for the cover 1…………2………3……..NO! Subway got his shoulder up…

Rhino:Stephanie is telling Triple H to pedigree him…

Mark:Triple H hooks him up… PEDIGREE!

Rhino:Thats gotta be it…

Mark:Stephanie is telling Hunter to use the steel chair…

Rhino:And he is going to do that right now…

Mark:Triple H hooks up Subway… PEDIGREE ON THE STEEL CHAIR!

Rhino:That should be it…

Mark:Triple H covers Subway 1……….2…….3…….. ITS OVER!

Pa Announcer:Here is your winner TRIPLE H…

Rhino:Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are smiling in the ring and are satisfied with what has gone down tonight…

Mark:The Game is back… EWA better watch out… As we get set for our first title match of the night… We getting word from the back. Kevin Sullivan is leading The Snakes steel chairs in hand to L&LL Express dressing room!

Rhino: Why is the Taskmaster with them there at the door now and they bust in chairs swinging, Lenny and Lodi totally off guard.

Mark: Taskmaster has something in his hand and Snakes just unloading on them POWDER TO THE FACE OF LENNY NOW BLINDED!

Rhino: Taskmaster now getting something else yelling at them “THOUGHT IT WAS OVER! PUNKS I JUST GOT STARTED YOUR NOTHING!” This is odd as Buck moves out of the way and FIRE BALL to the face of Lodi NOW HE IS BLINED!

Mark:Express are screaming in pain bloody and blinded at the hands of the Snake Eyes.

Rhino: Taskmaster stops and stares at them..”YOUR NOT REAL YET BOYS, YOU GOT ALOT MORE TO LEARN!

Mark: He looks at The Snakes”I sugest you two leave and leave right NOW!” he gives a evil grin. ” You dont wanna see this. Don’t forget your Titles boys.”They look and grab the eWa World HW Championships and then jet out the door running into and crashing into Abdullah The Butcher!

Rhino: Abby grabs at them and they jet like hotrods down the hall. Kevin calls Abby in and the door slams behind them. You here all kinds of carnage and screaming like there being murdered, in there what are they doing to them!?

Mark: There brutalizing them….teaching them they won’t get a easy ride.

Rhino: Interesting whats next since the Tag Match is a bust.

MARK: One hell of a show so far as we get ready for what’s guaranteed to be a nice and toasty match as Frank Saint defends his newly won FTW Championship against Heidenreich.

RHINO: Two competitors of the Hellworld cage who just happen to be two champions in their own right. Heidenreich holds one half of the original EWA Tag Team Championships along with Road Warrior Animal. In effect, this is champion versus champion. The match should live up to that aspect alone but I guess it’s wait and see.

FTW Championship Inferno Match
Frank Saint(c) vs Heidenreich
Written by Dprincedso

(“Dangerous Politics” by WWE Productions plays throughout Jacksonville’s Mayport Naval Base)

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled under special conditions as it is an INFERNO MATCH! It is for the EWA FTW CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana and weighing in at 275 pounds, he is one half of the EWA Tag Team Champions….HEIDENREICH!

MARK: Heidenreich out and in the ring ready to go with the skull on his face and white spike shoulder pads.

RHINO: I miss the PJ’s. He beat the announcement to the ring.

(“Thou Shall” by Young Buck plays throughout Jacksonville’s Mayport Naval Base)

ANNOUNCER: And his opponent, from Selma, California and weighing in at 245 pounds, he the current and defending EWA FTW Champion….FRANK SAINT!

MARK: Saint coming to the ring ready to defend his newly won FTW Championship against Heidenreich and you got to wonder how these two are going to compete after Hellworld.

RHINO: Like an EWA professional should. They get pushed inhumanely a good portion of the year and now, Heidenreich and Saint have to tough it out one more time just like always.

MARK: As you know, to win this match, you set your opponent on fire using the outer wall of flame around the ring. These two as equally matched as it gets and here’s the lock up. Double push off.

RHINO: Both men are the same size but Heidenreich holds a slight weight advantage.

MARK: Only 30 pounds. Another lock up and neither man can gain an advantage. Quick kneee to the gut by Saint followed by another quick DDT.

RHINO: How much speed can a 240 guy have?

MARK: Saint hammering away at the back of Heidenreich’s head. Heidenreich covering up. There’s a couple of EWA guys that are real quick at OH MAN! Heidenreich with a wild swing behind him and nails Saint right in the eye. Saint immediately covering his left eye. Heidenreich rolls up. Sees Saint and pounces on him!

RHINO: This is a shark smelling blood in the water!

MARK: Heidenreich with those quick hands. Left and rights. Saint swinging wildly trying to hit back but it’s no good since he’s covering his eye. Big boot to Saint and Saint’s down now.

RHINO: And look at the shiner Saint has now.

MARK: Saint sporting a black left eye after Heidenreich landed that wild shot. Heidenreich comes around the back of Saint and locks in a Key Lock on the left arm. I guess he’s got some sort of plan.

RHINO: I’m confused too. Why is Heidenreich aiming for Saint’s left side?

MARK: Heidenreich stretching Saint and Saint trying to find a way out of the hold. Look at that eye. Saint coming out of the hold. RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX ON HEIDENREICH! Where in the hell did that come from?

RHINO: I’m starting to sweat here.

MARK: And Saint with some well placed kicks and trying to direct Heidenreich towards the fire. Each kick and Heidenreich rolls closer to the fire. Saint grabs Heidenreich’s head and is now trying to push Heidenreich’s face right into the fire!

RHINO: Saint needs to be real carefull here. One timed slip up and he could easily go into the fire himself!

MARK: Heidenreich trying to power out here. Saint pushing but Heidenreich not worn down enough to go into the fire yet. Saint grabs the head of Heidenreich and locks in a front face lock. Real smart strategy by Saint here.

RHINO: Yeah. He drags Heidenreich away from the fire so he doesn’t go into the fire but still keeps Heidenreich close enough to the fire to make him breathe hard in that front face lock. There’s not a lot of oxygen in that ring and Saint knows that.

MARK: No strategy is flawless as Heidenreich is taking advantage of Saint’s unprotected body. Stiff shots again all on Saint’s left side. Punches in bunches and Saint releases but knocks Heidenreich down with a clothesline. Both men are down.

RHINO: They’re both starting to feel the effects of the fire here because those flames are wearing them down.

MARK: Saint trying to push himself out here. Picks Heidenreich up. Puts him between his legs. A textbook piledriver by Saint drives Heidenreich straight into the mat!

RHINO: Saint’s dominating Heidenreich here!

MARK: You sure about that? Saint is breathing heavily here and Heidenreich is hurt but he’s not breathing as heavily as Saint. It’s showing too. Saint getting back up slowly. Saint to his feet. Picks Heidenreich up by the head. Looks like he’s going to Irish Whip him into the flames. Saint using a lot of energy just to pick Heidenreich up. Heidenreich breaks the hold. Kick to the gut. Powerbomb? Piledriver? SHOULDERBREAKER! Heidenreich immediately collapes on the ground!

RHINO: A few minutes ago, we complemented on Saint’s strategy but I think it’s been Heidenreich with the strategy here. How did he think of the “rope a dope” here?

MARK: Heidenreich again, aiming for the left side of Frank Saint as that shoulderbreaker was executed on the left shoulder of Frank Saint. Saint and Heidenreich both getting to their feet. Saint favoring his left shoulder. Kick to Saint’s left leg by Heidenreich. Heidenreich with a shove. Saint stumbles back AND INTO THE FIRE! Saint’s right arm is on fire! STOP, DROP AND ROLL! WE’VE GOT A NEW FTW CHAMPION!


RHINO: And with this win, Heidenreich comes that much closer to being the only EWA wrestler to win the original triple crown; that being the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, the EWA FTW Championship and the EWA Tag Team Championship.

MARK: But will he get a chance to do that? We’ll see as we get ready for the Iron Lumberjack Match with Megumi Kudo facing William McConnell for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship.

RHINO: Megumi Kudo has already made “herstory” the first EWA female wrestler to ever receive a EWA World Heavyweight Championship shot. Will she make “herstory” again?

Mark:I am being told right now that EWA Reporter Kent Richardson is trying to get a word with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon… Kent?

Kent:Yes Mark I am here with the Lovely Stephanie McMahon… Stephanie, I have been told that you have something to say…

Stephanie:Yes I do Kent… As everyone saw tonight my husband Triple H is back and he means business… And when you are in this business you are out for one thing and one thing only… And thats to be the World Heavyweight Champion…

Kent:So is Triple H asking for a title shot?

Stephanie:No… Triple H is taking his title shot…

Kent:How can he do that?

Stephanie:Well its simple… Back at ReAlliance… My Husband defeat two other men in a Scaffold Match to get an open contract… And right now on behalf of my husband… I am signing his name on this contract for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at Monday Night Massacre… So whether its Megumi Kudo or William McConnell… They will be facing my husband Triple H for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… So now go spread the word…

Rhino:Thats huge…

Mark:It sure is… Triple H is going to fight for the World Heavyweight Title… Right now we are going to find out who he will be facing in our main event…

eWa World Heavyweight Championship IronLumber Jack Match
William McConnell(c) Vs Megumi Kudo
Written by Psyko Boy PYB

Mark: EWA Superstars are now surrounding the ring as its time for the IronLumber Jack Match for the EWA World Heavyweight Champion..

Rhino: William McConnell has fought hard to keep his belt and Megumi Kudo has fought hard to get the chance to take that belt..

PA Announcer: The following contest is an IronLumber Jack Match for the EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.. Iron Man rules will apply as well as those of a Lumberjack match..

(“It Came From Japan” hits over the PA System has Megumi Kudo makes her way down to the ring..)

PA Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger.. From Koshigaya, Japan, weighing in at 132 pounds.. MEGUMI.. KUDO..

Mark: Kudo looking confident and determined tonight.. She wants to take that title bad.

Rhino: Kudo glaring at the lumberjacks at ringside..

(“The Answer” hits over the PA System.. William McConnell makes his way from back with Jason Cain following him..)

PA Announcer: And the champion.. From Evansville, Indiana.. Weighing in at 226 pounds.. Being accompanied by Jason Cain.. He is the EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.. THE ANSWER, WILLIAM… MCCONNELL..

Mark: Cain taking his place at ringside while McConnell poses in the ring..

Rhino: You gotta imagine alot of guys want a piece of McConnell tonight.. If they can make an impact, they could be the next one in line for a title shot..

Mark: We’ve got 60 minutes on the clock.. The ref calls for the bell and here we go.. Kudo and McConnell pacing around the ring.. McConnells stopped his pacing and is motioning for Kudo to come right over.. Kudo does so.. DAMN.. Slapped the taste right of his mouth..

Rhino: Kudo fears no one..

Mark: McConnell fires back! Hard right to Kudo, Kudo punches back.. McConnell… thumbs Kudo in the eye?

Rhino: That was odd for him..

Mark: McConnell shrugs and smirks, grabbing Kudo by the back of the neck.. He’s charges her towards the ropes!

Rhino: And stops!

Mark: Going in the other direction!

Rhino: Seems McConnell is trying to decide which of the lumberjacks he shoulder throw her to..

Mark: McConnell stops again.. Kudo whipped into the corner.. McConnell charges.. Kudo moves, McConnell hits hard and stumbles back.. Kudo throws McConnell to the outside!

Rhino: He got lucky, because Cain was right there fending off anyone who wants a piece..

Mark: Not for long, other lumberjacks closing in.. McConnell getting to his feet and quickly rolls back into the ring.. Kudo with hard boots to McConnells back.. McConnell back to his feet, Kudo with an irish whip.. McConnell nails a HARD clothesline and takes Kudo down..

Rhino: Lumberjacks looking anxious for action..

Mark: Kudo back to her feet, McConnell going for another clothesline.. Kudo ducks, McConnell turns around.. And a high dropkick takes him down!

Rhino: McConnell rolling dangerously close to the ring apron..

Mark: New comer Shane Munns looking to get a piece of McConnell.. McConnell kicks him in the head! Kudo charges from the ropes.. Baseball slide! McConnell moves! And Munns is knocked to the floor..

Rhino: That didn’t work too well..

Mark: McConnell and Kudo roll back into the ring.. McConnell of the ropes.. Kudo with a back body drop sends McConnell flying over!

Rhino: McConnell hit the floor hard..

Mark: McConnell is surrounded by guys like Ace and Munns.. Wait, what the hell? Lenny and Lodi coming to McConnells aid! McConnell to his feet.. Kudo with a suicide dive through the ropes! McConnell ducks and Kudo takes out everyone else!

Rhino: Seemed this was supposed to be Kudo and McConnell, but its turned into a free for all!

Mark: McConnell is under the ring and grabs two chairs.. One wrapped in barbed wire.. Wait, theres Heidenreich! He taps on McConnells shoulder.. McConnell turns and tosses the barbed wire chair to Heidenreich..

Rhino: And down he goes! McConnell smacked the barbed wire chair into Heidenreichs face with the other chair..

Mark: McConnell smirks and rolls back into the ring.. Kudo just slammed Lodi into the stairs HARD and rolls back into the ring.. McConnell with a hard right and whips Kudo into the ropes.. McConnell going for a spinebuster but Kudo reverses into a rolling DDT!

Rhino: Heidenreich just tossed that barbed wire chair into the ring..

Mark: Kudo grabs it.. McConnell to his feet and turns around.. HARD chair shot! Kudo with a cover!

Rhino: 1………………2……………. McConnell kicks out..

Mark: 10 minutes have passed so far.. Kudo gets McConnell to his feet and shoves him into the turnbuckle.. Kudo with hard kicks to McConnells chest.. McConnell just caught Kudos leg.. Places a hand underarm and lifts her up.. HARD SLAM by McConnell..

Rhino: McConnell just showed his power advantage over Kudo..

Mark: McConnell up to the second rope and drops an elbow across Kudos chest.. McConnell back to his feet, picking up Kudo.. Whips her into the ropes.. Kick to the gut, McConnell off the ropes.. Flying shoulder tackle takes Kudo down..

Rhino: Someone just slid a kendo stick into the ring.. Kudo hides it by her side..

Mark: McConnell to the ropes again.. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!

Rhino: Kudo smashed that kendo stick into McConnells gut mid flip and it litterally EXPLODED!

Mark: McConnell in pain.. Cover by Kudo! 1………………..2………….. McConnell barely gets the shoulder up..

Rhino: McConnell in pain, though..

Mark: Kudo with stiff kicks to McConnells stomach as he gets to his feet.. Kudo off the ropes and nails a hard spear into McConnells mid section, taking him down..

Rhino: Shes targetted a vital part..

Mark: Kudo grabs the barbed wire chair and climbs the turnbuckle.. McConnells up! Springboards off the ropes and kicks the chair into Kudos face! Kudo falls to the outside!

Rhino: This ain’t good..

Mark: Kudo being assaulted by several lumberjacks! Others coming to her aid! We’ve got a battle on the outside!

Rhino: Look out McConnell! Munns in the ring with a chair!

Mark: Munns charges, McConnell sees him.. Munns sent over the ropes and into the fray! McConnell looks to the crowd with a grin.. McConnell off the ropes.. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA ONTO EVERYONE!

Rhino: McConnell took them all down!

Mark: McConnell grabs Kudo and tosses her back into the ring.. The lumberjacks still going at it..

Rhino: Look at Jobber! He’s got a chair and hes taking everyone out!

Mark: I think hes just here for a fight.. Back in the ring, Kudo and McConnell exchanging punches.. McConnell blocks and goes for body slam, but Kudo slides backwards and grabs McConnell in an inverted facelock!

Rhino: Dragon Sleeper By Kudo!

Mark: Shes trying to make McConnell submit! McConnell trying to get out of it, but he doesn’t have leverage.. wait! McConnell just put a foot in the refs chest and kicked off it! McConnell flips over Kudo and gets her on his shoulder!

Rhino: Kudo could be in trouble!

Mark: Kudo slides back out again! Dragon Suplex locked in again! McConnell trying to get out!

Rhino: She has it locked good..

Mark: McConnell gets his legs up around Kudo’s head! Leglock choke!

Rhino: Its a double submission!

Mark: Whos gonna give out first? Kudo beginning to fade.. AND SHE DROPS MCCONNELL ON THE CHAIR..

Rhino: She turned it into an inverted Judgement Slam..

Mark: Kudo with a cover! 1……………2…………….TH-NO! MCCONNELL KICKS OUT..

Rhino: Kudo not happy..

Mark: Kudo drags McConnell to his feet and picks up the chair.. HARD CHAIR SHOT.. McConnell stumbles and bounces off the ropes.. Another chair shot! McConnell stumbles off the ropes again.. ONE MORE and McConnell stumbles through the ropes and into the waiting arms of the lumberjacks!

Rhino: That looks like Big Bill Boa..

Mark: Big Bill gets McConnell into a powerbomb, and raises him up.. McConnell slumps backwards but Boa holds on..

Rhino: Theres his partner, Buck Diamondback..

Mark: Diamondback just set a kendo stick on fire! And hes wailing on McConnells midsection! McConnell is helpless!

Rhino: Jobber just knocked out Heidenreich with a hard chairshot for next to no reason..

Mark: Jason Cain is coming to his friends aid! He just cracked Diamondback in the back of the head with a metal container from under the ring! Diamondback thrown into the crowd.. Bill Boa and Cain in a staredown..

Rhino: This whole time, Kudo has been setting a table up on the outside.. It looks rigged with something..

Mark: Big Bill Boa just lifted McConnell back up to powerbomb him! Cain with a spear! A spear takes down Bill Boa and but McConnell is hurtin!

Rhino: The champ has had everyone coming for him..

Mark: Shane Munns is coming for McConnell again.. But Cain intercepts! Cain with a kick to the gut and runs Munns shoulder first into the gut of Big Daddy Ace!

Rhino: Cain protecting his long time friend..

Mark: Cain rolls McConnell back into the ring.. Kudo back into the ring as well.. McConnell is bleeding badly.. Kudo goes for a cover!

Rhino: 1…………2………….3!

PA Announcer: The Score Is Now Kudo 1, McConnell 0!

Mark: Kudo kicks McConnell for good measure.. She looks to have a lighter.. and She just set the table on the outside on fire!

Rhino: What does she have planned?

Mark: Kudo brings McConnell to the outside ring apron by the table and hooks him under.. She gets him up.. Shes gonna Ganso Bomb him!

Rhino: Look out!

Mark: Wait! Lenny Lane just grabbed McConnell by the waist! He’s fighting Kudo and trying to stop her from doing it!

Rhino: What is it with these two helping McConnell?

Mark: Lenny punches Kudo square in the nose! Cain is running around the ring to help.. Lenny gets McConnell away from Kudo.. Lodi’s in the ring! Off the ropes.. AND HE SPEARS KUDO OFF THE APRON.. KUDO GOES THROUGH THE TABLE..

Rhino: The table just exploded!

Mark: Kudo convulsing as she rolls out of the flames.. Lenny drops McConnell on Kudo!

Rhino: And with Jobber just fighting everyone, and 3 people helping McConnell, he has no worries!

Mark: The ref is counting… 1…………..2…………………3!

PA Announcer: The score is now tied at 1 to 1!

Rhino: Cain rolls McConnell back into the ring, following by Kudo..

Mark: McConnell is the first to his feet.. We’re just past 30 minutes.. Cain tosses some barbed wire into the ring and McConnell begins wrapping it around his right foot..

Rhino: We’ve seen this before..

Mark: McConnell stumbles over to the corner and measures Kudo up.. He’s just waiting for her to get up..

Rhino: Kudo finally showing some movement.. …What the hell is Jobber doing?

Mark: Setting up a stack of tables on the outside..

Rhino: Wait, Heidenreich is in the ring!

Mark: McConnell sees it! He ducks a clothesline! Heidenreich turns around.. SUPERKICK! Heidenreich catches that barbed wire to the face!

Rhino: That had to hurt.. On the outside, Big Bill Boa and Buck Diamondback just attacked Jason Cain!

Mark: Kudo to her feet.. Goes for a clothesline! McConnell catches it and goes for a Psyde Effect! Kudo with elbows to the side of McConnells head.. McConnell charges Kudo! Kudo uses his momentum against him and McConnell is over the ropes!

Rhino: And in trouble! McConnell just got his arms tangled up!

Mark: McConnell facing the crowd with his arms stuck between an intertwined top and middle rope.. And Kudo seems extremely happy about it..

Rhino: Shes been handed a chair, barbed wire, a towel, lighter and lighter fluid..

Mark: Kudo wraps the towel around the chair and uses barbed wire to hold it to the chair and has just soaked it in lighter fluid..

Rhino: Oh no, this is gonna be bad..

Mark: Shes set the chair on fire! McConnell doesn’t know whats coming! GOOD GOD.. A FLAMING CHAIR RIGHT TO MCCONNELLS BACK..

Rhino: McConnell is writhing in pain but he can’t do anything to stop it!

Mark: Lenny and Lodi into the ring.. Lenny gets a flaming chair to the head! Lodi trying to help McConnell but gets smacked across the back!

Rhino: Cain is being preoccupied by Snake Eyes!

Mark: Kudo has McConnell all to herself.. and she is wailing on McConnells back!

Rhino: God, that has to be tearing his back up..

Mark: The fire has finally gone out on the chair, but Kudo keeps wailing.. Finally, she drops the chair, which is completely bent out of shape..

Rhino: McConnells back is bleeding as well as burned..


Rhino: And the crowd is chanting Holy Shit!

Mark: Lodi is in the ring and helps McConnell out of the ropes.. He just handed McConnell a chaired and rolled out of the ring..

Rhino: But neither McConnell or Kudo are moving..

Mark: Time is counting down, with less than 20 minutes left.. Kudo is finally getting to her feet and back to the ring apron.. Shes climbing the turnbuckle..

Rhino: Shes going high risk..


Rhino: Good god, this is vicious..

Mark: McConnell has collapsed to his knees, his back in absolutely pain.. McConnell is dragging himself over to the turnbuckle and climbing it.. Hes calling for the 10 Point Frogsplash!

Rhino: Wait, theres Shane Munns! He just gabbed McConnells leg and crotched him!

Mark: So much for that.. Big Bill Boa just threw a black bag into the ring next to Kudo.. Kudo finally moving and she grabs the black bag.. Shes bleeding bad.. And she dumping that bag.. THUMBTACS.. WE’VE GOT THUMBTACS..

Rhino: Uh oh..

Mark: Kudo ascending McConnells turnbuckle.. Shes got him hooked for a superplex.. McConnell blocks! They’re on the top rope.. Kudo tries for the superplex again! McConnell with rights to Kudos side.. Several headbutts to Kudo from McConnell.. He hooks her!

Rhino: HERE WE GO!


Rhino: Both competitors writhing in pain!

Mark: They’re not giving up.. Kudo and McConnell stumbling to their feet.. They turn around.. McConnell grabs Kudo and… He’s kissing her!

Rhino: Thats an unorthodox defense, but I think it just threw Kudo off her game!

Mark: McConnell stops kissing her and grins..

Rhino: Is it just me, or do Lenny and Lodi look angry about that?

Mark: Kudo goes for a running clothesline! McConnell ducks.. Kudo turns around.. FIVE STAR SUPERKICK.. HIS FOOT STILL WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE.. KUDOS DOWN! MCCONNELL WITH A COVER!

Rhino: 1……….2…………………..3!

PA Announcer: The score is now McConnell 2, Kudo 1!

Mark: 15:03 left.. McConnell off the ropes.. Wait! Theres Heidenreich! POWER DUNK! ONTO THE THUMBTACS.. Lone Jobber into the ring.. Heidenreich turns.. AND JOBBER GOES LOW..

Rhino: He just kicked him right in the nuts.. Shades of an old Sid and Jobber match..

Mark: Heidenreich rolls out of the ring.. Jobber over the ropes and takes out Snake Eyes!

Rhino: Its been all out mayhem..

Mark: McConnell and Kudo to their feet.. McConnell pulls himself up on the ropes.. And Kudo clotheslines him, sending them both over! McConnell and Kudo getting to their feet slowly.. Lodi has a chair! Kudo ducks! MCCONNELL IS OUT!

Rhino: He missed his target..

Mark: Kudo whips Lodi right into Heidenreich! POWER DUNK!

Rhino: Look who jumped the gaurd rail!

Mark: Frank Saint is going after Heidenreich! Jobber hits the Gimmick on Shane Munns!

Rhino: This is supposed to be a lumberjack match, yet no ones bothering to throw McConnell or Kudo back into the ring..

Mark: McConnell slowly getting back to his feet.. Kudo with stiff kicks to his head.. Kudo grabs McConnell by the head.. Right into the turnpost! McConnell slumps to the ground and Kudo is back under the ring..

Rhino: Flourescent lightbulbs!

Mark: Kudo is laying them across the ground.. She grabs McConnell.. Shes going for the Kudome Driver!

Rhino: McConnell is hooked!


Rhino: McConnell is hurt!

Mark: Kudo rolls McConnell back into the ring.. COVER! 1……………2……………….3!

PA Announcer: The score is now tied at 2-2!

Rhino: Just under ten minutes left, who will score the crucial pinfall?

Mark: Kudo back outside and rounding up whats left of the flourescent bulbs.. Shes rolled them into the ring and follows.. Kudo slowly picking McConnell back up to his feet… PSY-KO! MCCONNELL WITH A JUMPING CUTTER OUT OF NOWHERE!

Rhino: Bad name! Good effect! And Kudo just landed on all those bulbs!

Mark: Neither one moving! Both bleeding a great deal!

Rhino: That doesn’t mean the action has stopped..

Mark: Jason Cain has Big Bill Boa hooked.. OUTLAW DRIVER.. Jobber off a turnbuckle and takes out Buck Diamondback, Shane Munns, and Big Daddy Ace! The Great Sin on Heidenreich from Frank Saint!

Rhino: What happened to these men being lumberjacks?

Mark: McConnell is slowly getting to his feet.. He’s climbing a turnbuckle.. Kudo is up! SHE PUSHES MCCONNELL AND HE SLAMS INTO THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Rhino: Thats gonna hurt..

Mark: Kudo to the top.. She leaps! McConnell moves and KUDO GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!

Rhino: She is out cold!

Mark: McConnell drags himself slowly over to our table.. Hey, what are you doing?!

Rhino: Better move Mark, somethings gonna happen to our table..

Mark: Well, McConnell just took the covering off our table and threw out the monitors.. McConnell picking up Kudo and delivers a few hard rights.. Wait! KUDO HAS A MONITOR AND CRACKS IT OVER MCCONNELLS HEAD..

Rhino: And he goes down!

Mark: Both of them are down again.. This match has taken an insane toll on them, especially after Hellworld.. Jason Cain running over to help his friend..

Rhino: McConnell and Kudo seem so lifeless..

Mark: Kudo has gotten to her feet.. she has a chair.. Cain is helping McConnell up and sees it! Cain just dropped McConnell as Kudo swings!


Mark: Cain is down! 5 minutes to go! Kudo is tossing all kinds of stuff onto our table.. More flourescent lights, thumbtacs, barbed wire, some of that explosive substance..

Rhino: Whoever goes through this is gonna be HURTING..

Mark: Kudo is picking McConnell up slowly.. McConnell grabs her shirt and falls back! Kudo is sent face first into the steel steps!

Rhino: That HURT.. Did you hear that?

Mark: Kudo slow to her feet, grabbing her face.. McConnell grabs the head and goes for a suplex! Kudo blocks! Goes for her own suplex! McConnell flips over her back.. Kudo turns and goes for a clothesline! McConnell ducks.. BARBED WIRE SUPERKICK!


Mark: McConnell is grinning sadistically now..

Rhino: Hes gonna finish this.. 3 minutes left..

Mark: McConnell just moved the flourescent lights and explosive off the table.. McConnell grabs Kudo by the head.. BODY SLAM right onto the remaining tacs and barbed wire on our table!

Rhino: Oh no, this won’t be good..

Mark: McConnell now placing the explosives back on Kudo, as well as the light bulbs.. And McConnell is heading back to the ring!

Rhino: He isn’t..

Mark: Its time we moved.. We’re getting out of the way, McConnell is facing our table with his hands on the ropes..

Rhino: The crowd is cheering loud as hell!



Mark: We’ve got 2 minutes left but I think they’re dead! Neither one is moving!

Rhino: The time is counting down, who can make the pin? Will it even count on the outside?

Mark: Good god, look at the carnage around the ring.. This is insane.. This all for a championship..

Rhino: Not just any championship.. Kudo wants to make history, William McConnell wants to remain the best.. This is what heart and soul in this business is all about..

Mark: We’ve got less than a minute left.. MCCONNELL IS MOVING.. HE’S GOT AN ARM DRAPED OVER KUDO..

Rhino: Here comes the ref.. HE’S COUNTING!

Mark: ONE……………………….TWO…………………..THREE!

Pa Announcer: The score is now McConnell 3, Kudo 2!


Mark: McConnell had the wear with all to make a pin and thats it!

Rhino: Theres blood everywhere..

Mark: 10 seconds left, Kudo has to make a pin!

Rhino: I don’t think she will.. She is out cold!


Pa Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and STILL.. EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.. WILLIAM.. MCCONNELL!!

Mark: My god, William McConnell has done it! He’s retained the EWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Rhino: Cain is handing McConnell the title and helping his friend to his feet.. He is covered with blood but he is victorious..

Mark: Cain helping McConnell up the ramp.. wait.. Look at the top!


Mark: He’s pointing to McConnell.. and he’s motioning the title around his waist..

Rhino: Don’t tell me Triple H is coming for the belt?

Mark: Whatever it means, its gonna shake things up! Its all the time we have! GOODNIGHT!

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