Halloween Hellraiser 2005

The L & LL Express Vs, Mystery Opponents
Written by therocktbb316@gmail.com
Edits made by DPrincedso@aol.com

AL SNOW: Hello everyone and welcome to the EWA tradition known as HALLOWEEN HELLRAISER! I’m Al Snow! Joining me is Rhino as we call the action here tonight inside Madison Square Garden and it might be the last time because MSG raised the rent in this place.

RHINO: The Mecca is “greed-ah.”

AL SNOW: I won’t try and guess what that means as we begin things tonight with the unrecognized EWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Championships with Lenny Lane and Lodi taking on a mystery team.

RHINO: And I guess we cut right to it? What about Kitana?

Al: Lenny Lane and Lodi are in the pumpkin patch, but who are their opponents?

Rhino: …Is that Purgatory?

Al: I believe it is. He’s dressed as the Hobgoblin from Spiderman.

Rhino: Well, it is Halloween.

Al: WHOA! Lenny and Lodi just got attacked from behind!

Rhino: But by who?

Al: It looks like….No way! It’s Jason Cain and PYB!

Rhino: The Outlaws?

Al: I looks like it! Cain and PYB are beating the hell out of the Glitter Boys.

Rhino: What an unexpected turn of events!

Al: WHOA! Look out! Purgatory is launching flaming pumpkins into the patch!

Rhino: And one just smacked Lodi in the head. That has gotta hurt.

Al: It looks like McConnell and Cain have the upper hand! Wait…. What the?

Rhino: Its the Dudleyz! What are they doing here?

Al: Its become a triple threat brawl!

Rhino: Plus flaming pumpkins.

Al: So much for a tag team match, as they’re now fighting their way out of the patch.

Rhino: We’ll have to settle this soon.

The Retro Playa Vs. Crazed Maniac Vs. JBL
Written by lonejobber@gmail.com
Edits by DPrincedso@aol.com

AL SNOW: That was confusing. Say, won’t we get sued if we use “Dudleys?”

RHINO: We really said Team 3-D. By the way, if the WWE has a problem with that other name, they can take it up with the world’s tallest president.

AL SNOW: Well, we move from that to the Triple Treat Match on the month.

RHINO: We said Team 3-D!

Kitana Baker: The following contest is a one fall triple threat match!
(“Longhorn” by WWE Productions begins to play)
Kitana Baker: Introducing first, from New York City… John Bradshaw Layfield!
AL SNOW: And this match is do or die for JBL. If he doesn’t win, he’s gone.
AL SNOW: It won’t be the first time. JBL ready to go here.
RHINO: It’s not like he has a choice.
(“When I’m Gone” by Three Doors Down begins to play)
Kitana Baker: The second man in this match, from parts unknown…Crazed Maniac!
AL SNOW: Crazed Maniac with his second match trying to make his mark here.
RHINO: He hasn’t got it rollin’ yet but maybe this will be the match?
AL SNOW: I don’t know. He made such a big deal trying to debut himself only to fall flat. There’s always hope, I guess.
RHINO: It’s just to see things work out.
AL SNOW: Both guys ready and now, we wait.
(“Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry begins to play)
Kitana Baker: The final man in this match, from Chicago… The Retro Playa…
Rhino: And it looks like the three men are about to get it on…
Al Snow: Look at them though, Crazed Maniac and Bradshaw both are starring at that piece of steel Playa has around his fist.
(“Bring Your Whole Crew” by DMX begins to play)
Al Snow: Oh my, it’s Omega! The world’s biggest boss! Oh my God!
Rhino: Why are you flipping out? You saw him not too long ago backstage.
Al: Still, it’s Omega and once again, no television can do him justice. Think Bobby Lashley but as tall as Yao Ming.
Rhino: Like you said, it’s Omega. And he’s got a live microphone. That’s definitely trouble?
Omega: Didn’t I tell you bitches not to cross the boss? Bradshaw, I gave you a chance and how do you repay me? You want to try and no show my event like that? Well, fuck you too! You’re fired!
Rhino: He just fired Bradshaw, the wrestling God!
Al Snow: And listen to these fans! That song has become as much of the eWa as smashing a Playstation 2.
Rhino: John making his way up the ramp and look at Omega. A look of disgust. A look of….
Al Snow: Huge Yakuza Kick! He almost took Bradshaw’s head with that one.
Omega: And as for you Crazed Maniac, wanting to no show my event as well? All I can say to you, is good fuck.
Rhino: Good fuck?
Al Snow: Maniac is just as confused. Retro Playa springing off of the second rope smacking Crazed’s calf.
Rhino: He hit him with the back of the blade and now Crazed understands just what he is in for.
Al Snow: Crazed Maniac goes for a clothesline. Playa ducks it and smacks Crazed yet again. Crazed runs in again. Playa slides under and another tap.
Rhino: Al, why is he doing this?
Al Snow: How should I know?
Rhino: You’ve been watching him for months haven’t you?
A; Snow: Well, if I had to guess, as he does it once again, he’s showing Crazed Maniac just how close he is from being defeated.
Rhino: And it looks like he’s pissing him off.
Al Snow: Crazed going for a punch. Blocked. Punches again. Blocked. And for a third, Playa catches it. Playa sweeps Crazed’s feet underneath him. Playa wrapping Maniac’s arm up and has him in an armbar.
Rhino: Is he going to tap? Is he going to tap?
Al Snow: And Playa using his left claw and bounces it over Crazed’s neck!
Rhino: And look at Maniac whimper! He’s tapping! Retro Playa wins!
Kitana Baker: The winner of this contest via submission….The Retro Playa!
Al Snow: Some would say Retro Playa is next in line for the eWa Championship and that would be true.
Rhino: And the traditional EMT carry out for Maniac as Retro leaves the number one contender to the EWA Championship. What else can we expect from tonight?
~First two men to find the EWA Tag Team Titles in the Halloween bags around the ring are the new EWA Tag Team Champions~
Rob Van Dam & Justin Credible Vs. The Legion Of Doom Vs. The Old World Alliance Vs. Chaotic Cult (O. G. Scarface & Havok)

AL SNOW: It’s been one hell of a night so far and now we reach the monthly side of the tag team championship as all four teams of the month including the newly debuting Chaotic Cult are competing in the Halloween Hellraiser annual Trick Or Treat Match. This is normally a singles match but with this, any two guys can become the new EWA Tag Team Champions.

RHINO: Definitely a new innovation and tonight, we will most likely see new tag champions. The odds of the same two men finding the titles are lotto-like. Hey Al, what happened to Camera Chaos?

AL SNOW: They got dropped faster than you can say “Lenny And Lodi” but they might be back. You never know.

RHINO: Thanks for letting me say this: Let’s go to Kitana Baker, who’s sporting her Vampirella outfit, for the introductions.

KITANA BAKER: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the EWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS AND IT IS THE TRICK OR TREAT MATCH! Various bags are scattered all over Madison Square Garden and tonight, the first two men to find both EWA Tag Team Championships are the new EWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Your special guest referee will be PURGATORY….I mean CARE BEAR PURGATORY!

(“Cult w/Out A Name” by Danzig plays throughout MSG)

KITANA BAKER: First, introducing coming to the ring accompanied by Ana Mosity and Climaxx…they are O. G. SCARFACE and HAVOK….CHAOTIC CULT!

AL SNOW: I’ve heard a lot about these guys and now, it’s gonna be interesting seeing them.

RHINO: The Chaotic Cult coming to the ring making their debut and I’ve never seen a tie-dye Care Bear before.

AL SNOW: And Care Bears have stuff on their bellies like rainbows if I remember right. Purg’s sporting razor wire.

RHINO: Ana Mosity and Climaxx holding the ring ropes open for their men and there’s O. G. and Havok coming in here debuting. Why are Ana and Climaxx leaving? MORE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN RINGSIDE PLEASE!

(“The Old Gods Return” by Blue Oyster Cult plays throughout MSG)

KITANA BAKER: And now; introducing the second team. They are BERSERK and THE DARK ONE….THE OLD WORLD ALLIANCE!

AL SNOW: The Old World Alliance teaming back up after a month separated and looking to get their team back on the stable track here.

RHINO: The Dark One is a man who actually practices Halloween as a religious holiday calling it “Samhain.” I think Berserk doesn’t even know what that is.

AL SNOW: Got to wonder how many “God” arguments they get into. Samhain is real, Rhino.

RHINO: I know. I’m just saying that to see what effect that plays out here tonight.

(“What A Rush!” by WWE Productions plays throughout MSG)

KITANA BAKER: Introducing team number three. They are ANIMAL and HEIDENREICH and they are THE LEGION OF DOOM!

AL SNOW: This New York crowd just EXPLODED with “L. O. D. ” chants!


AL SNOW: I said they….nevermind! Animal and Heidenreich granted the rare opportunity of a rematch here and the question is will they made good on it?

RHINO: No, I don’t know anything about hood ornaments! Let’s just go to Kitana for the final introduction!

(“Walk And Snap Neck Fusion” by EWA Productions plays throughout MSG)

KITANA BAKER: And now, the final team….they are ROB VAN DAM and JUSTIN CREDIBLE….also known as THE NEW IMPACT PLAYERS!

AL SNOW: Justin Credible and RVD running to the ring because a HUGE fight just broke out! All eight men fighting at the same time! How’s Care Bear Purg gonna handle the chaos?

RHINO: Are you kiddin’ me? He lives for this stuff!

AL SNOW: It’s broken down into singles fights. The Dark One battling Scarface, RVD all over Berserk, Justin Credible getting pummeled by Animal and Heidenreich fighting it out with Havok. It’s an old fashioned Bar Room Brawl without the bar room!

RHINO: I could go for a beer to. I’m not gonna even try to call all this. Everybody’s just fighting right now and now, the fight spills out the ring. The only one in the ring is Purg.


RHINO: Holy shit indeed. I guess he couldn’t resist.

AL SNOW: Purgatory apologizing to everyone. RVD the first to his feet. Looks like he enjoyed it. Pointing to the bag. Purg says go ahead and open it. A TITLE JUST FELL OUT! RVD is one-half tag team champion!

RHINO: Wait a minute, Purg has to check it. It’s the old ECW Television Title. How about that?

AL SNOW: RVD looking in disbelief at a title he held for ten months. RVD taken aback a bit. OH MAN! He just got decked by The Dark One! The Dark One now going for a bag. Not wasting time. Another title just popped out! Is this the one?

RHINO: Purgatory checking the title. This time, it’s the EWA Television Championship! I thought it got absorbed.

AL SNOW: LOOK OUT HERE! Animal with a huge shoulderblock to the stomach of The Dark One! Every one down! Where’s Purgatory going? Under the ring goes the tie-dye Care Bear. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! Nine Chairs! AH-AH-AH!

RHINO: Okay Count, what the Sesame Street is going on here? Purgatory handing all eight guys a chair? And what’s the ninth one for anyway? He just set it up in near the ring.

AL SNOW: Each guy has a chair and now, each guy standing up in a circle of sorts. HOLY SHIT! EIGHT WAY CHAIR SHOT!


AL SNOW: And so do these fans! Good grief! GOOD GRIEF! CARE BEAR PURG WITH A DIVING HEADBUTT ONTO THAT SET CHAIR FOR CHAIR SHOT NUMBER NINE! We got unofficial Musical Chairs over here!

RHINO: And amazing as it sounds, each and every guy is now crawling to a bag and going for whatever’s in the bags. Purg back up. I can’t believe each and every guy here is bleeding.

AL SNOW: What the hell? Titles. Nothing but titles just popped out the bags and now, Care Bear Bloody Purg is checking all the titles.

RHINO: Yes, he can see through the crimson mask.

AL SNOW: And now, we get the check. Justin Credible is holding the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship.

RHINO: One down.

AL SNOW: The Dark One is holding the EWA Total Impact Championship.

RHINO: I haven’t seen that one in a while.


RHINO: He’s just become one of the few wrestlers to ever hold the original EWA Tag Team Championship and FTW Championship!

AL SNOW: Berserk has the WCW Hardcore Title.

RHINO: Where the hell did that come from?

AL SNOW: Havok has the IPW Heavyweight Championship.

RHINO: WOW! Talk about a “hell did that come from” moment!

AL SNOW: O. G. Scarface has the EWA Undisputed Championship.

RHINO: Shane McMahon finds his creation here.

AL SNOW: Rob Van Dam is holding the ECW World Heavyweight Championship! So who’s the….uh-oh.

RHINO: You don’t mean….



KITANA BAKER: The winners of the match by way of specific conditions and NEW EWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS….ANIMAL AND HEIDENREICH….THE LEGION OF DOOM!

AL SNOW: That was as real as it sounded.

RHINO: Rob Van Dam and Justin Credible in disbelief as they watch luck come to LOD and they become the new EWA Tag Team Champions.

AL SNOW: The other teams leaving as history is made here tonight with the first time ever a team won the titles like this.

RHINO: If you’re just coming back, you heard right. The Legion Of Doom become new EWA Tag Team Champions.

AL SNOW: Well, now we go from MSG to the grave as Hardcore Theater broadcast another EWA tradition of Halloween Hellraiser; the Final Moments Match.

RHINO: Should be a good one.

~The combination of 4 Matches; Death, Buried Alive, Casket & Cemetery. Winner places opponent into casket lying in an empty burial plot and shovels dirt onto the closed casket~
Vertigo Vs. Raven

AL SNOW: Now we go live to an undisclosed location somewhere in New York where Raven and Vertigo are going to fight to determine a new EWA Champion of the world. Undisclosed location. I sound like a professional tool.

RHINO: Don’t sweat it, Al. Our extraordinarily expensive night vision cameras are following Raven as he wanders around looking for Vertigo. Is that him over there? Raven with a tackle and HE GOT THE JUMP ON VERTIGO! Beating the holy hell out of….a scarecrow?

AL SNOW: Nice trick! Use the poor lighting to your advantage! Raven looking around. OH MAN! Another bat attack!

RHINO: He didn’t hit him with a baseball bat! He hit him with a big ass fake bat! The kind that fly and some guy named Bruce Wayne became a man about.

AL SNOW: Isn’t that what I said? Now it’s Vertigo with the advantage firing away with lefts and rights. Kick to the groin! Oh man! DDT!

RHINO: Or was that an Evenflow?

AL SNOW: Raven down and Vertigo with some kicks to the ribs. Raven hurting and doesn’t know where he is. Raven trying to fight his way up and Vertigo chops him back down!


AL SNOW: Raven rolling around and gets to his feet. What did Vertigo just grab over….CANDY!

RHINO: Was that one of those plastic pumpkin pails?

AL SNOW: Candymania has hit the cemetary here and Raven tastes Snickers and he just tasted that clothesline!

RHINO: Raven’s in a mess and has no idea where he….oh shit. Vertigo has a portable staple gun.


RHINO: I wonder why people are chanting “stapled ass?”

AL SNOW: Raven’s completely out of it and OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Just got busted over the head with a Lava Lamp!

RHINO: Those things get hot when they warm up!

AL SNOW: Raven is a mess. He’s completely lost and he just got sent into that tombstone!

RHINO: He isn’t moving to much anymore.

AL SNOW: And now Vertigo rolling what looks like a barbed wire fence into that open grave. The rolled fence goes into the casket. What’s he doing now?

RHINO: Looks like he has a cheese grater. Why is he setting it on fire?


RHINO: He only hit him once.

AL SNOW: Now, Vertigo muscles up a bloodied Raven. FEAR FACTOR! Raven’s sent into the barbed wire bottom casket by the Fear Factor! Vertigo closes the lid!

RHINO: All he has to do now is close the casket!

AL SNOW: And he does! Vertigo retains!


RHINO: Man, Vertigo dominated.

AL SNOW: When you no show, that is the way it goes. Vertigo with a dominating performance tonight but, he will have a harder time in November when he faces The Retro Playa.

RHINO: You think so?

AL SNOW: I hope so. The next month pay per view’s forecasts calls for REIGN! Get it? Reign?


AL SNOW: Well as Vertigo breaks himself off a piece of a Kit Kat Bar to celebrate while breaking a sweat, we watch the dual twin cells lower on the rings as we get ready for the main event known as HELLWORLD!

Scene Hellraiser PPV
The event leading up to Hellraiser plays then with a flash the lights go out and a single dimmed spotlight finds Sinister Father up high above the ring standing on a platform next to him a Level, and in the shadows next to the Level stands a Tall figure arms folded and the outline you can see a long coat and dreadlocks long.

Sunister Father: Ladies and gentalmen boys and girls freaks outcasts nomads and warriors…the DYING TIME HAS COME! * crowd pops* But before we get right into fighting that will end in a war a bloody painfull one at that. First i must introduce the maker the man who spent alot time design your doom, he the Bleed Fresh Daily Guy..He fears Nothing and Risks Everything he is the Vice president of the Extreme Wrestling Allaince and The X Core Soldeir Forever Undisputed Champion! This is SUBWAY!

Hits Form the Bong Hits as Subway makes his way out first stopping with the mic in hand.

Subway: Theres just a few things i need to do before we get the bitch going. First off, PUT The DUDLEY BOYS ON THE HARDCORE THEATER! * We see the Dudleys exiting the arena as ..* Hey Dudley Boyz you wanna come here uninvited and get into tag match you have no buisness being in? You think cause of who let you in your off the hook fuck that Dudleys. 3D wants in on some EWA action then you got it you have a match I better see the Dudley Boys Like I know or it’s going to be your ass’s on the chopping block next. Now Shawn Micheals was unable to make it due to travel arangments be mixed up so I WILL BE CALLING SHOTS! Before I get to the NEW rules, yeah NEW cause I do what I fucking want how I want too. First thing first on my list is well lets get Demon Child on the Hardcore Theater since we know he’s standing by. * the hardcore theater Lights up and shows Demon Child In the back waiting, he looks to the camera guys and yells “whats this about! they shug and* This is about you and you constant no showing when you please, you could have come out here as the First ever TLC Division Champion but no you stayed in the back and let this one slip by and NOBODY DOES THAT TO ME! As off this minute YOUR FIRED! SECURITY GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! * security pours in the room as Demon Child begins to rage and the Hardcore theater shuts down.*

Al Snow: Man someone is on a power trip.

Rhino: It’s kinda crazy seeing what we are from Subway, what a sell out.

Subway: You two mind if I finish?! * he looks right at Al Snow* With all that out of the way lets get to it. I made things a Bit easier since this is now a 3x3x3 match and i can call it all i can’t be at two places at once, I am declaring this a ALL OUT WARFARE! To Win get a Title, We will start with two, Being The CHAMPIONS! I know you love me now don’t you. Every Two Minutes another will be released. All i will be there to do is call for the stretchers and have them hauled out. Mystery Man behind the Level for the Heat, feel free to Give them The Heat when ever you like, after there all in the ring of course wouldnt want anyone to miss it. Then at the Thirty Napalm will drop. Goodluck Fuckers your going to need it! Sinister Father our guest Annoucer Please if you will START THE FUCKING SHOW!

Al Snow: Here we go we be waiting for this for some time!

Rhino: This is big and Subway just waiting by the Entrance.

eWa World Heavy Weight Championship & eWa Fuck The World Championship Match
Special referee: Subway

William McConnell(C) Vs Heidenreich Vs Doug Kinsella Vs The Rock Vs Aaron Marx Megumi Kudo(C) Vs Baka Kami Vs Frank Saint Vs Big Daddy Ace

Sinister:From Koshigaya, Japan… Weighing in at 132 Pounds… The Last eWa Womens Champion… and current FTW Champion…Accompanied by her second Subway………..

(“It Came From Japan” by The Von Bondies plays as Megumi Kudo enters the arena…)

Al Snow: Kudo standing at the enterance with a Kendo Stick in hand pointing up Subway yelling at him as he smiles.

Rhino: This is going to be very interesting. Subway in one side of the ring and Kudo on the other.

Sinister: From Evansville, Indiana…Weighing in at 235 Pounds… The Reigning eWa World heavyweight Champion…..The Answer… WILLIAM McCONNELL…

(“The Answer” plays as William McConnell enters the arena…)

Al Snow: The first two combatants are in the ring the Bell has sounded and the clock is ticking.

Rhino: Kudo Charges and PYB ducks off the ropes with a heel kick Kudo DUCKS!

Al Snow: Two speedy Extremists right here going at it. Kudo nails William as he got back to his and again, Kudo swings a third time William powders out and is by those gas soaked tables. Wich you and smell ringside.

Rhino: Can’t help notice two things, Subways eyes are on Kudo and You Al!

Al Snow: Kudo yelling at Willaim, i know he needs to watch the match don’t know what his probelm is. Lately he been all mixed up.

Rhino: Kudo with a suicide dive through the ropes and William moves and sends Kudo head first in to the side of the Cell! PYB with the Keno Stick choking Kudo now!

Rhino: The buzzer sounds as our next combatant is making his way out now. Subway is unlatching the Chain ladders leading to the second cages.

Sinister: … From Selma, Ca… Weighing in at 245 Pounds… Representing The Church of Pain… he is the man to watch here tonight …… FRANK SAINT…

(“I Came to Bring The Pain” plays as Frank Saint enters the arena…)

Al Snow: He goes right after William as they exchange blows, the eWa World HW Champion blocks and kick to the gut GUTWRENCH SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE!

Rhino: Kudo pulling her self togther and is back in the ring, as PYB is grinding the face of Saint into the Cell!

Al Snow: Kudo with a running starts hits ropes hard and jumps UP and Over HIP CHECK to the back of PYB! The FTW Champion in full controll now with that Kendo Stick, Nails Frank Saint in the back!

Rhino: No Effect! Frank turns and looks at Kudo as she lays one on him and another. She turns to who is half back in the ring and cracks one across his back!

Al Snow: Kudo hits the ring and Frank follows as he drags PYB back in who was tangled in those ropes.

Rhino: Hes out now and all three are in one side of the Structure. Kudo in Subways face yelling at him ” DO YOUR JOB SUBPAR!” She just slapped the taste out of Subways mouth and he turns and spits rubbing his face with a smile.

Al Snow: Sick bastard. Subway pointing to the chain ladder as Frank sends PYB off the ropes William with a pancake Frank hits the other side ropes PYB up leapfrog, Kudo right there to deleiver another shot to William and that sticks begining to come apart.

Rhino: Buzzer has sounded who coming out now….

Sinister: Introducing next, from Dayton, Ohio.. Weighing in at 241 lbs.. DOUG KINSELLA..

(“Firefly” hits as Doug Kinsella makes his way to the ring..)

Al Snow: Kudo instructing Frank she take care of PYB you go get Doug, and i dont think he minds as Doug like a bottle rocket down and inside the cell charges Frank , he answers with a BIG BOOT!

Rhino: Kudo locks in a russian leg sweap with the kendo stick! Doug is up and answers back with a closeline, Frank on the same page and they both go down!

Al Snow: Doug up first on top of Frank with fists of fury and Frank rolls him over, there now fighting like a school yard brawl!

Rhino: Kudo’s been working the leg of The World Champion and now locking in a sharp shooter of sorts with the Kendo stick locked in there too! Thats gotta hurt!

Al Snow: Kudo is smart as you see she knows take out PYBs legs and thats 50% of his arsenal. Subway checking asking PYB if wants give up, he yells HELL NO! Doug has Frank just dropped him over the top rope like a sea saw, Doug going to the other side of the ring and in the other ring and using the rope slingshots himself up and over and PULLED The head loike a Gullitine off some sort that was NUTZ!

Rhino: Crowd was awwed on that move, i don’t even think i understood what just happen! But the fans approve of the innovation on Dougs part. Doug dragging Frank from between the ring and has him in the other side. As Kudo still with That Kendo Shooter locked in.

Al Snow: Buzzer taht was fast, think the Mystery man getting itchy or what?

Now introducing the Boss of the Underworld BTP Network himself … From Boston, Mass… Weighing in at 273 Pounds… BIG DADDY ACE…

(“10000 Fists” plays as Big Daddy Ace enters the arena…)

Rhino: Ace on fire as he speeds down to the ring and climbs inside, and greats Frank and Doug with a double closeline! PYB begining to fight as the pain has done some damage at this point. Kudo struggling to hold it as ACE with a double DDT!

Al Snow: Ace jumping to this ring and forward dropkick the face of Kudo and the hold is broken and Subway now staring at Ace with a scowl on his face.

Rhino: Hahahah Subway Ace wants PYB for himself and stiff axe handles to the back he calling for it ACE CRUSHER ON PYB! Ace turns and is met with a boot to face by Frank Saint! Doug jumps Frank from behind and Kudo is now looking for that chain ladder and Subway with both hands on Kudos ass shooves her up there!

Al Snow: Kudo is pissed as Subway laughs, Big Daddy Ace see’s Kudo and is in hot pursuit. Frank and Doug once agian throwing blows back and forth. PYB is hurting but starting to come around.

Rhino: Buzzer sounded and lets see whos next on the….

Al Snow: Hahahah now lets not go there…..

Sinister: , from New York City.. Weighing in at 232 lbs.. He is .. Sports Entertainments ONLY Sure Thing.. AARON MARX..

(“Make a Move” hits over the PA System as Marx makes his way down to the ring)

Rhino: Nice timing these guys are beaten down and Aaron is fresh and he makes his way down to the ring and doesn’t look happy about it and is showing it by wearing that Anti eWa shirt.

Al Snow: He went in the empty side and now has a clear shot into the second cage and is doing it as PYB with a low blow to both Frank and Doug and he is making his way to the second Cgae as well.

Rhino: Big Daddy Ace and Kudo are squaring. Ace with a Barbwire wrapped Bat and Kudo has WEEDWACKER! Aaron enters via other side and is looking for a weapon and grabs a Barbwire wrapped 2×4 as Ace enters that side of the cage walkign away from Kudo and the Weedwacker.

Al Snow: William has enter the cage and Subway has a foot holding him up and Kudo comes in with that weedwacker as Aaron and Ace fighting Conan style each with a Barbwire wrapped weapon! William grabs the closest thing and its Kitchen Sick now blocking the attack by Kudo!

Rhino: Aaron and Ace’s weapons got locked togther as Aaron first to drop it and jab to the jaw right left right left standing dropkick! Doug with a double axe to back of Subway and William is free. Doug Austin style stomping to Subway and climbs to make his way in the second cage.

Al Snow: Frank following closely. PYB the Psyko Boy the World Heavy Weight Champion swinging that Kitchen sink at Kudo’s every move there at a stand off. Doug goes right into the cage with Aaron and Ace grabs a broom stick and cracks into peice across Big daddy Ace’s back.

Rhino: Buzzer went off, almost down to the last few.

Sinister: It comes to us Via replacement he comes from japan somplace his weight is Unknow…he is BAKA KAMI!

(Godzilla hits the Pa System as BAKA KAMI comes out wrapped in barbwire already and runs down to the ring.

Al Snow: Subway now in the ring with PYB and Kudo as William now on defense, Aaron Marx Chair in hand comes over after Kudo, Frank has Ironing Board and goes after The Answer. Doug sends Ace off the ropes winds up cookie sheet to the FACE!

Rhino: Down goes Ace and In come Kami with a Avalance slash from behind on Doug! PYB with a stiff shot to Frank and Saint is opened up now. Marx knocks the weedwacker from Kudo and drops the chair kick the stomach DDT!

Al Snow: Kudo flat checks her head and she’s busted open now. Kami working Dougs skull with the Barbwire, Ace exiting the second cage to the outside dangerous very dangerous.

Rhino: Aaron following behing him. Ace see’s it is on Aaron low blow and ACE CRUSHERER! HE WENT THROUGH A TRAP DOOR!

Al Snow: Easy you’ll pop something! Ace held on and didn’t fall. Subway at Kudo, William looking at Ace who is climbing up and into the barbwire ring Psyko Boy limping after him. On the other side Kami has a ladder and is destroying Doug with it.

Rhino: Frank grabs a toaster and heads out and up. Subway hands Kudo a staple gun and she takes and shooves him away.

Al Snow: Buzzer sounded, and here we go almost all out.

Sinister: Are next victum comes from Hoolywood and needs no more introduction then that here he is …THE ROCK!

(Smell what the Rock’s cookin? Hits the Pa System as the Rock enters and slowly as if not happy about this match.

Rhino: He see’s Aaron who is just starting to come around and The Rock stalks him as he gets to his feet…ROCK BOTTOM ON MARX! He’s a big shot now huh. He’s looking up and shaking his head.

Al Snow: Frank and Kami meet on the FTW side of that very unstable barbwire Ring, Ace and William trading shots, Ace with a body slam on that barbwire flooring. Frank with a hard forearm and Kami answers back.

Rhino: Frank and Kami both hit the ropes and Double Roaring Forearms! Doug is grabbing a Cheese Grader and goes after Kami who is now a bloody mess as Doug twists the grinder on his head.

Al Snow: PYB reverses a powerbomb atempt by Ace and deleivers a DDT! Now smushing Ace’s face the the barbwire and you can se the blood dripping down. Kudo meets the Rock with kick to the jaw and drags him in to the ring Subway holding a ladder Kudo sends him into it face first now bouncing The Rocks head into it. She and Subway grab him and toss him out the door leading to the outside using his head to open it.

Rhino: Subway doing something with Kudos arm as Frank Saint grabs Doug and Atomic Drop on the barbwire ropes! Saint has Kami now and Suplex..NO he drops Kami across the ropes seasaw style.

Al Snow: Kudo is out on the ledge and The Rock swings and she ducks and comes back with kicks to the body and then a dropkick Rock staggers back and close to the edge, Subway just lite her arm on fire! The crew below lite the table as Megumi Kudo Running Forearm and over goes The Rock and explodes through the flaming tables!

Rhino: Fans chanting Holy Shit! Buzzer sounded off. Sloth is last, this is it Demon was fired no more after this the heat is LIVE!

Sinister: He has lived Seven Deadly sins..he is One Half EWA Tag Team Champion and memeber of L.O.D… From New Orleans… Weighing in at 275 Pounds… HEIDENREICH…

(“Dangerous Politics” plays as Heidenreich enters the arena wearing Pjs and yawning…)

Al Snow: Aaron Marx is pulling himself togther, Kudo Subway making there way up. William runs jumps up on the barbwire from ring to the other and heel kick on Frank Saint. Kami and Doug fall to the outside off the barbwire ropes.

Rhino: Kudo with a staple gun to the head of Big Daddy Ace. Heidenreich climbs in the ring a boot on Aaron who just stood up. He has him locked in POWER DUNK! There taking The Rock away on a strecher.

Al Snow: Heidenreich has taken a seat in the corner looking up and just waiting there. Hurricranna by Psyko Boy on Frank Saint. Kudo going for a pile driver on Ace and no he reverse it with a back drop.

Rhino: Subway reaches over and pulls the hair of William getting his attention, Kami and Doug on the edging slugging it out. PYB points and tells Subway dont fuck with him and Frank with a closeline from behind and now choking the Champ with the barbwire ropes as Subway laughs.

Al Snow: Alabama Slam by Ace on Megumi and it shoke that ring. Subway pulls over PYB inbetween the two barbwire rings. Frank running suicide dive over the top rope on both Doug and Kami! Aaron to one knee and heidenreich is up locks in a powerbomb!

Rhino: Up and Aarons head smashes into the ceiling aboving and agian making Aaron a bloody mess. Third time heidenreich lets go and sits back down and yawns. The buzzer sounded!??

Al Snow: Whats going on now?

Sinister: The final combatant of the night! SSSUUUBBBWWWAAAYYYY! (Hits from the Bong plays as Subway explodes on Big daddy Ace with a nasty Sub LINE!)

Rhino: He’s in it? No athurity at all in there! Megumi Kudo jumps up on Subways back as the lights flash and its THE HEAT THE HEAT! The mystery man through the switch and everyone is fealing it now as sparks fly everywhere!

Al Snow: that S O B Subway! Everyone is down and Kudo is fine she’s going for the as Subway using his own body as a stepping stool. Doug and kami are climbing inside the ring on there side. Ace is slapping his own face to wake up. William struggling to get free of the ropes.

Rhino: Heidenreich is in a ball as Aaron is not moving EMT’s are aiding him and pulling him out as Heidenreich is all alone Kudo halfway up the rope already are we going see history right here and now?

Al Snow: Maybe, Ace and PYB are up, they charge and closeline Subway togther. There now shaking the rope and Kudo is kicking but missing, man Aaron looks bad he’s spitting up blood now. Kami kick to stomach on Doug Gutwrench suplex. He picks him up as Frank is getting up and Doug is sent into the corner and Kami follows with a splash.

Rhino: Kudo lost her grip and came down hard. Psyko Boy whips Subway into the ropes and O NO they broke away and Subway flips head over heels backwards and to the outside. William is wrapping his boot up with barb. Ace sets up Kudo and off the ropes Spinebuster rocked the ring.

Al Snow: William with a Psyko Kick to Subway! That cut him up bad. Kami in the corner working over Doug. Ace climbs the turnbuckle pearched on the second rope waiting for PYB to turn around.

Rhino: Lights just flickered and MORE HEAT! Kami just flew back, Frank gripping the Ropes, William frozen where he stands and Kudo face down and screaming! Heidenreich bearing through it. Subway as well. Ace fell off the top turnbuckle..the tables are on fire a spark set them off O NO Ace bounced off the second cage and down through a flaming stacked table! Holy Shit is all i hear!

Al Snow: EMTs are at him fast. Thats three down permently. Subway Kudo William Kami Doug Frank all getting to there feet pulling themselves up. They have beaten the hell out of each other here tonight. Doug is all over Frank this time with kicks to the ribs and a soccer kick to Kamis head! Doug sends Frank face first into the corner.

Rhino: Kudo and Subway talking they attack ELIMINATION! Kudo signaling up, Powerbomb City! She’s Motioning to the title as Subway hammers on William. Doug is going for a Superplex! Frank Saint runs over and cuts off GOUES UNDER POWERBOMBING THEM BOTH! Kami went far out Doug center RIGHT THROUGH THE FLOORING OFF THE BARBWIRE! SAINT HUNG ON STILL UP THERE KAMI IS HANGING BY HIS NECK HE NEEDS HELP NOW! DOUG COUNTINUED THROUGH THE SECOND AND DOWN AT HEIDENRIECHS FEET! Fans are chanting HOLY FUCK as this has become a Inferno Death Match like none other. EMTs rushing to help Kami, AL where are you going?!

Rhino: Al is climbing the cage and Subway see’s it! He yells hurry up! Frank Saint has to climb the turnbuckle and Jump to his rope. Kudo is climbing already! Al is going to be met by Subway he charges Al ducks TRAPPING HEADBUTTS! Subway staggers and OFF THE EDGE AND CRASHES THROUGHT THE TABLES THAT NOW CREATED A INFERNO SURROUNDING THE RINGS!

( Sinister Father has made his way down to the table)

Sinister: I am here relax, things arent looking good …. Subways out of it now. Al is going after Kami to help! Frank and Kudo are climbing. William is to his feet. Heidenreich has Doug and has locked in a sleeper hold on Kinsella. Goodnight to both of them! Hit the god damm HEAT!

Rhino: Lights flickered HEAT IS HERE! The World HW Champion JUMPED a leap of faith and got on the rope in time! Frank and Kudo stunned for a second. Heidenreich and Doug cooking below. Al Kami, freed and the EMTs fealing some HEAT!

Sinister: I smell napalm coming hee hee …..William climbing fast as Kudo kicks he blocks. Frank Saint almost there and hes got it NEW EWA Fuck The World Champion…..FRANK SAINT!

Rhino: Kudo isn’t Champion yet don’t get too happy Sinister….Frank swinging to get down and does. He’s looking at Kudo and William. There now face to face as Kudo kicks to the ribs and PYB trying to shake her lose. A air raid siren goes off ???? Holy shit!

Sinister: BRING THE BURN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Napalm time, Frank Saint Title in hand covers and braces, EmTs and Al and Kami are on the bottom cage. Heidenreich and Doug are lying there. It goes black and dead silent………Napalm lights the arena a fire orange as the flames entirely ingulf the third and second ring.

Rhino: This arena is shocked stunned! Willaim is smoking and hanging on by one arm. Kudo gripping with both as her hair is on fire and she is smoking too, PYB with a STIFF RIGHT PUNCH TO THE FACE OF MEGUMI KUDO SHE DROPS STRIAGHT DOWN AND WILLIAM CLIMBS TO THE PRIZE!


( The Answer plays as William climbs down EMTs enter the ring, Sinister gets up and goes out to Subway as Frank Saint goes over to Subway too.)

Rhino: Thats all our time folks what a night, whats left for next week at HOUSE OF PAIN! Goodnight Fans I’m Rhino see you next week!

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