Unholy Alliances 2013

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, the windy city welcome the Extreme Wrestling Alliance as we take part in our yearly Unholy Alliances.

Rhino: The event were you not only know the man looking you in the eye is after you but also the man that is supposed to be watching you back is as well.

Mark: This event was originally the brain child of the big man himself, Omega, who he himself hasn’t competed at this event in a decade, but tonight he steps into that ring teaming up with the Game Triple H to take on the man who made last year our private nightmare William McConnell and Demon Child.

Rhino: You talk about history, all four men have it with the other, all of it going back years.

Mark: Also on the card we will be seeing the extreme unleashed when PyroManiAxe and Kronik team up to take on the X-Core Soldier Subway and $tewie Franchize. With Franchize doing what he could to challenge for the Total Impact championship as well as Pyro and Kronik’s attitude toward that very division, you know it’s going to get brutal.

Rhino: That’s not even counting Subway, however just prior to the telecast the word was passed down to us from the offices of the President himself, that match is to be competed under no disqualification rules. Lone Jobber practically is handing the keys to the asylum over to the men who would love to see it burn.

Mark: Speaking of Lone Jobber, the EWA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as he defends against the Boston Badass, Big Daddy Ace. While those two men haven’t had many interactions over the past years, things quickly escalated as of late and it will be interesting to see what happens when the two men finally meet in the squared circle.

Rhino: But first we’ve got the match that has everyone wondering, who. Who did Doctor Jobber sign onto to face Calvin Lumas and Troy Jospeh, who?

Mark: Lets send it to the ring and we can find out.

Calvin Lumas and Troy ‘the Rampage’ Joseph vrs. ???

Pa Announcer: Tonight’s opening contest is a tag team matchup set for one fall… Introducing first…From Shangra-la… Weighing in at 252 Pounds…TROY “THE RAMPAGE” JOSEPH!

(“Hall of Illusion” plays as Troy Joseph enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And his partner…Being accompanied by Alexis Laree…. From Raleigh, North Carolina… Weighing in at 215 Pounds… CALVIN LUMAS!

(“Ultranumb” plays as Calvin Lumas enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And their opponents… From Venice Beach, California… Weighing at 302 pounds… HULK HOGAN!

(“Real American” plays as Hulk Hogan enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And his partner… From the Bowery.. Weighting in at 244 pounds… RAVEN!

(“Come Out And Play” plays as Raven enters the arena…)

Mark: So it looks like the mystery team for Lumas and Rampage is none other than the Immortal Hulk Hogan and the man known as Raven.

Rhino: One has to wonder how or why Jobber got those two men, they couldn’t be further from each other…

Mark: And that’s exactly what we are supposed to expect. Looks like Rampage and the Hulkster will start out the contest. Troy doesn’t seem to know where to begin, tie up, irish whip to the corner, Rampage comes in, closeline.

Rhino: He might be a legend, but he’s still almost 60 years old.

Mark: Rampage laying in the boots to Hogan, but you can tell that he’s not in it. Rampage backing off letting Hogan to his feet and tags Lumas in. Lumas charging in, dropkick. Lumas watching Hogan slowly get up, runs in and lays him down with a tornado ddt.

Rhino: The early advantage, clearly to Calvin and Troy.

Mark: Lumas waiting for Hogan to get to his feet, some quick kicks sending the Hulkster to his feet. Lumas now starts laying in the fists, lefts and right. Hogan is going dow.. no, he look that one directly. Lumas with another right, it’s not phasing Hogan. And another.

Rhino: We’ve all seen what happen before.

Mark: Punch, no… YOU… classic Hogan. Hogan with an irish whip, big boot.

Rhino: Things quickly turning sour for the youngsters.

Mark: Hogan off the ropes, dropping the Atomic Leg Drop, no, Alexis pulled her man out of the way to safety. Lumas holding his chin, making sure he wasn’t rattled too much. Lumas running over to Hogan and lays in the kicks. Hogan fighting to his feet, front dropkick from Calvin tumbling Hulk back into his corner, Raven tags in.

Rhino: Raven rushing in, big knee lift to Calvin taking him off his feet. Raven picking Calvin up, delivers rights one after another, close line taking down Lumas.

Mark: Calvin getting to his feet, Raven goes in, no Lumas whips him into a corner, rushes in, splash, no Raven moves out of the way, Lumas eats turnbuckle. Raven grabs him by the head, leading him out, bulldog.

Rhino:Raven seems to be firing on all cylenders tonight as he brings Lumas to his feet.

Mark: Lumas fighting back, Lumas with a mule kick using his momentum to launch him toward Rampage, the tag, and Joseph now the legal man, coming in, brawling with Raven. Raven sending Rampage into the corner, big closeline sending Rampage to the ground. Raven pushing Ramapge with his boots to the ringside apron.

Rhino: Rampage fighting back, pushes Raven away as he gets to his feet on the ringside apron, Raven coming in, big closeline and both men go tumbling to the ringside floor.

Mark: Raven the first man back to his feet, helping Rampage to his feet and a hard irish whip to the barricade. Raven has him, Russian legsweep sending Rampage back into the metal barricade. Raven slowly getting back to his feet and drags Rampage by his hair around the ring.

Rhino: Troy hasn’t seemed to be in his right mind the entire match.

Mark: Raven looking to whip Rampage, no pulls him back, drop toe hold…

Rhino: Damn he drove him right into the ringside steps.

Mark: That he did. Raven picking the body of Rampage pul and rolls him into the ring, now following. Raven picks Troy up, holds him prone and walks him over to corner of Lumas, just being spiteful, Evenflow DDT.

Rhino: There was nothing that Calvin could have done about it, not that I think he would have.

Mark: Raven with the cover.. 1…. 2…. Alexis with the save, putting Rampage’s foot on the rope. Hogan not liking what he was seeing, trying to enter the ring now, but the referee stopping him from getting involved. Alexis now in the ring, rolling the limp body of Rampage closer to her man, Raven from behind and tosses her out…

Rhino: But it was enough, Lumas with a tag, springboard splash on Raven.

Mark: Raven getting to his feet, headscissors by Lumas sending Raven into the near corner. Lumas rushing in, double knees, connected, running bulldog. Lumas getting him up, Painted, goes for the cover… 1…. 2…. no kick out.

Rhino: Calvin Lumas saying that was just part one, pulling Raven up, lays him out with Twisted. Rampage in the ring, clocking Hulkster off the apron and goes after as Lumas watches… he goes for the pin… 1……. 2……… 3…….

Pa Announcer: Here are your winners, Calvin Lumas and Troy “The Rampage” Joseph!

Mark: What a way to kick off Unholy Alliances! Still to come the big tag match between Omega, Triple H, McConnell, and Demon Child and later the World Heavyweight Championship bout, Big Daddy Ace challenging Lone Jobber.

Rhino: Quite the action packed little card, and now back to the ring for a match that should be highly extreme.

No Disqualification Match
PyroManiAxe and Kronik vrs. $tewie Franchize and Subway

Pa Announcer: Introducing first… Representing The Hardcore Crew.. at a combined weight of 455 pounds… PYROMANIAXE and KRONIK!

(“Assassins” plays over the PA System as PyroManiAxe and Kronik head toward the ring.)

Pa Announcer: And their opponent… introducing first… from Manhattan, New York… Weighing in at 242 Pounds… $TEWIE FRANCHIZE!

(“Power” plays as $tewie Franchize makes his way down to the ring…)

Pa Announcer: And his partner…From Wildwood, NJ… Weighing in at 220 Pounds… The X-Core Soldier SUBWAY!

(“Hits from the Bong” plays as Subway enters the arena…)

Mark: Looks like all four men got the early notice about the rules being changed as The Hardcore Crew has brought a couple chairs, Franchize picked up a baseball bat and Subway, well Subway has brought a cart full of crap down to the ring.

Rhino: Is anyone surprised that Subway is wearing the biggest smile of them all as he rolls into the ring with a couple canes?

Mark: Not me. Looks like Subway is going to start it out against Kronik. Kronik rushing in, swing with the chair, whiffed it, Subway with a cane shot to the gut of Kronik. Subway now wailing away like the mad man that he is on Kronik’s back.

Rhino: Listen to the crowd go crazy for the one nut warrior.

Mark: They last saw Subway in the ring back in like June of last year or something like that, they are giving him a very warm welcome home … and Subway gave them the bird. Sub with another crack over the back of Kronik before tossing the Singapore canes away. Subway reaching down and has the chair that Kronik dropped.

Rhino: Evil intentions for that… and Subway throws it like a Frisbee trying to take Pyro’s head off. Pyro ducked but Subway is telling him to get in and get some.. I don’t think he really needed the invite.

Mark: PyroManiAxe with the tag and in the ring, goes to swing, no, Subway ducks away, but Pyro follows, got him right in the shoulder. Pyro with another hit. Subway is down, Pyro going for another… cane shot.

Rhino: Subway luckily found his way to one of his dispatched canes and jabbed him right in the groin.

Mark: Subway up and runs with Pyro over the top rope. In the ring $tewie Franchize twirls his baseball bat waiting for Kronik to get back up. Subway has gotten to his feet and making his way over to the crowd, Pyro getting up, rushes in… looks like Subway just tossed someone’s coffee into the face of Pyro. Subway asking for a chair, nails Pyro in the skull with it, now.. now he’s hitting himself?

Rhino: Looks like he’s making a trophy for whatever fan happened to give him the chair in the first place. In the ring Kronik has gotten up, and from behind Franchize slams him right in the back of the thigh.

Mark: Back outside, Subway has made his way back over to his cart of weapons and takes out a trash can, tossing it onto Pyro, Subway pulling out a sledgehammer, swings, just barely misses.

Rhino: Pyro doesn’t look happy, charges, tackles him into the cart spilling all it over over the ramp way. Pyro grabs a broom, oh lord he just lit the brush end of it on fire.

Mark: Pyro beating Subway with it unmercifully with it. Waits for Subway to get to a knee, he just broke the damn thing across Subway’s head. Pyro making his way around to Subway, what a mist.

Rhino: Looks like one of the random things in Subway’s bag of goodies was a fire extinguisher. Pyro is dazed, Subway slams it into Pyro’s stomach.

Mark: While we’ve been following Subway and Pyro, Franchize has kept up working on Kronik’s leg, had him locked in a single leg crab for a bit. Now through he tosses Kronik out to the ringside to join up with Pyro and Sub.

Rhino: Subway wasn’t expecting the addition, looked like he was having too much fun, as Kronik ended up being vaulted onto him. Kronik looking around, he’s got a crutch and pulling himself to his feet. Subway up now as well. Why is Subway raising his hand?

Mark: To be handed Franchize’s baseball bat it seems. Subway going in, shatters the crutch with a devastating swing, Kronik before falling uses the part he still held and slams it across the head of Subway. PyroManiAxe now up and checking on Kronik.

Rhino: It’s an unlikely sight to see at Unholy Alliance, partners checking in on one and another, but THC isn’t just any random team.

Mark: PyroManiAxe getting the okay from Kronik as they start to circle Subway…

Rhino: Pyro has his eye on that cart of Subway’s though, I bet he too is wondering what else Subway picked up from Purg-B-Toys.

Mark: You’re right Pyro has stopped circling, has he seen something in there that looks.. great flaming balls, Pyro just set Subway’s cart and anything in there on fire.

Rhino: That is one huge bone fire… Mark did you just hear something explode in there?

Mark: I did, one wonders what Subway had planned. Everyone is just glued to the fire at ringside, and from behind Kronik attacks Subway. The two men are beating him down to the ground. Pyro and Kronik pulling on either end of Subway, one man’s got his arms, the other has his legs.

Rhino: It appears they are trying to.. swing him?

Mark: That is so. Higher and higher they go, and look at the one nut warrior, I think he and now all of us see his fate… The Hardcore Crew tosses Subway up and into the bonfire.

Rhino: And now they turn their attention to Franchize who it looks like wants nothing to do with the two men who now enter the ring.

Mark: Franchize to his credit, standing his ground, bends down and has one of the canes from before, holding it out, making sure there is distance kept between the three of them…

Rhino: What just hit Kronik?

Mark: It looks like a hubcap? Oh good lord it’s the X-Core Soldier. Subway is pitching things out of the bone fire, and it looks like he’s found something special, all eyes now on Subway as Franchize slinks out of the ring, Subway holding a two by four wrapped in barbed wire.

Rhino: Thanks to Pyro, it’s a flaming 2×4.

Mark: Subway slowly making his way around the ring, eyes stuck on THC. Subway rolling in, and starts to swing.

Rhino: That one got Kronik, and he’s down.

Mark: Pyro from behind though, cartwheel drop kick, he was able to avoid the swing and nailed Subway right in the jaw with that one. Subway is rocked, Pyro charging in, spear, no Subway hops over it, Pyro turns around, SUBLINE!

Rhino: Pyro is down, Franchize just tagged himself in. Why would he do this now?

Mark: When Jobber put this match together, it was clear it was to put the top Total Impact talent together, Franchize wants to be the one to get the win perhaps to put his name at the top of that list yet again. Franchize with a swagger makes his way over to PyroManiAxe, pulling him up to his knees, looks to be set for the Hostile Takeover.

Rhino: Look at the face on the X-Core Soldier though, Subway walking over to his barbed wire 2×4, and just smashes it across the back of Franchize. Franchize down. Behind Subway comes Kronik, superkick by Kronik sending Subway over the ropes, looks like it hurt him to do it though and falls.

Mark: Pyro looking around at the destruction all around him, eyes settling on Franchize, picks him up, powerbomb, a second, Third Degree Burns.. and he’s got it locked in in the middle of the ring….

Rhino: Referee asking him if he wants to give up… he’s saying no. Pyro wrenching back further, $tewie still saying no…

Mark: Franchize trying to do what he could to get out… still saying no.. out of nowhere Kronik swung a cane right into the face of Franchize. Franchize yelling in pain, but still yelling no. Kronik moves scoots himself closer to Pyro and Franchize, and nails Franchize again with that cane, and again… the referee telling Kronik to back off but what is he going to do, Kronik swings again at $tewie, referee asking Franchize… he taps…

Pa Announcer: Your winners are PYROMANIAXE and KRONIK!

Mark: A nice hard fought victory by The Hardcore Crew.

Rhino: Subway gave it his all, and then some, Franchize tried to do what he could not to tap but in the end the number games were just too much for him.

Mark: And now we are at the point in the evening to see if a truly unholy pair of alliances can work together…

William McConnell & Demon Child vs Triple H & Omega

(“Remember the Name” hits over the PA System as Demon Child makes his way to the ring..)

PA Announcer: Introducing first, from parts unknown.. Weighing in at 269 pounds.. DEMON CHILD!

(“Giving In” hits over the PA system as William McConnell makes his way to the ring..)

PA Announcer: And his partner.. From Evansville, Indiana.. Weighing in at 230 pounds.. WILLIAM.. MCCONNELL!

(“The Game” hits over the PA System as Triple H makes his way from the back..)

PA Announcer: And their opponents.. From Greenwich, Connecticut.. Weighing in at 255 pounds.. He is THE GAME.. TRIPLE H!

(“Absolute Power” hits over the PA System as Omega makes his way down..)

PA Announcer: And his partner.. From Washington, DC.. Weighing in at 444 pounds.. OMEGA!

Mark: This is gonna be an interesting match here..

Rhino: Lots of bad blood on both sides of the ring and across.

Mark: Omega is telling Triple H he’s gonna start the match. And you can tell Triple H doesn’t like being told what to do.

Rhino: Over on the other side of the ring, William McConnell has already stepped onto the apron, he’s telling Demon Child to start.

Mark: There’s the bell.. And Triple H just tagged in Omega!

Rhino: Tagged? I’d call that more of a slap.

Mark: Triple H smirks as he steps out and Omega enters.. Here we go, Demon Child and Omega.. Demon moves in but Omega just drops him with a single right.

Rhino: So much for that.

Mark: Omega going to work now on Demon Child, tossing him into his teams turnbuckle and begins delivering multiple lefts and rights.. Omega just slapped Triple H in the chest!

Rhino: The ref’s calling it a tag!

Mark: Look at Triple H’s face as he enters the ring..

Rhino: He’s not happy about it.

Mark: Triple H now taking his shots at Demon Child.. Triple H pulls him to the center of the ropes.. Irish whip, but Demon reverses! Triple H into the ropes and eats a clothesline from Demon Child!

Rhino: Managed to get it in his favor, there.

Mark: Triple H back to his feet as he watches Demon.. Both men lock up in the center of the ring.. Triple H with the side headlock.. Demon forces him back against the ropes.. Demon with the shove, Triple H off the ropes.. Ducks the clothesline from Demon! Demon turns.. Clothesline from Triple H!

Rhino: Quick exchange there.

Mark: Demon back to his feet, Triple H with the side headlock.. Demon looking to reverse it, spins out.. He’s trying to lock in a kimura! Demon trying to lock the arm but Triple H with a quick right separates the two.

Rhino: There’s that MMA training of Demon Child coming into play.

Mark: Triple H shaking off the arm as the two men circle the ring.. Go for the lock up.. No! Demon with a kick to the gut! Demon hammers Triple H across the back and drops him to his knees.

Rhino: A clubbing blow there..

Mark: Demon looking for a guillotine choke! Triple H quickly to his feet with rights to the midsection of Demon Child.. Triple H pulls loose.. Irish whip into the neutral corner.. Big clothesline by Triple H! Whips Demon back across the ring.. Demon hits HARD and stumbles out.. Backbody drop by Triple H!

Rhino: Great series of moves from The Game.

Mark: Demon Child rolls to his corner.. Looking to tag McConn..Where the hell is McConnell going?

Rhino: He just walked to the other corner and he’s yelling over at Omega.

Mark: Demon Child was looking for the tag and McConnell left him hanging.. Triple H turns Demon Child around and nails him with a right!

Rhino: That cost him.

Mark: Triple H hooks him.. Vertical suplex! And now a cover attempt.. 1…………………………….. 2.. Demon Child kicks out.

Rhino: Not nearly enough, yet.

Mark: The Game getting Demon Child to his feet and pulling him to his corner.. A clubbing blow across the back of Demon Child.. And Triple H just chopped Omega’s chest!

Rhino: What a tag.

Mark: Look at that stare down between the two of them. Omega in the ring, though.. Picks Demon up.. Demon pushes the arms away, kick to the gut.. DDT to the big man!

Rhino: Quick move from nowhere!

Mark: Demon with the cover! 1………………………… Omega kicks out!

Rhino: Not even two..

Mark: Demon quickly mounts Omega and begins throwing lefts and rights.. But Omega shoves him right off! Both men quickly to their feet, Demon charges in.. BIG BOOT! Demon eats the kick!

Rhino: Man, that was stiff.

Mark: Omega doesn’t look like he’s playing around as he quickly pulls Demon Child up.. Sidewalk slam by Omega!

Rhino: Omega just taking his time as Demon Child rolls towards his corner..

Mark: Demon looking for the tag again.. And McConnell drops off the apron!

Rhino: What the hell is he doing?

Mark: Demon yelling at McConnell.. And Omega splashes him in the corner!

Rhino: He didn’t see that coming.

Mark: No he did not. Omega grabs Demon Child by the neck.. And tosses him right across the ring!

Rhino: Omega putting that power on display!

Mark: Omega moving in on Demon.. Wait! HEARTSTOPPER! Demon kicks Omega right in the chest!

Rhino: That stopped him in his tracks!

Mark: Omega down to one knee after the Heartstopper.. DEMON DROP! Omega not even able to get off his knee! Demon with the cover! 1…………………… 2……………… Omega kicks out!

Rhino: That was close!

Mark: Omega able to kick out Demon’s finishing maneuver.. He’s pulling himself up.. Demon with the guillotine on Omega!

Rhino: He’s really trying to tap him out a second week in a row..

Mark: Omega fighting it.. He’s got himself back to his feet.. Demon was never able to wrap the legs! Omega with a headlock of his own!

Rhino: Just like last week!

Mark: He’s got’em up! No! Demon floats over! Shoves Omega into his own corner! Triple H just tagged himself in! Omega cussing him out!

Rhino: Wait, look who’s on the apron..

Mark: McConnell’s asking for a tag from Demon.. And he looks like he really wants it..

Rhino: Demon’s not sure what to do. I wouldn’t trust him.

Mark: Demon tags in McConnell! McConnell in the ring! ..What the hell?!

Rhino: He just kicked Demon right between the legs!

Mark: Demon falls out of the ring as William McConnell laughs..

Rhino: What a despicable person..

Mark: Now look at this.. It’s McConnell and Triple H.. These two men sharing the ring for the first time since last June..

Rhino: William McConnell beat Triple H then and left with the EWA World Championship.. You know Triple H wants a piece of him bad..

Mark: They’re circling the ring.. McConnell goes for the right! Triple H blocks! Triple H with the right! And these two men are slugging it out!

Rhino: Right from the get go!

Mark: Triple H looks to have the upper hand! No! McConnell rakes the eyes! Grabs Triple H from behind! Atomic drop! Right into a back suplex!

Rhino: Good combination there.

Mark: McConnell floats over now grinding his forearm into the face of Triple H.. And drops the elbow across the face!

Rhino: Looked like he caught him on the bridge of the nose..

Mark: McConnell off the ropes.. And drops the knee across Triple H’s face!

Rhino: Christ, that hurt..

Mark: McConnell with a front facelock.. Looking for a DDT.. Triple H spins out of it! Kick to the gut.. Irish whip by Triple H.. McConnell off the ropes.. High knee by Triple H!

Rhino: That caught him right into he jaw.

Mark: Triple H measuring him up.. McConnell stumbles to his feet.. SPINEBUS-NO! McConnell drills an elbow into Triple H’s head! McConnell off the ropes! SPINEBUSTER!

Rhino: He planted him!

Mark: Triple H with the crotch chop to McConnell.. He’s setting him up for the Pedigree! Hooks the arms! No! McConnell spins out! Hooks him! DUAL SHOCK! Connects! McConnell with the cover! 1………………………………. 2……………………….. Triple H kicks out!

Rhino: Oh man, that was close..

Mark: McConnell doesn’t seem too happy about it.. He’s getting Triple H up to his feet.. Oh no, he’s going for that System Shock Brainbuster..

Rhino: He’s beaten every man he’s hit with this move..

Mark: He’s got the leg hooked! No! Triple H blocks it! Triple H counters with a suplex!

Rhino: Thank god..

Mark: Triple H stumbling back to his feet and against the ropes.. Omega just tagged himself in..

Rhino: You could hear that slap throughout the arena..

Mark: Triple H is NOT happy about this.. You know he wanted to put down McConnell.. Omega in the ring and McConnell realizes it.. McConnell just nailed Omega with a solid right! And Omega floors him with a right of his own!

Rhino: That didn’t work out for him so well..

Mark: Omega is putting the boots to McConnell as he forces him into the corner.. And now he’s choking him against the turnbuckle..

Rhino: Omega really pushing down on that throat of his..

Mark: Omega again with the boots to McConnell’s chest.. Picking him back up now.. Omega with a HUGE standing spinebuster! McConnell just got rocked!

Rhino: Man, from that height, you KNOW that had to hurt..

Mark: Omega putting his foot on McConnell’s chest and telling him to count.. 1……………………………………… 2……… McConnell kicks out.

Rhino: Omega getting cocky, there.

Mark: Omega pulling McConnell back up.. Whips him into the ropes.. Goes for the clothesline.. McConnell ducks.. Superkick! Right to Omega’s knee!

Rhino: That brought him down! To one knee at least..

Mark: McConnell off the ropes.. Running boot to Omega’s head!

Rhino: That still didn’t take him all the way down..

Mark: McConnell grabs him.. DUAL SHO-..NO! LOOK AT THIS!

Rhino: McConnell went for the back breaker.. And he can’t lift Omega back up! I mean.. he IS 7’4 after all..

Mark: Omega just grabbed McConnell by the throat and he’s lifted himself back up! CHOKESLA-NO! McConnell slides out! Omega turns around.. McConnell just spat right in his face!

Rhino: You’ve gotta be kidding.. How stupid can you be!

Mark: McConnell just tagged Demon Child and left the ring! Demon’s still collecting himself from McConnell’s low blow! Omega pulls him right over the top rope!

Rhino: Look at the smile on McConnell’s face..

Mark: And Omega is just unloading on Demon Child right now! Lefts and rights! All meant for McConnell!

Rhino: What a damn coward..

Mark: Omega lifts Demon onto his shoulders.. Powerslam by Omega! Omega looking over at Triple H now..

Rhino: What could he have in mind..

Mark: I’m not sure.. He just crotch chopped Triple H.. Look at this! He’s setting Demon up for a pedigree!

Rhino: Just to get under his skin..

Mark: Wait! Demon drops down and picks the ankle! Looks like he’s going for an ankle lock! Omega kicks him off and rolls through! Triple H just slapped Omega!

Rhino: The refs calling it a tag!

Mark: Omega just decked Triple H! Triple H falls to the floor, Omega turns around.. DEMON DRO-NO! Omega shoves him off into the ropes!

Rhino: McConnell just snuck a tag!

Mark: Demon gets caught in choke by Omega! Omega pushes him against the ropes.. Goes for a clothesline! Demon pulls the ropes! Omega tumbles to the outside!

Rhino: Barely avoided it!

Mark: The ref trying to tell Demon to get out of the ring.. Wait! Triple H is in! Turns Demon Child around.. PEDIGREE! MCCONNELL! KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! GOOD GOD!

Rhino: Triple H didn’t even have a chance to off his knees after that Pedigree!

Mark: McConnell with the cover! 1……………………………….. 2………………………….. 3! HE STOLE IT!

PA Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen.. The winners of the match.. DEMON CHILD AND WILLIAM MCCONNELL!

Rhino: McConnell was as slimy as he could’ve possibly been in this match. He played a cowards role.

Mark: He still managed to pick up the victory though.. I don’t like the way he did it, but the fact is he did.

Rhino: He’s a real bastard..

Mark: Wait, McConnell’s got his eyes set on Demon Child.. RUNNING KNEE! He caught Demon right in the face!

Rhino: What the hell was that for?!

Mark: I don’t know, but it put a smile on his face as McConnell stands tall in the ring..

EWA World Heavyweight Championship
Lone Jobber (c) Vs Big Daddy Ace

PA Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP..

(“Made of Scars” plays as Big Daddy Ace enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: Introducing first! The challenger! From Boston, Mass.. Weighing in at 273 Pounds…One half of the EWA Tag Team Champions…BIG DADDY ACE!

(“Shut Your Mouth” plays as Lone Jobber enters the arena…)

Pa Announcer: And his opponent.. From the EWA head office in Atlanta by way of the Slaughterhouse… He is the EWA Total Impact and EWA World Heavyweight Champion… LONE JOBBER!

Mark: Here we go, Lone Jobber and Big Daddy Ace for the World Title!

Rhino: Lone Jobber won the title from Ace at the Extreme Bowl.. Can Ace win it back?

Mark: The two lock up in the center of the ring.. And Ace easily pushes Lone Jobber back into the corner.

Rhino: Ace with the size and strength advantage over the champion..

Mark: Ref calls for a clean break.. Ace backs away from Jobber.. Jobber back out and their circling once again.. Lock up.. No, Jobber with a side headlock.. The two men against the ropes.. Ace pushes Jobber off.. Jobber off the ropes, Ace goes for a clothesline! Jobber ducks! Jobber off again, Ace with the back elbow! Jobber ducks again! Springboard! Jobber nails a dropkick off the ropes!

Rhino: That picked up quick!

Mark: Ace quickly back to his feet.. Jobber with a chop across the chest of Ace, lighting him up.. Jobber follows it up again with another chop but Ace counters with a right. Jobber with a chop.. Ace with a right.. And they’re off!

Rhino: What a fight we got here!

Mark: Ace with the upper hand out of the exchange.. Forces Lone Jobber into the corner with rights.. Ace whips him across the ring.. Jobber hits the turnbuckle hard and stumbles out of the corner.. Big Daddy Ace with the scoop slam!

Rhino: That planted him..

Mark: Ace drops an elbow across the chest of Jobber.. Jobber rolls to the apron.. Ace reaches over and looks like he’s going for a suplex into the ring.. Jobber blocks it! Jobber with a forearm shot.. Ace stumbles back.. Jobber goes for the turnbuckle.. Climbs up.. Jobber leaps! Ace catches him right in the gut with a fist!

Rhino: Didn’t work out like he hoped..

Mark: Ace pulling Jobber up.. Hooks him.. Vertical suplex by Ace! Going for the cover.. 1………………….. 2………….. Jobber kicks out.

Rhino: Nowhere near enough yet.

Mark: Ace quickly follows it with a rear chinlock on Jobber..

Rhino: Trying to keep Jobber from moving around as much..

Mark: Ace really wrenching back on the neck now, putting the pressure on Jobber.. Jobber trying to find a way to alleviate it, but no luck..

Rhino: It’s working well for Ace..

Mark: Jobber’s trying to push himself to his feet.. Ace using his size advantage.. Jobber gets himself to one knee.. Elbow to the side of Ace.. Ace loosens his grip.. Jobber able to push himself up to his feet.. Another shot to the side from Jobber.. And a third! Jobber hooks his arms around the waist.. Back suplex!

Rhino: Good counter there!

Mark: Jobber able to get out of the hold.. Both men getting back to their feet.. Ace charges Jobber! Jobber with a drop toe hold! Ace hits the turnbuckle face first! Ace stumbles back to his feet.. DDT by Jobber!

Rhino: Planted him!

Mark: Jobber with the cover.. 1………………………… 2…………. Ace kicks out!

Rhino: Big Daddy Ace with plenty of fight left.

Mark: Jobber pulling Ace back to his feet.. Irish whip by Jobber.. Ace reverses it, Jobber into the ropes.. Jobber with a flying forearm! Ace gets dropped!

Rhino: That didn’t work out..

Mark: Jobber looking to follow up.. Low dropkick by Jobber! Cover! 1………………………………… 2…………………. Ace kicks out again!

Rhino: Jobber beginning to find his groove now..

Mark: Jobber pulls Ace to his feet.. Whips him into the corner.. Running clothesline by Jobber! He holds onto Ace though.. Jobber’s climbing the turnbuckle..

Rhino: Going for a Tornado DDT this time..

Mark: He hooks Ace.. Tornad-NO! Ace holds onto him! Ace powers him up! Spinebuster by Ace!

Rhino: Christ, he hit the mat hard..

Mark: Ace able to turn it around in his favor as Jobber is on the mat.. Jobber trying to pull himself up.. Ace grabs him from behind.. German suplex! Ace rolls him over for the cover.. 1……………………………… 2………………. Jobber kicks out.

Rhino: Dropped him right on his head.

Mark: Jobber trying to shake off the cobwebs.. Ace scoops him up.. Backbreaker! Across the knee! Cover! 1……………………… 2……………….. Jobber kicks out once more!

Rhino: Tried to bend him in half with that move..

Mark: It wasn’t enough, though and you can tell Ace is ready to end the match.. He’s in the corner and waiting for Jobber to get up..

Rhino: He’s looking for the spear.

Mark: That’s exactly what he’s wanting.. Jobber pulling himself up slowly.. Ace charges! LOW CARD KICK! Caught him right in the jaw!

Rhino: Out of nowhere!

Mark: Ace staggering around! Jobber grabs the head! GIMMI-NO! Ace stalls him! Ace gets him on his shoulders! ACE CRUS-NO! Jobber lands on his feet! Turns Ace! Kick to the gut! Hooks the arms, looking for the Heritage! Wait! Ace powers him over into a suplex! PIN! 1……………………………. 2……………………… 3-NO! Jobber let’s go of the arms and kicks out!

Rhino: Ace used the double underhook against Jobber! Great counter!

Mark: Both men are slow to their feet.. Jobber with right.. Ace with one of his own.. Jobber with another.. And Ace with one more! Ace goes for another! Jobber ducks it! Jobber off into the ropes! Ducks the clothesline by Ace! Jobber off the ropes again.. SPEAR! Good god, Ace just speared Jobber out of his boots! Ace with the cover! 1…………………………… 2……………….. NO! Jobber kicks out!

Rhino: It was almost enough.. But Jobber hangs on..

Mark: Ace looking to end it right now.. He’s pulling Jobber to his feet.. Hoists him up! Jobber with elbows! Avoids the Ace Crusher! Jobber back to his feet.. Ace turns around.. LOW CA-NO!

Rhino: Ace caught the foot!

Mark: Ace gets him on his shoulders again! Jobber struggles! Slides off Ace’s back! He goes to whip Ace.. But Ace turns it around and throws Jobber over the ropes!

Rhino: Wait! Jobber caught himself on the apron!

Mark: Ace doesn’t see it! Ace turns around.. SPRINGBOARD GIMMICK! Jobber with the cover! 1…………………………….. 2……………………… 3!

Rhino: He got him!

PA Announcer: The winner of the match.. And STILL EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.. LONE JOBBER!

Mark: Wow! What a match!

Rhino: Ace wasn’t able to ever hit the Ace Crusher.. Jobber avoided it every time and that may be the only reason he’s still champion tonight.

Mark: It was the extra oomph of a springboard that put Ace away after the gimmick.. Now you gotta wonder, who’s next to challenge Lone Jobber?

Rhino: It’s hard to say..

Mark: That’s all the time we have for now! Thank you for joining us and have a good night!

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