Tuesday Night Carnage 02-06-00


X-pac Vs Rikishi {Steel Cage}

Winner: Rikishi. Rikishi dominated this match with his size and weight advantage. When the ref was distracted Rob came down to help X-pac and accidentally hit him with the Van Daminator. After the match….Rikishi danced.


3 Man Round Robin Tournament to Crown an EWA World Television Champion
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Josh Dyamond

Winner: Rob Van Dam, using the Van Daminator on Josh Dyamond, and then hit a Five Star Frog Splash on Jericho, covering them both. This match was nothing short of extreme as these three men took to the next level.

-Sid vs. an Opponent TBA

Winner: The crowd was silent and all of a sudden Road Dogg’s music hit, the opponent was the Road Dogg Jesse James, and once him, he mocked Sid and in return he got destroyed by Sid, giving Sid the belt, but then Bad Ass came out and gave Sid the Fame-Asser.
Undertaker vs. Triple H
winner: No Contest, Scott Steiner came in and cleared the ring. He began to run his mouth, and that is when Rob Van Dam, ran out and the two started the old fashion slobberknocker. Security ran out and tried to pry them apart. After succeeding Scott waited for his match.
-Scott Steiner vs. Tommy Dreamer with Special Guest Referee Diamond Dallas Page
Winner: Steiner added a special stip to the match making it a Loser leaves the EWA. Scott and Dreamer went at it, both men busting open early. But showing that his strength was far superior Steiner won is via the Steiner recliner, Dreamer wouldn’t tap and passed out. After the match Scott kissed Miss Elizabeth, as Buff gave DDP the Buff Blockbuster.
-The First Ever FTW Battle Royal to determine a new FTW World Heavyweight Champion

-Edge vs. Limp Wrist

Winner: Limp Wrist, with a Tiger Bomb from the top rope to the outside through 2 tables.

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