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Unholy Alliances 2010

Mark:We are live in our Nations Capital, Washington DC for Unholy Alliances… Rhino:Well like Republicans and Democrats… Have to try and get along… EWA Superstars tonight will have to find a way to get along… Mark:It should be quite interesting… Especially with some of the pairings… Which includes our Main Event… When Al Snow teams

Tuesday Night Carnage 04-20-10

Mark:We are live in Pittsburgh, Pa for Tuesday Night Carnage and what a huge main event do we have for everyone here tonight…As the EWA Tag Team Champions will be on the line when Degeneration X defend the gold against the team of Subway and Troy “The Rampage” Joseph… Rhino:The Juggalos are looking to take

Friday Night Frenzy 04-09-10

Mark:We are live in Cleveland, Ohio for Friday Night Frenzy… And what an exciting night of action we have for everyone tonight Rhino as we start to gear up for Unholy Alliances… Rhino:It should be one of those nights where everyone is looking to show off what they got here in the EWA… Mark:In our

Vendetta 2010

Mark:We are live in the Motor City… Welcome to Detroit, Michigan for Vendetta… As tonight Scores will be settled in this ring tonight… As in our Main Event the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels challenges Richard Drivher for the EWA World Title… Rhino:Can Richard Drivher

Friday Night Frenzy 03-19-10

Mark:We are live in Des Moines, Iowa for Friday Night Frenzy… As we are less than two weeks away from Vendetta and things are shaping up for that event… Which includes the EWA World Championship Match at Vendetta and we will see the Champion and Challenger in the same ring tonight… Rhino:Shawn Michaels will be

Wednesday Night Xtreme 03-10-10

Mark:The EWA is live in Lincoln, Nebraska for Wednesday Night Xtreme… And Rhino, what an exciting night of action we have in store for everyone here tonight… Rhino:That is right Mark… We will be having two number one contenders matches… Which should spark a lot of interest… Mark:Our first Number One Contenders Match will be

Extreme Bowl 2010

Mark:We are live in St. Louis, Missouri for the Tenth Annual EWA Extreme Bowl… Can you believe this is the tenth Extreme Bowl Rhino? Rhino:Has it been ten years already? Mark:It has been ten years Rhino and this should be one hell of an Extreme Bowl… As Six Men will be stepping inside the Triple

Thursday Night Chaos 02-18-10

Mark:We are live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the final event before the Extreme Bowl… This is Thursday Night Chaos… I am of course Mark and I am joined as always by Rhino… And Rhino what a heated Main Event we have for everyone tonight… Rhino:The EWA Tag Team Titles will be on the line..

Wednesday Night Xtreme 02-10-10

Mark:We are live in Houston Texas, as the Road to the Bowl Begins… As this is Wednesday Night Xtreme and we have an interesting Main Event for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:That we do Mark… That we do… Mark:It is going to be Triple H taking on Ric Flair… Rhino:It will be Degeneration X and

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2010

Mark:We are live in San Antonio, Texas for the first Pay Per View of the Year… Nightmare on EWA Boulevard… And Rhino what a night of action we have for everyone tonight… Including a big EWA World Heavyweight Championship Match… Rhino:Richard Drivher gets his first crack at the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when he challenges

Friday Night Frenzy 01-22-10

Mark:We are live in Mobile, Alabama for Friday Night Frenzy and Rhino.. What a Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… As the EWA Total Impact Championship is going to be on the line when Troy Joseph defends against The Nature Boy Ric Flair… Rhino:Can The Nature Boy stop the longest reigning champion in

Tuesday Night Carnage 01-12-10

Mark:Its a Brand New Decade… Its a Brand New Year… This is EWA Tuesday Night Carnage…And we are live From New Orleans…And Rhino… We have a big night of matches lined up for everyone tonight… Rhino:Yes we do Mark… Yes we do… Mark:In our Main Event J-Twisted and Richard Drivher will battle for the Number