In Your House: Sabotage 2000

JoeyS: Live from Madison Square Gardens, a sold-out crowd is going crazy awaiting the official start of EWA’s first pay-per-view Sabotage! I’m your host Joey Styles and welcome, in this telecast we will see the self-proclaimed “Ruler of the World” get caged in with the true “Scotty Too Hotty” Scott Steiner. And where a friendship

Tuesday Night Carnage 02-06-00

MATCH 1 X-pac Vs Rikishi {Steel Cage} Winner: Rikishi. Rikishi dominated this match with his size and weight advantage. When the ref was distracted Rob came down to help X-pac and accidentally hit him with the Van Daminator. After the match….Rikishi danced. MATCH 2 3 Man Round Robin Tournament to Crown an EWA World Television