Tuesday Night Carnage 05-01-01

Mark:Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Carnage… Im Mark… And I am usually joined by the man known as Rhino… But as of this moment… No one here knows the status of the man known as Rhino… So it looks like im flying solo here tonight… But any how… Tonight we will have a first as

King of the Mountain 2001

Mark:Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to King of the Mountain… Im Mark alongside as always the man known as Rhino… Tonight we will be crowning a NEW EWA World Champion as we will be having a Mini Royal Rumble Cage Match… With the winner walking out of the cage… Rhino:That should be great… Hopefully Triple H

Tuesday Night Carnage 04-10-01

Mark:Hello and Welcome to TUESDAY NIGHT CARNAGE… Im Mark and of course you know my broadcast partner… Rhino… Rhino:Its me Its Me… Its the Hot Dog Eating commentating machine… Mark:Where did you come up with that… Rhino:I have someone write my material… Mark:Anyhow tonight… We will finally find out who will be crowned the NEW

Foolish Games 2001

Mark:Welcome everyone to Foolish Games… Im Mark alongside my good friend and hot dog eater… Rhino… Tonight we have one title match… A 3 on One Match and we could have someone no longer here after tonight… So lets not wait and lets head to the ring to begin tonights festivites… Rhino:I cant talk… Mark:You

Thursday Night Terror 03-16-01

Mark:Well Well Well… Thursday Night Terror has hit the air… I am Mark alongside Toys B. Purg’s best customer… Rhino… Rhino:Hey I cant help it… I love everything he sells… Mark:Any way… Tonight begins the first round of the tournament to crown to the NEW EWA Tag Team Champions… Rhino:Finally those belts are back here

Madness 2001 (03-07-01)

Mark:Hello everyone and Welcome to MADNESS… I am Mark alongside the overstuffed Rhino… Tonight we will find out who is the UNDISPUTED eWa World Heavyweight Champion is… As Rob Van Dam battles the Lone Jobber… Triple H defends the FTW Title against Billy Kidman… Shawn Michaels battles Blake Bennit… Omega and Real Deal go into

Warpath 2001 (02-16-01)

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Air Canada Centre here in Toronto… I am the Man that they Call Mark alongside as always the Man who is so Happy that he has finally been able to eat some Hot Dogs Rhino… Rhino:Thats right and I am glad that the man known as Purgatory has returned… Mark:Well with

Tuesday Night Carnage 02-06-01

Mark:Ladies and Gentlemen… Welcome again to Tuesday Night Carnage… I am Mark along side the Man known as Rhino… Rhino:We haven’t been able to bring everyone a carnage for a while… But now we are back… And everytime we have Tuesday Night Carnage… Something be always happens… Mark:Well here tonight we will see Stone Cold

Extreme Bowl 2001 (1-28-01)

Mark:Welcome everyone to EWA Extreme Bowl 2001… Tonight is the superbowl where the Giants meet the Ravens… Rhino:Who cares about the Superbowl… When you have the EWA Extreme Bowl… Mark:You make a good point there… Tonight is the Extreme Bowl… Where 8 of the Top EWA Superstars will meet inside a Triple Tier cage… With

Thursday Night Explosion 01-18-01

Mark:Welcome everyone to the Sold Out, Jammed Pack Georgia Dome here in Atlanta… This place is ready to explode for Thursday Night Explosion… I am Mark along side as always Rhino… Rhino:We are in the Home of WCW…But Tonight we have sold out this place but WCW hasn’t been able to do that in a

Friday Night Frenzy 12-22-00

Mark: Welcome everyone to New Jersey inside the nice and warm Continental Airlines arena I am Mark of course along side The best looking… I mean The biggest Purgatory Hot Dog lover this is in Rhino…Tonight though we will have All Three EWA Titles on the line with Kevin Nash defending his FTW Title against