Friday Night Frenzy 12-22-00

Mark: Welcome everyone to New Jersey inside the nice and warm Continental Airlines arena I am Mark of course along side The best looking… I mean The biggest Purgatory Hot Dog lover this is in Rhino…Tonight though we will have All Three EWA Titles on the line with Kevin Nash defending his FTW Title against

Unholy Alliances 2000

Mark:With everything that has just transpired over the last couple of Days the EWA is surrounded by controversy… Tonight I guess we can say we are here in Philadelphia to present UNHOLY ALLIANCES… But who is presenting it is something else… I guess Rhino, we can entitled EWA/DXA presents Unholy Alliance… Rhino:We could but I

Tuesday Night Carnage 11-29-00

Joey:Welcome everyone to another addition to Tuesday Night Carnage…I am like always Joey Styles along with the BIG Announcing Machine RHINO… Tonight here in Long Island the EWA World Title will be defended as Triple H battles Lone Jobber in a Lumber Jack match but before Lone Jobber gets to the Game he has to

November 2 Dismember 2000

Joey:Welcome everyone to DALLAS TEXAS… I am JOEY STYLES and I am Along with RHINO… HERE TO Present to you NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER… I know my old Boss Paul Heyman will Have a problem with the Title But IT DOESN’T Matter… Tonight all Three Titles of the EWA will be on the line… In the

Tuesday Night Carnage 11-07-00

Joey:Welcome…Welcome Welcome … to another addition of TUESDAY NIGHT CARNAGE… I am Joey Styles… And filling in for Rhino tonight is Kent Richardson… Rhino is a little under the weather so he was given tonight off…So welcome Kent to the Broadcast Position… Kent: I would like to thank the EWA for giving me a chance

Halloween Hellraiser 2000

Joey: Welcome everyone here on all Hallows Eve… We are here live in the Staples Center in LA… For HALLOWEEN HELLRAISER… I am the one and only Joey Styles… And along side here as always with RHINO… Here tonight in our main event… It will be the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels going on one on

Tuesday Night Carnage 07-30-00

Mark: Hello, everyone. Welcome to EWA Tuesday Night Carnage! Mark here along with Rhino and I must say this night has a certain uneasiness about it. Rhino: You ain’t lyin’ there, Markie. Did you see what happen before we came on the air? Mark: We will let everyone know what we are talking about here.

Total Destruction 2000

Mark: Hello, everyone! Welcome to EWA Total Destruction! I am the current president of the federation. I am Mark! Rhino: I am American Bad Ass….OOPS! I am the best color man in the business today. I am Rhino and we are deeply entrenched into Total Destruction! Actually, I was right at first… Mark: Tonight, we

Tuesday Night Carnage 06-12-2000

Rhino: And I’m the man called Rhino! We got some stuff for your asses tonight! Mark: We got a World Title Tournament. We got the Tag Titles and the FTW World Champion belts being decided tonight so let’s get to the action! TUESDAY NIGHT CARNAGE Live on June 12th, 2000 Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

Blown Away 2000

The sold out EWA arena is packed beyond belief, as the entrance ramp gets lit up with fireworks, Mark and Rhino come down the ramp, and get the fans going. They go to the announcers booth and put on the head sets. Mark: The capacity crowd, is on their feet, for the action you are

Clash of Champions 2000

Joey Styles and Jim Ross walk down the entrance ramp, and take their seats at the announcer’s booth. JR: Welcome everyone to Extreme Wrestling Alliance’s Clash of the Champions, a capacity crowd are on there feet live here in the Kemper Arena ready for the best wrestling names in the business to get do– Two

Tuesday Night Carnage 03-07-00

Jim Ross:Welcome everyone to TUESDAY NIGHT CARNAGE….We are here in the City of Brotherly Love and The Place where Extreme Wrestling is Known Philadelphia,PA in the First Union Center…Tonight we have alot of action tonight including a Rematch for the EWA World Title between Sid and Scott Steiner…Also the KKK will be defending the Tag