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Tuesday Night Carnage 04-24-12

Mark:We are live in Des Moines, Iowa for the final show before Unholy Alliances… This is Tuesday Night Carnage and Rhino what a Main Event we have for everyone here tonight… Rhino:Oh its going to be a good one… Mark:Its a Champion vs Champion Showdown when the EWA World Champion William McConnell takes on the

Friday Night Frenzy 04-13-12

Mark:We are live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Friday Night Frenzy and what a night of action we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:Oh we sure do… Mark:Tonights Main Event is the Pac Challenge Match when CM Punk goes up against Gregory Davidson… Rhino:The odds are going to be stacked against CM Punk tonight… Mark:We shall

Bloodlust 2012

Mark:We are live in Detroit, Michigan… This is Bloodlust… Rhino:It feels so good to be back… Mark:Welcome back Rhino… As tonight in our Main Event its the return of the Slaughterhouse… Rhino:Oh man its been years since there has been a Slaughterhouse here in the EWA… Mark:It will be William McConnell defending the EWA World

Friday Night Frenzy 03-23-12

Mark:We are live in Green Bay, Wisconsin for Friday Night Frenzy… I am Mark… Alongside Kent Richardson who is filling in for the injured Rhino… Kent:This is shaping up to be an interesting night Mark… Mark:In our Main Event the EWA World Champion William McConnell takes on The Phantom… Kent:Can The Phantom slow down William

Wednesday Night Xtreme 03-14-12

Mark:We are live in Columbus, Ohio and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Oh man this is going to be a fun night… Mark:We are going to see here tonight at Wednesday Night Xtreme the crowning of a new Number One Contender for the EWA Total Impact Championship when

Extreme Bowl 2012

Pa Announcer:Tonights Opening Contest is set for one fall and is for the EWA Total Impact Championship! Introducing first… From San Antonio, Texas… Weighing in at 227 Pounds… Representing Degeneration X… The EWA Total Impact Champion… The Heartbreak Kid SHAWN MICHAELS! (“Boy Toy” plays as Shawn Michaels enters the arena…) Rhino:Look Out! Mark:We are live

Saturday Night Torture 02-11-12

Mark:We are live in Wheeling, West Virginia for Saturday Night Torture and what a night of action we have for everyone here tonight including our Main Event… Rhino:Our Main Event is personal… Mark:It Will be Alan Matthews returning to the ring to take on James Farrell… Rhino:Former Horsemen Members Collide… Mark:And it will be No

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2012

Mark:Welcome to the first Pay Per View of the Year… Welcome to Nightmare on EWA Boulevard… Live from Pittsburgh, Pa… And what a night of matches we have for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:We are kicking it off with a bang tonight… Mark:In our Main Event it will be Lone Jobber defending the EWA World

Monday Night Madness 01-23-12

Mark:We are live in Manchester, New Hamshire for Monday Night Madness and what a night of action we have lined up for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:We have a huge Six Man Main Event… Mark:In our Main Event it will be the Trilogy… Which is Kevin Steen… Dave McGavin and Super Dragon taking on the team

Thursday Night Chaos 01-12-12

Mark:We are live in Hartford,Ct for Thursday Night Chaos and what a night of action we have for everyone… Rhino:Its the start of the new year and we have a bunch of new talent starting up with us tonight… Mark:It should make for some interesting things this year… Rhino:I would agree with you there… Mark:In