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Wednesday Night Xtreme 08-22-12

Mark:We are live in San Jose, California… This is Wednesday Night Xtreme… Rhino:I am looking forward to tonight… Mark:The EWA Tag Team Title Tournament kicks off here tonight… Rhino:The Tag Team Titles are coming back… Mark:We will have two matches here tonight which should make things quite interesting… Rhino:Oh it shall… Mark:Also here tonight we

Saturday Night Torture 08-11-12

Mark:We are LIVE in San Francisco, California for Saturday Night Torture and we have a stacked card tonight… Rhino:This is a huge night of action… Mark:We have a few returning faces… Rhino:That we do… Mark:We have an egotistical champion of the company… Rhino:That we do… Mark:We have plenty of exciting matches… Rhino:That we do… Mark:So

Beach Brawl 2012

Mark:We are live in San Diego for Beach Brawl 2012… Rhino:I love the beach… Mark:You just love eating on the beach… Rhino:I wont deny that I love eating the beach… Mark:Does that mean you never swim? Rhino:Arent you suppose to wait a half hour after eating before getting in to the water? Mark:Yes… Rhino:Well… Since

Tuesday Night Carnage 07-24-12

Mark:We are live in Phoenix, Arizona… For Tuesday Night Carnage! Rhino:Its hot here in Phoenix… Mark:Its Hot Everywhere! Rhino:This is a very good point… I blame Al Gore… Mark:Why do you blame Al Gore? Rhino:Okay, Fine… I blame Lone Jobber… Mark:That’s better… Speaking of Lone Jobber he is in the Main Event tonight as he

Saturday Night Torture 07-14-12

Mark:We are live in Salt Lake City, Utah… This is Saturday Night Torture… Rhino:It feels very weird tonight Mark… Mark:Why is that? Rhino:We have no World Champion… Mark:But what we do have is a Total Impact Champion and we will see $tewie Franchize up against The Phantom… Rhino:That should be a hell of a match

High Stakes 2012

Mark:We are live in the city of sin… Las Vegas, Nevada for High Stakes… Rhino:This is one of my favorite nights of the year… Mark:All of the matches tonight will have stipulations determined by the spin of the High Stakes Gimmick Wheel! Rhino:That’s why I love it so much… Anything can happen… Mark:Tonight it will

Friday Night Frenzy 06-22-12

Mark:We are live in Little Rock, Arkansas… For what should be a hell of a show tonight… Rhino:Tonight things are going to get really interesting… Mark:We are set to see in action the EWA World Heavyweight Champion William McConnell as he takes on The Road Dogg… Rhino:Triple H says he is coming for William McConnell

Friday Night Frenzy 06-15-12

Mark:We are live here in Daytona Beach, Florida… For Friday Night Frenzy… Rhino:We are coming off a hell of a show last month.. Mark:We are and tonight is going to be just as good… Rhino:So many matches will happen tonight… Mark:The EWA World Champion William McConnell will be in action when he faces off against

EWA Presents May-Hem 2012

Mark:We are live in Orlando, Florida for May-Hem… Rhino:I always love May-Hem… Mark:This is the one night of the year when thirty men compete to earn a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:Tonight will be featuring the return of Omega to active competition for this one night… Mark:It will be interesting to see

Tuesday Night Carnage 5-22-12

Mark:We are live in Tampa, Florida and this should be an exciting night of action here at Tuesday Night Carnage… Rhino:Oh I am excited… Mark:In our Main Event William McConnell takes on Subway in Barbed Wire Madness! Rhino:Subway and Barbed Wire… Oh my… That should be awesome… Mark:Also the battle between Steve Austin and Troy

Friday Night Frenzy 05-11-12

Mark:We are live in Charleston, South Carolina… As the Road to May-Hem begins here at Friday Night Frenzy… Rhino:Oh this should be a hell of a show… Mark:In action tonight we will see William McConnell battle James Storm… Rhino:That should be fun… Mark:Also in a heated battle we will see Triple H take on Randy

Unholy Alliances 2012

Mark:We are in one of the best cities for Wrestling… We are in Chicago… For Unholy Alliances… Rhino:I love Chicago Pizza… Mark:Of course you do… And what a night of action we have for everyone tonight Rhino… Rhino:Oh tonight is going to be good… Mark:In our Main Event its going to be for the EWA