Mark:We are in Topeka, Kansas… This is Pandemonium! (Wyatt Screech) Tonight, I continue the quest of creating a new legacy. I continue the quest of ending the old legacy. The only way to do it, is by destroying it myself. Which is why tonight, I have allowed someone to show up tonight, so I can


(Wyatt Screech) The suffrage is over. The torment you once suffered no longer exist. This is your emancipation. This is your new beginning. This is your LIBERATION! (Wyatt Screech) Mark:We are live in Brooklyn, New York… This is EWA Liberation… Here at Ringside I am Mark alongside Rhino… The second pay per view event under

Resurrection 2016

(Wyatt Screech) Bray Wyatt:New Orleans… WE’RE HERE! (“Live in Fear” plays as Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family enter the arena…) Mark:We are kicking off Resurrection with the new face of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… Bray Wyatt… Here at ringside I am Mark alongside Rhino… Rhino:This just doesnt have the same feel as every other

May-Hem 2016

Mark:We are in Nashville, Tennessee for what could go down as the Most Historic Night in the history of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance… This is May-Hem… Here at Ringside I am Mark alongside with my partner in crime Rhino… Rhino:This could be the last time you and I ever work together… Mark:It could well be…

Saturday Night Torture 05-07-16

Mark:We have hit the month of May and that only means one thing… Rhino:Flowers? Mark:No! It means May-Hem… And this is the final stop before May-Hem as we are in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Saturday Night Torture… And what a line up we have for you here tonight including our Main Event… Which will feature

Unholy Alliances 2016

Mark:We are live in Seattle, Washington and this is Unholy Alliances! We are kicking off this show in an unconventional matter… As we are going to air some footage that was filmed moments ago before coming on to the air… So if the truck can begin rolling the footage… (Footage Begins to Roll) HHH:Where is

Sabotage 2016

Mark:We are live here in Boston and this is Sabotage… (Wyatt Screech) ???:HELP ME! Bray Wyatt:Don’t worry, I am here to help you. (Camera Pans Out to show Luke Harper & Erick Rowan holding Stephanie McMahon by the arms) Bray Wyatt:Now that you are with me, no one will ever hurt you again. (Bray Wyatt

Tuesday Night Carnage 03-15-16

Mark:We are live in Charlotte, North Carolina… This is Tuesday Night Carnage as we venture on towards Sabotage… Tonight the FTW Championship is on the line in our Main Event… Rhino:Damien Sandow will be defending his newly won championship against Finn Balor… Mark:Before the Extreme Bowl it was a couple of months since we last

Extreme Bowl 2016

Mark:The city of Brotherly Love has welcomed us with open arms but tonight we probably won’t be seeing any sort of Brotherly Love… We are live here at ringside and this is the Sixteenth Annual Extreme Bowl here on the EWA Television Network and live around the world on Pay Per View… I am Mark

Wednesday Night Xtreme 02-17-16

Mark:We are live in our Nations Capital for Wednesday Night Xtreme along the airwaves of the EWA Television Network… And tonight in our Main Event the EWA World Heavyweight Champion will be in action… As The Rock battles Roman Reigns… Rhino:Roman Reigns is looking to make a strong impression on the EWA and after backing

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2016

Mark:Traditionally this is the first big pay per view event for the EWA but it is our second big show of the year and its building off tremendous few weeks and it going to lead to a showdown tonight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship… Rhino:Will The Rock be Triple H’s Nightmare on EWA Boulevard?

Tuesday Night Carnage 01-19-16

Mark:The road to Nightmare on EWA Boulevard takes a stop here in Louisville, Kentucky for Tuesday Night Carnage… Alongside Rhino… I am Mark… And we have a huge main event for everyone here tonight Rhino… Rhino:Yes we do… Mark:Our Main Event tonight will feature two men battling for a shot at the EWA World Heavyweight