High Stakes 2015

Mark:We are in the Thomas and Mack Center here in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are LIVE for some High Stakes… Rhino:What a night of unpredictability is in store tonight… Mark:We have four huge matches this evening and all four matches will have a stipulation attached to them as they always do at High Stakes

Wednesday Night Xtreme 06-10-15

Mark:The fallout from May-Hem has begun here in Seattle, Washington with Wednesday Night Xtreme… Rhino:We may be falling out from May-Hem but the Road to High Stakes starts tonight… Mark:That it does… As tonight we will be crowning a new Number One Contender for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when Subway battles Finn Balor… Rhino:You

May-Hem 2015

Mark:The stars are out tonight as the May-Hem is about to begin… We are live in St. Louis, Missouri for May-Hem 2015! Rhino:Have you seen all of the people who are backstage tonight… Mark:We have a locker room full of hungry superstars from the past and present who are looking for one thing and that

Thursday Night Chaos 04-30-15

Mark:Welcome to the land of chaos on a Thursday Night… As this is Thursday Night Chaos and we are here in Mobile, Alabama… Rhino:This should be one of hell of a night this evening… Mark:By the end of the night we will have a new Number One Contender for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship when

Unholy Alliances 2015

Mark:We are live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and this is Unholy Alliances! Rhino:Oh man what a night this is going to be Mark… Mark:Oh what a night indeed and before we kick off this show we need to talk about what happened before the show came on the air… Rhino:Yeah we need to fill everyone in

Sabotage 2015

Mark:We have arrived in Houston, Texas… This is Sabotage! (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H walks out on to the stage…) Rhino:Looks like Triple H has made it to Houston for Sabotage… Mark:First time in a few weeks since we have seen Triple H in person… HHH:Are you all happy to see me? (Crowd

Saturday Night Torture 03-07-15

(Footage Filmed Earlier Today) HHH:What do you mean my flight was canceled? Amber:The airline was suffering from mechanical failures and all flights for the day were canceled. HHH:Then get me on another flight. Amber:Everything has been booked up for the day. HHH:What do you mean everything has been booked for the day? Amber:There are no

Extreme Bowl 2015

(Footage Filmed Earlier Today) (Phone Rings) Voice:Im sorry hes not here right now can I take a message? Okay sure, I will let him know. (Phone Rings) Voice:Im sorry, hes stuck in a snow storm right now, can I take a message? Alright, I will let him know that you called… (Knock On The Door)

Nightmare on EWA Boulevard 2015

Mark:We are live in the Worlds Most Famous Arena here in New York City… Welcome to Nightmare on EWA Boulevard! (“Hits From The Bong” plays as Subway enters the arena…) Rhino:Looks like we are going to be joined by the EWA World Heavyweight Champion… Mark:He has Megumi Kudo finally back by his side… Rhino:But he

Seasons Beatings 2014

Mark:We have arrived in the City of Brotherly Love… We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… This is the most wonderful time of year Rhino… As it is time for Seasons Beatings… Rhino:Oh man I cant wait for tonight… So much is going to happen tonight and everyone seems to be in the highest of high spirits…

Thursday Night Chaos 11-18-14

Mark:We are here in Providence, Rhode Island… This is Thursday Night Chaos.. Tonight Rhino, the EWA Tag Team Titles will be on the line… Rhino:Yes they will and I can’t wait to see what the EWA Tag Team Champions Damien Sandow and Subway have in store for Colt Cabana and Lone Jobber… Mark:Can Lone Jobber

Halloween Hellraiser 2014

Mark:We are live in Little Rock, Arkansas… This is Halloween Hellraiser! (“King of Kings” plays as Triple H walks in to the arena…) Rhino:I guess we are getting this started early with Triple H… Mark:It looks like the boss has something to say… HHH:Every single week I feel like I need to come out here